How To Survive Valentine’s Day With A Helping Hand From Technology

Best Personal Vibrator Massager

News flash! Solo, single female travellers can find it hard to meet a guy. Am I right ladies? With it being Valentine’s Day today, I’m just gonna go all girl power on your asses. Girls, you deserve to put the best personal vibrator massager in your backpack. Talking to my travel girlfriends, I discovered a lot of us have hand held personal massagers tucked away somewhere in our luggage. It got me thinking; why not me too?

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How To Stop Going On ‘Holiday’ And Start Travel Full Time

Travel Full Time

We’ve all experienced it. You’re in the perfect destination, filled with interesting people, mind-blowing views, unique cultural experiences and insanely delicious food! Yet, the time you’ve scheduled to catch that plane home is fast approaching. Argh!

Next time you’re somewhere remarkable and you don’t want to leave, consider something crazy: don’t. I’m serious. If you believe you’re where you need to be and you’re a happier, healthier person for it…stay.

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How To Make Money From Your Leftover Currency Exchange

leftover currency exchange

Hands up who has leftover money from their travels! I’ve got a drawer just like you, with a sizeable amount of leftover currency exchange coins, notes and god-knows-what-year-that-went-out-of-date currency.

Every time I get back from a destination with my leftover currency exchange, it gets placed in that drawer and that’s it. The currency is pretty and nostalgic to look at from time to time but surely we can do better? It got me thinking…Can I do something with my leftover currency exchange? Even better…can I make some money from it for myself or charity? I’ve found a way.

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