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Hi! I’m Alice Teacake!

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I love you Great Britain

Word up! My name is Alice Teacake and I’m passionate about encouraging you to face your fears, push your boundaries and reach your full potential through solo female adventure travel.

I’ve been rocking feminist, girl power travel for 7 years now. I’m always seeking my next challenge. If it scares me, I do it. I’m the female version of the ‘Yes Man’. Hells yeah.

I have been voted as one of the top solo female travel bloggers to follow in 2019.

Highlights include driving solo on my bike across Vietnam, driving from the UK to Mongolia on the Mongol Rally with an all female team, being a burlesque dancer in Shanghai, exploring Bangladesh solo, getting stranded on Taiwanese islands and learning martial arts in China with a shaved head. It’s a good life!

How solo female travel became my life

I met a girl on a train when I was a psychologist in the UK. I liked my job but something was missing. She’d just got back from India teaching English. After 4 hours of non-stop talking, I got off the train and booked myself on a TEFL course. I quit my job, my apartment, my current relationship…everything. People told me I was crazy but I said ‘Screw this. I’m doing what I REALLY want’. Within 3 months, I was in South Korea teaching English. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I threw myself out of my comfort zone to see what I could really do as a woman. I took a solo trip to the capital of Seoul for a week. I saw I could do things by myself and loved it. I told myself I could do more. I saved up my teaching money and hit the road. I hiked Japan, rode solo around Thailand, got lost in the mountains in Vietnam, had a serious history lesson in Cambodia….and so on and so on.

In every country, I pushed my comfort zone just that little bit further.

It’s when I found myself teaching English in China in 2015, that my friend thankfully asked me where the hell my ‘blog’ was. So I started Teacake Travels. I’ve been writing ever since and now it’s my full-time job. Yippee!

Now I want to help you travel solo

I’ve always believed in the power of women and how amazing we are.

I’m fed up hearing that women ‘shouldn’t do this’ or ‘not go there’.

Teacake Travels is a travel blog for strong women like you.

Travel is not just bikinis, cocktails and pretty pictures.

Travel is real-life learning experiences, full of challenge, adventure and a bigger and better you.

So through inspirational stories, destination guides, travel tips and a ton of motivation, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT GIRL!

What is Teacake’s mission?

I motivate and inspire women to face their fears, push their boundaries and reach their full potential through adventurous travel.

With a strong focus on female empowerment and a bold, honest attitude, I’m always looking for the next challenge to encourage my readers to fully embrace girl power! I encourage women to really see what they are capable of through solo female adventure travel.

Who I’ve Worked With

I believe in producing highly creative, passionate and thoughtful work for brands to help them achieve their marketing goals; promoting adventure, solo female travel and woman empowerment. Collaborations have included sponsored posts, social media marketing, FAM/Press trips, video content creation and Facebook Live appearances. Click on the logos to see the content I have produced.

You can find me in…

You can find me in National Geographic Traveller UK Blog of the Month and Instagram of the Month. Blogosphere Magazine. Lonely Planet’s Instagram of the Month. I am also in the Daily Mail Online and News.com.au. You can find me on Buzzfeed and voicing women’s issues on Matador Network, the Huffington Post and Trip.com.

Audience and Blog Stats

My readers are 78% female. The majority are aged 25-34 (40%) and from the USA (39%) and UK (9%). Most readers discover me through Pinterest and organic searches. This month I had 28K page views / 20K users. DA = 45 / PA = 42 *Updated January 2020

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How Can We Work Together?

Working with a travel blogger may be new to you. This is an opportunity to connect with an engaged audience in new and exciting ways!

Destination Discovery

Does your destination have what adventurous solo female travellers need? Through blog posts, social media and video, I can get the word out.

Brand Ambassadorship

Do you have a kickass product women travellers will love? Team up with me to represent your brand and get your idea out there!


Boost your marketing campaign with Teacake through blog posts, video, social media and targeted website advertising.

Product/Experience Reviews

Let me put your product or experience to the test and share the experience through blog posts, video and social media promotion.

Social Media Exposure

Get your brand out to a highly targeted solo female travel audience through a social media campaign.

Motivational Speaking

Looking for someone to inspire women to get what they want, live how they want and achieve their full potential? I’m your girl!


Bloggers like Alice make my job so easy! She has attention to details, brings suggestions to the table and keeps a positive energy with the work that she does. We did not give a deadline for Alice but she voluntarily finished everything on time! She delivered relevant and timely responses, plus content which is beneficial both for her and the client. I will definitely recommend Alice to anyone who wishes to boost their online exposure.

Sophia Middleton, Influencer Outreach Manager at Cabin Zero

Alice’s blog is very open, something I admire tremendously. She writes about what is important to her.

The Broke Backpacker

From love to tough times, leaving home to working in China as a Burlesque dancer, she’s not afraid to tell it all, and I LOVE it.

Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

What I truly like about her blog is that it reads like the notes of an 8 year challenge to one’s self. After all, travel isn’t about simply switching destinations rapidly and posting lots of photos on Instagram. It’s a journey of self discovery, and Alice has a lot to share.

Claim Compass, Thomas Busson

Want a chat or a cup of tea?

Say hello to me at [email protected] and I’ll get right back to you.

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    • Thank you so much! I love your writing style: short, sweet and to the point just like my blog :D I love your travel apps article and your bucket list too :) Have an awesome week and happy travelling! <3

  1. this is probably the best travelling blog I’ve come across, I love how straight to the point about everything you are. About to start my own ‘screw this-I’m off already’ adventure in Asia in August, after dragging myself through a BA with very itchy feet!! can’t wait to read more about your travels and will definitely take advice from your own experiences teaching english in asia for my own journey :)

    • Kaylie! Thank you so much! Best comment ever! Let me know when you set off, I’ll be keen to hear how you’re doing! Good luck and happy travelling :D

  2. Teacake, I think your idea to explain why we should read your site is great. I have my own travel blog and it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that that’s a needless question (Why wouldn’t anyone want to read it? It’s awesome!) Now I’m inspired to ask myself that very same question… cheers

  3. Hi from one expat living in Taiwan to another! I just checked out your IG and it looks like you are having so much fun here. :) Plus, you have given me ideas of new places to explore, so thank you for that!!

    Have a great 10/10 weekend!

  4. Haha, I absolutely loved your introduction! Yes, there are many travel blogs out there, but yours seems more humorous – and inspirational at the same time. I will check in here quite often!

    • Thank you so much! Welcome to Teacake Travels Soulmuser :) If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to the newsletter to keep in the loop. Happy to have you here <3

  5. Hi, I follow you on snapchat and then I said to myself ı have to get more information about you bc you are really cool and funny. English is a problem for me bc I’m not good at learning another language but your writings helps me :) keep travel and write too:)

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