My 6 Worst Dates Ever On The Road That I’d Like To Forget

Worst Dates Ever On The Road I'd Like To Forget

Sometimes guys I’m dating, seeing or what not, ask me if I’m going to write about them in the blog. Well congratulations guys…today is your lucky day. I’m 34 next week and in the last 8 years of travelling I think I might just have the best record for the worst dates ever. Feel free to prove me wrong and share your woes in the comments below.

Why I March For You, Trump and The Future Of A Peaceful Breakfast

Ultimate Packing List

Trump first crash landed onto my radar back in March last year in the peaceful, weed-scented hippy-town of Dali in China. This tango-tastic man kept popping up on the breakfast area’s centrally placed TV, nailed to the wall where everyone could not help but have to see it. Every morning, whilst I sipped my earl-grey tea, he was there. Softly yet boldly in the background. Who was this Trump? What did he want with the world? What was going down with that comb-over?

10 Things You Need To Know For The Adventurists Mongol Rally

Team We Live Mongol Rally

It has now been exactly 3 months and 22 days since I finished The Adventurists Mongol Rally. I’d say I’ve only just about recovered. Ticking off the Adventurists Mongol Rally on your life achievement list is freaking kickass but you have to earn that badge. Teams are already getting ready for the next one in 2017 and I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart what it is REALLY LIKE to do the Mongol Rally (because there are so many things you just DON’T KNOW when you throw yourself into this s**tshow).

Journeys From Hell And Heaven: Travel Bloggers Reveal All

Journeys from Heaven and Hell

Have visions of travel bloggers sitting in first class, sipping champagne and eating cheese and crackers whilst our own personal pilot jets us off to our secret island? Yeah right. Some luxury travel bloggers might be getting that A Star treatment but for Teacake and friends, we’re the ones that are usually sitting next to a goat, in a metal can bus, praying the cowboy driver in front gets us to our next destination alive and in one piece. We secretly love it because with all the Journeys from Hell, eventually come the Journeys from Heaven. Sit back, grab a cuppa and have a right old laugh (at our expense) about all the crazy journeys we’ve dragged ourselves through to fuel our travel addiction!

That Time I Almost Died in Thailand

Thailand Boat Sinking

If I had been born a boy, I would be Tommy. Gutsy, curious and pushing his personal boundaries to the limit, we’re wonderfully similar. I was recently back in Thailand getting up to all sorts of tricks and Tommy asked if he could contribute his own crazy tale of his travels there. Of course, I instantly said yes! Find out how he almost died in Thailand here…

5 Things A Thai and Korean Fortune Teller Told Me

Fortune Teller

Incredibly curious about what a Korean Fortune Teller could offer me, I eagerly climbed the stairs of an unassuming building in a local Korean neighbourhood. I stepped onto the third floor of my future to see her. Behind the rented room of 306, destiny was waiting to be unwrapped and exposed to me. I pressed my finger to the buzzer. The door slowly opened and with her glowing smile, the Korean Fortune Teller welcomed me into her world. This is what she told me…

Close Encounters of the Animal Kind

Elephant on Safari

Fluffy handbag sized dogs can make you go ‘awww’ and cute wide-eyed monkeys can make your heart melt and gasp ‘ooooh’ but there are times in the travelling world where you might be exclaiming ‘aaaargh’, ‘oh dear’ and ‘ewwwww’ haha. Welcome to Close Encounters of the Animal Kind where today’s top travels bloggers share their crazy animal adventures!