You must visit Ireland! I had no idea just how amazing this island was going to be when I decided to travel here. Ireland trips are easy and for a solo female traveller, they’re safe, thrilling and full of so many warm and friendly people.

I was here for a week and and made the absolute most of my time checking out the best places to visit in Ireland. Check out the guide and plan your own Irish adventure!

Best places to visit in Ireland

The Most Amazing 22 Best Places To Visit In Ireland In One Week

‘Take a deep breath in…really deep…go on, suck that air right up’. From the bottom of my belly I sharply inhaled the atmosphere deep into my lungs. ‘Don’t let that air go!’ My fingers tightly held the icy, swirling nectar before me with anticipation. ‘OK now gulp it down. No sipping. Take a big swig!’