What Really Is The Best Way To Ferry From El Nido To Coron?

ferry from el nido to coron

Wandering how to get from El Nido to Coron? If you want to take the ferry from El Nido to Coron or vice versa (because there is some seriously amazing diving there), there are two ways you can get there. You can fly (apparently…but evidence is severely lacking) or take the boat. I decided to ride the waves for you, and discovered some essential tips! Take note happy travellers; this is what you need to do.

The Ultimate 3 Day Puerto Princesa Itinerary Travel Guide

Puerto Princesa Itinerary

Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan, is your gateway to an amazing adventure on your Palawan trip, and is most likely going to be your first or last stop on the Filipino island, thanks to its direct airport connections to Manila and Cebu! To make the most of your time on Puerto Princesa Palawan, here’s my 3 day Puerto Princesa Itinerary to get you going!

5 Special Ways To Get El Nido Palawan Right First Time

Travel El Nido

How can you get El Nido Palawan right first time? There are so many things to do on El Nido Island Philippines. When I first started Teacake Travels, El Nido was the first place I ever visited with my laptop and notebook. I desperately wanted to go and explore its delights that I’d heard of through the grapevine. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever!

Traveling Solo In The Philippines

Volunteer for free in the Philippines with Hippohelp

Travel in the Philippines is booming big time and Filipinos are saving up their pennies to explore their amazing backyard. Say hello to Shayne. A lady who went traveling solo in the Philippines to see what it was like and said, ‘Yep, I don’t mind this at all! I’ll keep doing a little more’ and since then, she hasn’t really stopped! Find out more about this lovely little lady here…

What’s inside this abandoned island mansion?

Puerto Princessa Tour

You’re racing along the water, holding onto the wooden sides of the boat as the waves throw you back and forth. The wind runs its slick fingers through your hair and the sun throws its glorious rays down upon you. Everything feels amazing. You’re high on the undeniable beauty of Palawan and cannot wait to hop off onto your next island as you sail through El Nido’s infamous Tour C. Slowly your next destination emerges…What adventures await you here?

The secret sunset in El Nido Philippines

Travel El Nido

Are you looking for the best secret sunset in El Nido Philippines? Sunsets should be for free but in El Nido, drivers will try and entice you to take a ride with them and see the ‘most beautiful’ sunset at a place called ‘Las Cabanas’. Trust me, you don’t need to go there. Right around the corner is one the most soul fulfilling, emotionally charged, romantically sweet sunsets that you need in your life and I’m gonna tell you where it is and why it rocks.

Mind blowing Wreck Diving in Coron Philippines

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Back in Shanghai in January I met a very charming French man, who told me about a magical place where I could dive deep into the depths of the sea and explore not one or two but eleven(!) different Japanese ship wrecks, all in one place. He told me fantastical stories of gliding through old kitchens, glitzy ballrooms, passing by monumentally big machine guns and even seeing an unfortunate human’s skull down there on one of his visits (might be true…might just have been his French flair) but regardless, I naturally packed my bags and went.

The best place to eat in Coron Palawan

Vegetable Curry: perfection

I love food. There’s usually alcohol involved, you get to hang out with new, super cool travel buddies and you can immerse yourself in a fantastical environment of food porn, weird eats and unusual furniture. Whilst I was diving in Coron I hung out with the locals and everyone told me to head to this restaurant. I tried lots of different places but was this the best place to eat in Coron Palawan? I went to investigate and YES: they were right! It’s THAT good that we ended up eating here almost every night. An absolute treat. Read on to see how yummy Sinugba Sa Balay really is.