Avoid These 10 Mistakes! Teaching Jobs in China for Foreigners

Teaching jobs in China for foreigners

My first year teaching abroad in China as an English teacher was a disaster. I was teaching English (one of the most popular teaching jobs in China for foreigners) and was severely underpaid. Living and working on a factory-lined highway (where I was the only foreigner for miles), I was working for a school that wasn’t legally allowed to hire me. I even had to owe up to $8,000 (my entire salary for the year) if I tried to leave early. Yikes.

Be a badass: Shanghai Gangster Tour

Ants on your food

Far away from the pumping neon-lit streets of Shanghai’s glitz and glam nightlife, deep within the seemingly tranquil and leafy tree-lined streets of the French Concession, Shanghai has a dark and ‘candy’ fuelled past. Are you searching for an alternative and wonderfully informative evening in Shanghai? Push aside your current identity and join Teacake in the exciting and dangerous underworld of the Shanghai Gangster Tour!

Li River Bamboo Raft Tour: Yangshou China

Li River Bamboo Raft Tour Xingping

Dreaming of exploring the stunning, vast, mystical limestone landscape of these dragon-teeth peaks as they reach up to the deep blue sky? Visualising inner peace and clarity as you soar along these idyllic waters and watch the peaceful world go by? Forget it. It’s possible but the Li River Bamboo Raft Tour from Yangdi to Xinping in Guangxi, China is most definitely not the answer: this tour sucks. Read on to find out why it’s a let down and where the cheaper, calmer and more local experience is

Hiking in China: Dazhai to Pingan Hike

Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces

Do you want to know how to successfully navigate the Dazhai to Pingan hike through the eye-popping dragon’s backbone rice terraces in Longsheng, Guangxi, China? Teacake has the answer! Pop your hiking boots on and pack your snappy camera: we’re going on an adventure! Feeling like an armchair adventurer today instead? No problem! Cruise the photos and enjoy the ride!

M50: Street Art in Shanghai

Box Street art in Shanghai

Push, squeeze and pull yourself through the crazy glitz, glamour and hordes of Gucci clad, cash-splashing Shanghainese in Jingan and you will materialise at the other end, in Shanghai’s grey and polluted waters of Suzhou Creek.

What’s that in my soup?!

Teacake prides herself on being able to eat pretty much anything. You want me to eat that snail? No problem. Want me to eat that chicken’s heart? No problem. Want to chop up an octopus alive, swish it in oil and feed it to me? No problem. However, sometimes I’m faced with the reality of what I’m actually eating and then…well…I don’t feel too good.