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Pop open the champagne! Bring out the oysters! Lucky me has been nominated eight times for The Liebster Award by some awesome bloggers, with One Modern Couple being the first. Hooray! (Thank you thank you thank you). Cue emotional trumpet fanfare, copious amounts of over-the-top fireworks and deafening screams from Asia…Or maybe not. A bottle of Chang beer and some peanuts will do just fine…but in all seriousness, thank you! I love writing about my adventures and an award is super lovely. You guys are the best!

Liebster Award Teacaketravels

What’s The Liebster Award?

It’s a ‘You’re a blogger and I think you rock’ award given from one blogger to another. It’s about bloggers recognising each others’ efforts, encouraging juicy details to be shared (oh my!) and for you, the kickass reader, to discover more ridiculously cool sources of information. Can’t argue with that!


How does The Liebster Award work?

Well, apart from me flashing it at unwilling people on the metro today, let’s get this award off to a great start! The 3 key things to do are:

1.  Answer the questions.  It’s hard to answer all here, so I’ve picked One Modern Couple’s.

2.  Nominate 5 other inspirational bloggers I love and admire

3.  Throw across 11 new questions for my nominated bloggers to answer

Let’s go!

1.What/who/where made you fall in love with travel?

It was a random girl on a hot, overcrowded, long-distance train in England. I saw she was reading a psychology paper and wanted to know more: I was working in mental health services at the time. We struck up a conversation, hit it right off and 2.5 hours later, I had learnt all about her amazing adventures in India whilst she was teaching English. I was so overcome and stung by her wanderlust that as soon as I got home, I booked myself on a teaching course. I quit my job, sold everything and was sitting in a classroom in South Korea 3 months later. For me it was the right time, the right place and going against what everyone else was telling me.

2.If you were given a free flight to the next destination of your choice, where would it be?

Palau! I’ve been bitten by the scuba diving bug and I need to feed my underwater hunger! Shanghai isn’t exactly meeting my needs at the moment, hence my departure from here in 2 months time.

3.Do you keep any mementos from your travels? Anything you collect from each destination?

I have an overwhelming urge to obtain maps. I’m a perfectionist (a stark contrast to how I actually travel, i.e. going with the wind) and have an obsessive fetish for straight lines and angles. When I see any map, I instantly grab 2 copies. One to rough up and throw mud all over; the other to keep in pristine condition and reminisce over. It is freaky. I just love looking at maps, studying them and remembering them. I can’t help it.

4.What is one random fact that your followers don’t yet know about you?

I’m in (was in) the Guinness Book of World Records for playing in the World’s Largest Orchestra. I was 10 years old though and let’s face it, they weren’t going to put every name in the book. The certificate is definitely up in my parents’ loft somewhere though!

5.What do you find the most difficult/your biggest struggle while travelling?

I love people: meeting them, getting to know them, sharing knowledge, experiences and awesome times. However, I actually can be quite shy to say the first words to someone! Once they say hi to me, I’m off like a rocket but I need that first push. That’s my struggle travelling solo.

6.When you’re craving a taste of home, what dish do you  look for while travelling?

Spaghetti Bolognese!

7.Do you have a “luxury item” that you just can’t travel without?

Make up.  I hate to admit it: does it make me a bad traveller haha?! I blame the rock and roll, burlesque Libran in me. I need that eyeliner, mascara and rosy pink blusher.

8.What is your favourite method of transportation whilst travelling and why?

It’s a motorbike! There’s no other freedom like it! I can stop and start exactly when I want. I can go wherever I want. I can race to beat the sunset or cruise like a granny to stop and gaze open-mouthed at Asia’s delights.

9.What is one major thing you’ve learnt since you started blogging?

Travel blogging is 10% writing and 90% social media. I’ve also learnt that I can’t keep working a 12 hour teaching job each day and blog like a pro. I did that for a month when I started writing but began to hallucinate from exhaustion. That wasn’t cool. That’s why I’m quitting my job and throwing everything into travel. 12 hour teaching days: goooooodbye!

10.What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

Ants sprinkled on top of beef in a Cambodian restaurant in Phnom Penh…in the middle of a knife fight.

11.Do you have a story where there was a miscommunication or culture difference that resulted in an unfortunate, funny or awkward situation?

I got my hair cut in Cambodia. I showed the woman pictures: lots of pictures. I closed my eyes and prayed for the best. It didn’t work. The hair cut cost me $1.50 and I looked like $1.50. More on that soon too!

Want to find out more about me?

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I got nominated for the Sisterhood Award too!

Five inspirational bloggers I want to nominate!

I love strong, independent, honest solo travellers so I want to wholeheartedly nominate…

Leah at Went LookingChris at Aussie on the RoadIris at Mind of a Hitchhiker and Chelsea and Kinsey at TheTravelinChicks.

11 questions for my nominated bloggers

1. Beach, Mountain or City?

2. What’s the best travelling experience you’ve got/done for free?

3. What’s the most useful thing in your backpack?

4. What would you say to someone who is scared of travelling?

5. Describe what your idea of a good traveller is

6. What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen whilst travelling?

7. What do your parents think about you travelling?

8. Has there been a point in your travels where you thought ‘Oh @#*+!’  What did you do?

9. What is the most important thing you have learnt in 2015 so far?

10. Name 3 things that are on your bucket list

11. What travel experience are you most proud of?

I can’t wait to hear your answers guys!  Let me know when they’re in cyberspace so I can see and share!

Love Teacake <3

About Alice Teacake

I'm a kickass girl who believes in women facing their fears and pushing their boundaries, to reach their full potential through solo adventure travel! Follow me for travel advice and inspiration, so you can go forth and challenge yourself to reach your own personal goals!

7 replies
    • aliceteacake
      aliceteacake says:

      Thank you Will! The travel blogging community is just so supportive and full of life right?! The Liebster award is an excellent opportunity to share more information and reveal some great travel tips :) Thank you for reading

  1. Leah
    Leah says:

    Aw, dear, thanks so much! I really am appreciative. And this had led me to some other interesting blogs, so that’s great as well!

    I’ve already accepted this award a couple of times on my own blog already and don’t want to clog it up with similar posts, BUT, I will answer my questions here for you and share elsewhere. I’m a rule breaker like that. :D

    Without further delay…

    1. Beach, Mountain or City?
    Mountains! There is something about being above the tree line that is magical to me. I love that on clear days, I can see lots of mountains from where I live now (Seattle). Second would be cities, though I tend to like small cities (such as Helsinki) that have a lot going on but aren’t enormous. And beaches are last. I’m a weird one, I kind of don’t love beaches, and I prefer cold beaches at that.

    2. What’s the best travelling experience you’ve got/done for free?
    Basically all of my couch surfing experiences. For example, I’ve been on an impromptu camping trip with a host in Iceland. Or there’s just me staying with a friend I’d met online in Vilnius. I’ve gone on plenty of amazing hikes too. And there’s all of my wonderful summer cottage times with dear friends in Finland. Alright, so I can’t choose a best experience!

    3. What’s the most useful thing in your backpack?
    My backpack itself is the most useful! Other than that, hm. I love my sleeping bag which is cozy and light and gives me a great sense of security and flexibility, knowing I have it and that I can use it if any lodging plans go amiss!

    4. What would you say to someone who is scared of travelling?
    You’ll become less scared. And besides, I think a lot of risk associated with travel is overstated. There are plenty of risks we take in our day-to-day lives already that we don’t even think about. Travel, in some cases, can probably even be safer than your daily life, depending on where you live and what you do!

    5. Describe what your idea of a good traveller is
    Basically, the same as a good person: considerate, open-minded, conscious of their impact, tries to work for the good of the world.

    6. What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen whilst travelling?
    Oh gosh. Finnish forests. Lake Baikal. Halfway up Mount Kenya. Southwest Bolivia. Gah, I can’t even say. I love incredible landscapes and there are so many of them! And then, of course, there are the people. I have met some incredible people. Many of the people I worked with last fall trail building in Siberia were really among the best people I’ve met; it was such an incredible group. That was beautiful.

    7. What do your parents think about you travelling?
    Depends on where and how! There is certainly worry, but there is also curiosity. Now they’ve gotten more used to it besides, and tend to trust my judgement.

    8. Has there been a point in your travels where you thought ‘Oh @#*+!’ What did you do?
    Oh yes! I’ve learned to handle these moments much more calmly, because they happen. Like when the bus drops you off waaaaaay further on than where you need to go, well, now I’m able to calmly accept it and walk (or hitchhike) my way back. Probably the worst moment was when I was robbed at a music festival in Finland and everything–passport, festival tickets, money, phone–was taken. I cried a lot, I’ll admit! Luckily I had friends who took me to the police station and translated. My bag was found in the woods with cash and camera gone but passport luckily still there. That experience did leave me shaky for a bit though.

    9. What is the most important thing you have learnt in 2015 so far?
    Lately I’ve been thinking about the importance of being able to rely on yourself and spend time by yourself. I knew this already, but it has been reiterated during the first part of this year.

    10. Name 3 things that are on your bucket list
    See the Northern Lights from the Arctic Circle. Do an epic hiking trip in Patagonia. Bicycle tour.

    11. What travel experience are you most proud of?
    Hm, right now it’s harder for me to point to an experience as opposed to decisions. I am honestly proud of many of the travel decisions I’ve made, where my plans seemed silly and perhaps not so practical but they turned out to be great for me and certainly didn’t hurt my resume. Most recently, I’d point to my decision to camp in Siberia and trail build for two weeks. I had never camped for such an extended period of time and was nervous, but those two weeks turned out to be among the happiest in my life.

    There you go! Thanks again!

  2. Sachi
    Sachi says:

    Great answers there, Alice! Makeup doesn’t make you a bad traveler, not caring about your self will do :) And Guinness book, pretty cool.

    • aliceteacake
      aliceteacake says:

      Absolutely! You need to really look after yourself on the road. Exercise, eat your greens and get some sleep when you can :) I need to find my certificate to prove my Guinness World Record hehe ><


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