About Teacake

Hello adventurous lady!

Wow, you’ve got some edge girl

I can see the potential bursting from within you.

You don’t want a typical ‘bikini’ vacation. You want a serious blood, sweat and challenging travel education.

You wanna get out there. Put yourself to the test. See what you’re really freaking capable of!

But uh oh…

Maybe you, your friends or your family are saying you wouldn’t, shouldn’t and couldn’t travel?

Maybe something is stopping you from taking that step to who you really want to be?

Stomp out that fear!

Regardless of whether you want the bravery to explore your own hood, or go total warrior women and traverse unknown challenging lands…you’re in the right place.

I got your back.

Since you’re here right now, I can tell that you have so much motivation, determination and courage within you.

But maybe you…

Have no idea how to prepare for your adventure or finance it.

Need some extra courage and support to go to the destinations other people think you can’t handle.

Are worried about how to travel safely as a woman.

You want to travel solo as a woman and have an amazing, challenging, adventurous journey!

You’re totally READY to take that leap and be brave. You want to prove to yourself and others how AWESOME and KICKASS you really are!

But you’re not sure how to go about it and there’s times where you’re doubting your strong, feminine power.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I was scared too

I didn’t travel until I was 25. I told myself that I couldn’t afford to travel. That I should work hard and stick to a ‘real job’.

I said to myself, ‘You’ll get lost if you leave home. You won’t be able to protect yourself. How will you communicate in another language?!’.

I told myself I wouldn’t be ‘capable’ when in reality, all of us can do amazing things if we allow ourselves to.

You are an amazing woman

I believe that you have the power to achieve whatever you desire

Don’t let people tell you different. I’ll show you how to believe in yourself.

I believe that the world is full of good, generous, loving people

Regardless of their religion, race or country. Do not be scared to travel alone. You are a fully capable woman, who can go to whatever country you wish. I’m here to help you travel safely as a woman.

I believe that solo travel is difficult

You may feel lonely, lost and unsure. That’s OK. Let travel test you, so you can become a stronger, wiser, more open-minded goddess.

I believe in the truth

I’m open, honest and straight-talking. Because all that pretty, perfect crap your see on Instagram is bulls**t.

Hi! I’m Alice Teacake!

My love for Britain - Kayak Love Letters

I love you Great Britain

Word up! My name is Alice Teacake and I’m passionate about encouraging you to face your fearspush your boundaries and reach your full potential through solo female adventure travel.

I’ve been rocking feminist, girl power travel for 7 years now. I’m always seeking my next challenge. If it scares me, I do it. I’m the female version of the ‘Yes Man’. Hells yeah.

Highlights include driving solo on my bike across Vietnam, driving from the UK to Mongolia on the Mongol Rally with an all female team, being a burlesque dancer in Shanghai, exploring Bangladesh solo, getting stranded on Taiwanese islands and learning martial arts in China with a shaved head. It’s a good life!

How solo female travel became my life

I met a girl on a train when I was a psychologist in the UK. I liked my job but something was missing. She’d just got back from India teaching English. After 4 hours of non-stop talking, I got off the train and booked myself on a TEFL course. I quit my job, my apartment, my current relationship…everything. People told me I was crazy but I said ‘Screw this. I’m doing what I REALLY want’. Within 3 months, I was in South Korea teaching English. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I threw myself out of my comfort zone to see what I could really do as a woman. I took a solo trip to the capital of Seoul for a week. I saw I could do things by myself and loved it. I told myself I could do more. I saved up my teaching money and hit the road. I hiked Japan, rode solo around Thailand, got lost in the mountains in Vietnam, had a serious history lesson in Cambodia….and so on and so on.

In every country, I pushed my comfort zone just that little bit further.

It’s when I found myself teaching English in China in 2015, that my friend thankfully asked me where the hell my ‘blog’ was. So I started Teacake Travels. I’ve been writing ever since and now it’s my full-time job. Yippee!

Now I want to help you travel solo

I’ve always believed in the power of women and how amazing we are.

I’m fed up hearing that women ‘shouldn’t do this’ or ‘not go there’.

Teacake Travels is a travel blog for strong women like you.

Travel is not just bikinis, cocktails and pretty pictures.

Travel is real-life learning experiences, full of challenge, adventure and a bigger and better you.

So through inspirational stories, destination guides, travel tips and a ton of motivation, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT GIRL!

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