I’m proud to be from Great Britain and hail from south east London in England. I always thought I’d have to venture to the other side of the world to truly put myself to the test. I’ve recently learnt that there’s just as much adventure and wonderful challenge when you visit England too though. Obviously, make sure to travel to London. The street art in Shoreditch is awesome. There are so many places to visit in England outside of London though! I recommend a trip to the island of the Isle of Wight and I hope to get my hiking boots on soon and revisit the Lake District and Peak District.


The Best Weird London Attractions For Curious Travellers

Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The Internet has so much free information about the city’s key sights, that deciding what to do as a first timer isn’t difficult at all. But seriously. Let’s go one better here. What are the best weird London attractions for curious travellers like you and me, who just want something a bit different?! I went on the hunt to find out!
Shoreditch Street Art Tour

How To Stay In A $20 Hostel In Liverpool Street London and See The Best Sights

London! Possibly the most varied capital for adventurers like you and me to get up to all kinds of tricks! I was born on the outskirts and come here to catch up with friends when I’m not gallivanting around Asia. Every time I delve into this quirky capital though, there’s just one problem. London is so blimin’ expensive! It doesn’t have to be though. We can work this out…and for $20, there is an answer.
London Saco Apartments

Exploring London From SACO Cannon Street Apartments

Are you looking for your own urban retreat in London to live the life of a city girl? I checked into SACO Cannon Street apartments whilst getting some business done in the big smoke and they provided top notch service from beginning to end!.Lets take a peek to see what’s on offer!
london street art

My Unique Shoreditch London Street Art Treasure Hunting Adventure

Pop-up fancy treasures consisting of striking asymmetrical patterns, bold solid colours, splashes of fantastical paint, weird and wonderful imagery and establishments serving the tastiest nibbles and most creative cocktails. Welcome to the mish-mash of Shoreditch London with the best street art, Bangladeshi curry, hidden bars, funky vintage markets and creative street art!