How to Find Time To Travel and Chase Your Dream Career in 8 Easy Steps

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Life’s short. You’re determined. But are you sacrificing your travel time to focus on your career? Your family? Your relationships? Your home life?

Time is ticking and it’s running out. Your bucket list is right there on your desktop. Your bookmarks capturing exhilarating adventures are on your browser bar. Your pinterest account is jam-packed with empowering travel quotes, along with productivity hacks, ideas for how you’re going to decorate your house, and your collection of chocolate cake recipes.

Photo of a girl running across a grassy field with the top of a moss covered house peaking up in the background.
Time is running out but wouldn’t you rather be running in this field in Iceland?

It’s time to stop and ask yourself: What is the ultimate life that I want to live?

Can I unleash the go-getting entrepreneur and badass adventurer within me simultaneously?

Is it possible to have it all?

Totally! And I’m going to show you how in 7 easy steps.

This post is sponsored by Exodus Edits.

How to find time to travel and chase your dream career

There’s no more need to sacrifice living a life of adventures in return for a successful work, home and love life.

Why not build your dream life AND still see the countries of your dreams?

Photo of an old, decrepit boat on a crisp white balcony in Greece
You deserve to chase your dreams AND have your dream career!

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You can reach the top of your career ladder AND summit spectacular glaciers in Iceland.

You can commute to work on the Tube AND jeep across the Jordan desert to sleep under the stars.

You can spend time with loved ones AND like-minded explorers searching for Nepal’s one-horned rhinoceros.

You can have your head in a textbook AND underneath a dazzling waterfall in Bali.

It’s time to travel and swap the grafting for the rafting. The mundane for the wild terrain. The conference calls for the waterfalls! It’s time to find out more about this world.

This article is going to show you step-by-step how to do it. Let’s go!

Photo of camel in the Petra, Jordan
How can you resist a trip to one of the 7 New Wonders of the World?

1. Recognise what is stopping you from having time for travel

You’re a determined, hard-working, hustling human. You’re striving to make your life and those lives around you as abundant and fulfilled as possible. You want financial, spiritual and physical success within your mind, your body, your relationships and your environment.

Photo of a person trekking in Nepal atop snow-capped mountains
Let’s overcome your mental mountains so you can challenge real ones like the Alps in Nepal!

No matter how organised and clear-minded you are on what you want in your life, you’re still finding that the adventures you’re yearning for are second in line.

Which of the following elements are stopping you from venturing forward?

Work and Money

If we turn up for work, we earn money. Maybe you’re saving up for your dream car, an amazing house or your wedding. Money is a security and when it starts running low, we will start to feel uneasy. If you’re self-employed like me, then taking time off work can feel even more daunting!

Take a look at your finances. Monitor them for a month. What are you spending your money on that you can cut back from? How can you save money for essential life goals AND your travel goals?

When we put our mind to it, we can live a more savvy lifestyle. And being more savvy with our money means we do not have to work as much. This means more time off! Yes, you can ask your boss for it.

Career and Purpose

One of the first things people ask us is, ‘What do you do for a living?’ Our jobs can be a part of our identity and purpose in life. Maybe you’re a doctor, a musician or a content creator like me. You can love and live for your job – and when you live and breathe it – it’s hard to let it go.

Know that what defines you at work is not going anywhere. You can take a little time off to pursue a life-changing adventure. Do not feel guilt. Resist the FOMO if you’re building your dream career. Take a compact adventure and your business will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you get back.


Our parents. Our friends. These people in our life are our love and support.

Embarking on an adventure abroad for a short amount of time does not mean you are leaving them. You are simply going on a journey to open your mind and heart even more. You’ll be with like-minded people who want to grow too. You will return stronger, more grateful and with buckets of love to give.

You’re a solo traveller

You’re a solo traveller too? Woohoo welcome to the club! The biggest hurdle I hear again and again on my social media is that you are a solo traveller. You’re worried about going on an adventure alone.

I have found that going with a group of amazing like-minded individuals first, can be a very empowering experience. Exodus Edits’ compact group tours are fantastic for getting you out there with confidence! Take the leap with others first.


We not only set expectations for others but also for ourselves. And people are doing just the same to you. Maybe your parents expect you to reach certain milestones. Or you have solid goals that you’re determined to reach by a certain point.

Give yourself permission to bring adventures into your life. To step out into the unknown. To gently challenge what others expect for you.

You are allowed to travel. Welcome adventure into your life!


You may be questioning if travel is even for you if you’ve never tried it before! The first step can be the hardest. Yet, going on an Exodus Edits trip is a brilliant start. The trips are compact and make the absolute most of the short time you have.

What’s better than investing in a short trip, rather than deep-diving into a full year off work?

Exodus Edits are the perfect way to test the waters, with like-minded people and expert guides.

Discover what adventures are waiting for you with Exodus Edits

2. Remind yourself why travel is essential for YOU

Going on an adventure has so many life-changing benefits. Remind yourself why travel is essential for you. Here are some ideas to get your travel motivation and determination in full swing!

Photo with two steaming pots in the foreground with out of focus woman and daughter behind a bunch of brightly coloured fabrics.
Unique experiences are waiting for you; like drinking coca tea in Peru

Travel is essential because it:

  • Creates memorable moments you’ll be able to talk about and cherish in your travel history
  • Turns your dream achievements into solid successes
  • Teaches you new skills that don’t exist in the office
  • Challenges you to realise what you’re really made of
  • Opens up your mind to different cultures
  • Propels you to think out of the box
  • Invites you to escape, to only return stronger and clearer-minded

3. Check out these amazing Exodus Edits trips

Exodus Edits trips can easily make your adventure goals a reality. Be brave. Take the leap. Book your trip. All you have to do is turn up at the airport!

Exodus Edits provides you with:

  • Expertly crafted, compact adventures ready and waiting for you
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  • Budding connections with like-minded and vibrant people
  • The best bits without any of the disappointment or worries of going alone
  • Big bucket-list achievements
  • Responsible tourism trips: the way Exodus Edits plans their trips and practices them, puts responsible tourism at the forefront of your adventure

There are plenty of Exodus Edits trips to choose from. Mini on time but maxi on adventure the locations include Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica, Greece, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Portugal, Turkey and Vietnam currently.

Here are 5 of the Exodus Edits trips in more detail to get you excited and revved up for an amazing 2020!

Summit & Spices in Morocco

Number of days off work: 3
Total trip days: 5

Take on the ultimate 5 day Moroccan challenge by scaling Mount Toubkal! Nestled in the High Atlas Mountains, this is your chance to take on the highest peak in North Africa and the Arab World.

Photo of the peak of Mount Toubkal in Morocco
Scream from the highest peaks of Morocco …

Enjoy exotic riads and starry night mountain camps on your conquest to summit the top of Mount Toubkal! You’ll meet Berber communities along the way and stop at the shrine of Marabout of Sidi Chamharouch.

Photo of camels walking in the Sahara
… and sleep beneath the stars in the warm sand of the Sahara!

Once you make it to the top, you’ll be heading to Marrakesh to reward yourself with a well-deserved traditional Hamman experience. Spend the day exploring this vibrant city guaranteed to engulf all of your senses, before you head back home with the biggest grin on your face!

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Aurora & Adventure in Iceland

Number of days off work: 3
Total trip days: 5

Welcome to the adventure playground of otherworldly glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and volcanoes and the Northern lights! Traverse over glaciers. Whizz across volcanic landscapes on an ATV. Mingle with the locals whilst savouring their local cuisine and stellar beer. All before soothing your soul within steaming thermal baths under the Northern Lights. Magic!

If you want to feel a million miles away and combine intrepid adventure with pure relaxation, this is the Exodus Edits trip for you.

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Photos of a person crouching down beneath a wall of ice in Iceland
Make time to relax under this incredible glacier in Iceland

Secrets & Civilisations in Mexico

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Total trip days: 8

Explore Mexico’s unique Sian Ka’an; a biosphere reserve full of tropical marshes and mangroves within the mesmerising Mayan Jungle. Discover the fascinating Mayan sites of Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum. Head underground to the Yucatan Penninsula’s hidden caves and rivers. Learn from the locals how to make authentic Mexican dishes to impress your friends and family when you get back home!

Ready to take on the ultimate Mexican mission?

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Photo of Chichen Itza in Mexico
Mexico is full of mysteries waiting for you to uncover them!

Desert to Dead Sea in Jordan

Number of days off work: 5
Total trip days: 9

Immerse yourself in Middle Eastern mystique as you find yourself learning about ancient civilisations whilst sleeping under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert! Venture through Petra. Scramble through the canyons of the Musjib Siq Trail. Catch sunsets on jeep safaris. Float in the Dead Sea. Learn from the local women how to make Orjan soap from olive oil and herbs. This is just a snapshot of the amazing 9 day trip in Jordan!

Are you ready to bring adventure back into your life?

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Photo of camel in the Petra, Jordan
How can you resist a trip to one of the 7 New Wonders of the World?

Pho, Fun & Sun in Vietnam

Number of days off work: 7-8
Total trip days: 10

Expand your mind, body and soul in invigorating and unforgettable Vietnam. Kayak through the karst landscapes of Halong Bay. Cycle through the rural countryside. Soothe your soul through Tai Chi and Yoga. Feast upon street food in Saigon, indulge in speciality food in Hoi An and taste the wine in Hanoi. Educate yourself about Vietnam’s complex history within the Cu Chi tunnels. Learn how to make lanterns with the locals too!

Anyone for a hearty bowl of steaming and delicious pho?

Photo from inside a longboat with man at the front paddling, wearing a tradional vietnamese hat
Give yourself a break and enjoy the calmer, laid-back lifestyle of the Vietnamese

4. Invite your mind to say yes and embrace the travel mindset

Mindset. It is one of the most crucial elements balancing the level between your life goals and travel dreams.

Are your travels currently being swept to the side? Tick tock. Time to bring them back to the forefront of your mind!

What motivates you to get up every morning and put your all into your work, home and family? Take an ounce of that energy and determination, and throw it into your travel intentions.

Photo of the rice paddies in Ubud Indonesia
Think it. Dream it. Live it. Very Bali! You got this!

Write down 3 sentences daily about what travel means to you. Write down where you want to go. Write down why you want to go. Remind yourself about why you are committed to making this change in your life. You can have your career and your adventures at the same time. It’s time to go travel.

5. Sit down and work out how much time you can give yourself

If you’re currently working for a company, you must take the time given to you, off! Many people don’t but this time off is very much yours. You need to take it. Not just for the joy of adventure but for your physical and mental wellbeing. You can’t ace your dream lifestyle if you’re burnt out right?

Top view photo of a woman working at a desk with a laptop, some binders, her cellphone, a clipboard and plant.
Come on! Let’s take advantage of that holiday pay that you have earned!

Sit down. Get out a pen and some paper or open up your favourite organisational app.

Now answer the following questions:

  • What vacation time do I have?
  • Can I combine my vacation time with weekends or public holidays to make my travels longer?
  • Can I work between Christmas and New Year?
  • Can I ask my boss for (or myself) for unpaid leave to extend my adventure time?
  • Is business sending me abroad anyway? How can I make the most of this?

6. Identify potential hurdles and act accordingly

Cast your mind back to what’s stopping you from finding time to travel in Step 1. Is it work and money? Your career and life purpose? Relationships? Expectations? Uncertainty?

Photo of a lone white house surrounded by rolling hills in Iceland

Let’s take a calm and problem-solving approach to this. There is always an answer to our obstacles in our life. And only you really know the answer to how we can solve this. Here are some questions to help you make your travel plans a concrete reality!

  • Can any friends, family or professionals help me with my responsibilities?
  • How can I communicate with loved ones that I need to travel?
  • Is there a place or a company that can assist me?
  • Can I fit in more time to work, so that I can enjoy more time to travel?
  • Are there any quiet periods of the year where business is not so heavy?

7. Book ahead and follow through!

It’s one thing to say you’re going to do it. It’s next level to actually commit and go for it.

Your adventures are not going to happen without action. You’ve taken the steps in this article to laser-focus your mindset, realistically work out your time off and identify potential hurdles. Now it is time to book your trip.

You can do this. Exodus Edits has everything you need

Photo of Amalfi Coast in Italy featuring a view of the whole city
Stop dreaming about that trip to picturesque Amalfi Coast! You can make time to travel!

Still feeling stuck? Cannot get past a particular thought or worry? Share your thoughts in the comments box below and I’ll help.

8. Start preparing for your upcoming adventure

Who says you need to wait until your trip to start having adventures? No matter how little time you have, you can still be adventurous during your lunch break or weekly days off.

How many places have you not been to in your local area that tourists always go to?

Photo of a read vespa parked in front of an old green door in Italy
You don’t have to go to Italy to quench your thirst for travel!

It’s usually the case that when we live close to an attraction, we tell ourselves we’ll go and see it ‘soon’. And ‘soon’ turns out to never happen. Take action now and gain control of your work, life and travel balance.

Here’s some really easy, super quick adventures to enjoy right here, right now.

  • Go to the theatre
  • Visit a museum
  • Eat at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try
  • Stay at a local hotel and treat yourself to their swimming pool or saun
  • Go for a walk in the park
  • Ride a new bus route
  • Immerse yourself in a movie
  • Volunteer in your local community
  • Ride the train to the next city

How do you find time to travel and chase your dream work, home and family life?

What are your future travel plans? It is time to go! Share in the comments what your travel plans are for 2020 and commit to your goal!

This post is sponsored by Exodus Edits. As always, opinions remain my own = open, honest and straight to the point.

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