6 Easy Ways to Make Your Flight Comfortable


While there are some people who enjoy flying, air travel is, for many, a necessary inconvenience. Short-haul flights aren’t generally so bad, but long journeys, however, can be soul destroying! There are a few ways to take some of the pain away and make your flight comfortable. And, if a meal is included in your fare, don’t forget to make advance requests for any special requirements. Being hungry when you’re high in the sky and restless just plain sucks!

How To Find The Perfect Glasses For Travelling

Travel Now

I’ve been on the road for nearly 7 years now and my glasses have been with me everyday since I’ve left! OK…maybe not the SAME pair of glasses for travelling: I put myself through some pretty crazy experiences on my travels most days. I’m hiking the world’s dangerous trails and driving from the UK to Mongolia in 2 months in rubbish cars. I need a pair of glasses which can stick with me for an affordable price and I’ve found my new favourite pair! Here’s how I got them and how awesome they really are.

Tucking Into A Plate Of Perfect Pad Thai

perfect pad thai

Few countries in the world can boast a cuisine as delicious and varied as that of Thailand. Thai people are justifiably proud of it, and its world-class reputation is richly deserved. Among the many dishes available, one that deserves special mention is Pad Thai.