10 Wellness Activities in London to Recharge Your Soul

Westminster Bridge in London during sunset with Big Ben and a red bus shining bright

Looking to improve your mental health and wellness with the ultimate wellness activities in London? You’re not the only one. Wellness Tourism Trends 2020 are predicting that way more of us are going to be seeking out spas, parks and wellness hotels in London this year. And the great news is that London has a fantastic array of wellbeing locations and opportunities for you to enjoy.

Find The Best Restaurants in Leeds City Centre & More With This Tour!

Discover a delicious close up of a big Yorkshire pudding filled with gravy and more to be poured into it in the best eateries and restaurants in Leeds City Centre

Wondering where to eat in Leeds? If you’re looking for the best local and independent eateries, bars, market stalls and restaurants in Leeds City Centre, this post is for you. Ellen, a lovely friend of mine, who is incredibly passionate and excited about what West Yorkshire has to offer within its culinary delights, has just launched the fantastic Leeds Food Tours.

Gap Year? Nah! Take a Microgap With The Outdoor Activities Sheffield Has

Mosaic of Victoria Quays in Sheffield England

Whether you’ve just finished school, or you’re well into your professional career and just need a blimin’ break, you may have the idea of taking an epic gap year for yourself! But hold up. Gap years cost money and time. So why not change the rules a bit and opt for a Microgap? Why not experience a gap year exactly how you want to in just a couple of days, with the time and money that you have! Even better – opt for the adventure outdoor activities Sheffield has to offer.

Don’t Visit Liverpool in January! (how to have a weekend in Liverpool)

Visit Liverpool and visit The Beatles Story Museum

‘Come visit Liverpool’ said my mate Tim. ‘There’s so many things to do in Liverpool city’. I conjured up dreamy images of riding The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Bus, sipping coffee with hipster Liverpudlian artists, sailing along the River Mersey; all whilst listening to the locals’ accent (my word, their accent is so good!)

My Epic Road Trip Holiday In The Isle Of Wight

Holiday in the Isle of Wight

Within 48 hours I traversed mighty hills and sunk into epic sunsets. I chilled out on crisp sky-blue harbours, looked across horizons with horses and flung myself into kickass off-road driving. Taking just a 3.5 hour drive from London (plus a jolly 45 minute ferry trip), you’ll see the scenery morph from city slickers to rural explorers as you venture to the Isle of Wight.