How To Travel Europe For Free

By Alice Teacake

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I’ve been very fortunate when it comes to finding work. I’ve had some fantastic jobs, with great pay. Every time, these jobs have enabled me to just keep on travelling and travelling and travelling.

Teaching English in Europe

There’s one particular company I found in the UK which enabled me to travel around Europe, jumping from one unique place to the next, not entirely knowing where I was going to be from week to week. That excitement and randomness was totally amazing and I ended up in places I would never have known if the company hadn’t sent me there. If you want to teach and are a very flexible person, read on!

Tiny German villages rock

Who did you work for? What’s the deal?

English in Action are a super lovely company. They provide intensive English project weeks for schools across Europe and some other parts of the world. As a teacher, you’ll be sent to a different location every week, teach the course the school has chosen, have the whole weekend to yourself then hop on off to your next school. Contracts can last from 1 week to much longer if you’re a good teacher.

Fantastic perks of the job

Flights are paid for and you get a travel allowance to go from one contract to the next

You get free great accommodation every place you work

European schools start early and finish early! You’ll be finished by lunchtime and have the rest of the afternoon to explore your new location

You will work with different people every week and will meet some great characters

You’ll get paid on top of the free accommodation and travel allowance: most certainly enough to enjoy yourself and save a little bit

Where did you go in Europe with the job?

I had no control over where I was during the week but the weekends were totally mine. As long as I was ready and in my next workplace by Sunday night, I could travel through anywhere I wanted. I ended up in some of the most beautiful parts of Austria, Poland and Germany. I got to hang out with the locals and discover different European cultures in a very unique way. Sometimes I was in the middle of nowhere, teaching in the hills and countryside. Sometimes I was in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich…surrounded by lavish architecture, quaint shopping streets and all the coffee and beer I could ever dream of. The pure randomness and lottery-location style of the job made me a very happy lady.

What does the job require?

Firstly, you need a current UK or EU passport OR a current non-UK or EU passport with a valid UK work visa. You also need a degree and TEFL Certificate.

Need more advice about how to teach and travel?

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How can I get in touch with English in Action?

Hop on over to their website here! They have all the information you need. Pop them an email and see what they have to say. Good luck, happy teaching, happy travels!

How To Travel Europe For Free


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How To Travel Europe For Free