The Best 7 Day Princess Mediterranean Cruises Itinerary For You

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Ahoy matey! Get your sea legs ready because you are about to embark with me on my Princess Mediterranean Cruises 7-day 4 port adventure from Barcelona to Rome. The Princess Cruises cruise ship will take you on a whirlwind journey through the most beautiful, romantic, jaw-dropping destinations, on a ship which is simply out of this world. It’s like visiting a whole new country that floats!

Do you need a little persuasion to step onboard?

Within one week, I made paella in a tiny apartment in Barcelona with two Spanish sisters. I made it to the top of Gibraltar rock hiking through an army of monkeys! I sipped exquisite wine in the vineyards of Provence, soaked up the fresh sea air in the villages of Cinque Terre and finally saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa with my own eyes (it’s even better than you think it is!).

7 Day Princess Mediterranean Cruises Itinerary

With such a jam-packed schedule, you might worry you’re going to flake out, but on this vessel, you’ll be one pampered princess. I woke up feeling restored and recharged every morning. How? I made the most of all the amazing Princess Cruises food, facilities and guest services.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Just look at this view from the back of the Princess Cruises ship!
Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Meeting the captain on Princess Cruises – and taking his hat

I didn’t have to suffer through any crazy flights or bus rides to get from one country to the next. I also only had to unpack and pack once in a week. Now that’s glorious!

Here’s my ultimate 7-day Mediterranean cruises trip – with suggested shore excursions to try each day according to your mood and travel style. Want to chill out, experience adventure, soak up the culture or indulge in some shopping? Everything is covered below!

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Welcome to the Crown Princess from Barcelona to Rome

Quick Answers

Who to cruise with: Princess Cruises

Prices: Start from £849

Itinerary: 7 Day cruise starts in Barcelona and finishes in Rome

Best time for Mediterranean Cruises: Between April and October (I went in September!)

How to get to Barcelona: By plane, train or bus

Is there childcare onboard? Yes! / Avoiding kids? Avoid school holidays and you’ll be grand

Day 1: Barcelona Spain

Smart Casual dress onboard

Before the Princess ship sets sail in the late evening, why not experience Barcelona Spain? I recommend flying in a couple of days before, so you can make the most of what this beautiful city has to offer.

The big question is, what are you going to do?

Princess Cruises offer plenty of tours and activities in each city you visit which can be booked in advance.

Click here to see Princess Cruises Barcelona tours

You are however free to book your own experiences too.

I arrived in Barcelona the same day as the ship was departing and had 4 hours that I absolutely wanted to make the most of. I wanted to be a part of something truly local, authentic, memorable and unique. We checked in onboard, skipped the siesta, grabbed our cameras and headed straight for Plaça Reial in the Gothic Quarter of old Barcelona.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Plaça Reial in the Gothic Quarter of old Barcelona

You’ll find yourself standing in front of an ornate fountain, surrounded by glowing yellow architecture, swaying palm trees and the energising hubbub of locals grazing on tapas and sipping coffee.

And then…. down an unassuming cobbled narrow street connected to the square, through a small wooden door, up a winding staircase and into a bright and adorable apartment… await two very lovely Spanish sisters ready to show you how to really cook Spanish food.

Make Paella with Foodie Experience Barcelona

I love cooking! Nothing brings people together like cutting veg, grinding spices, bubbling concoctions and drinking fine local sangria. Angels and Carmen are the two beautiful ladies behind the wonderful Foodie Experience Cooking Class. With their true passion and glowing energy, they’ll teach you the local secrets that go into each delicious bite of the Spanish and Catalan dishes you dream of.

Foodie Experience Barcelona
Making paella in Barcelona Spain with Angels
Foodie Experience Barcelona
Carmen showing us how to make Catalan Cream dessert!

You’ll be walking out of their apartment with a belly full of hearty Spanish omelette, tongue-tingling tomato bread, warming Spanish seafood paella and traditional Catalan cream desert.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises Shore Excursion in Barcelona Spain
Making paella at Foodie Experience Barcelona in Spain

Their jugs of fresh fruity Sangria are out of this world too! Slow down, enjoy the moment, make the most of your authentic connection with these women and awaken your taste buds.

Book your Barcelona Foodie Experience here

Other things to do in Barcelona

Are cooking classes not your thing?

Click here to discover independent tours in Barcelona

If you want to chill out I recommend exploring Gaudí and taking a walk around Park Güell. For an adventure, see the city by bicycle and if you want to shop, find something trendy and independent by heading to the upcoming spontaneous El Raval neighbourhood.

Make Your Cruise Dream Come True

Find out more about Princess Cruises here

Experience ultimate luxury on your Mediterranean Princess Cruise

Stepping onto a Princess Cruises ship is like stepping into a new country where everyone is extremely happy to see you. This is a floating community where people are warm, supportive, patient and ensure that you are very much taken care of.

The service is impeccable. The delivery is perfectly personable.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Step onboard the Crown Princess!

When I arrived in my room, I was warmly welcomed by my stateroom stewardess. She explained that she would be taking care of me for the week, asked if I needed anything and persuaded me that chocolates on my pillow every night was a good idea. I resisted at first, but she was right. Those chocolates were goddamn good.

Princess Cruises Balcony Stateroom
Princess Cruises Balcony Stateroom

Top Tip: Make sure you book a room with a balcony! The views make this trip.

For every 2 guests that are on the ship, there is 1 member of staff. That’s a whole lot of staff and dedicated care and attention. If I was lost, needed a beef and mustard sandwich and a pot of tea at 2am or a luxurious glass of whisky on the rocks in the evening, Princess Cruises staff were there for me. It’s the best service I have received anywhere on my travels. These guys know how to make luxury Mediterranean cruises perfect. Pure excellence.

Do not feel overwhelmed

The Crown Princess holds 3000 guests, and has 19 decks, so at first, if this if your first ever cruise, you might be feeling overwhelmed! Don’t be.

Staff will help you find your way. Tomorrow is a day that we are at sea all day, which is the perfect time to find your feet and truly start to understand what is on offer!

I recommend you grab some dinner at the top-of-the-ship buffet, enjoy the sail away party on the top deck, and start to mingle with the other guests on board.

Day 2: At Sea

Formal wear onboard in the evening for formal night

You are going to wake up feeling like a champion. Your Princess cruise to Mediterranean destinations has the best bed I have ever slept in. The sun will be gently shining and if you pre-ordered your breakfast last night, you will be having that delivered straight to your room too.

Wake up early and walk around

Today is a Sea Day, which means you can make full use of the facilities onboard and start to explore this amazing ship!

If you’re an early riser and like to get your morning exercise in, I recommend soaking up the fresh air by doing a couple of laps on the outdoor top-level mini running track.

It’s on the back of the ship and the views are spectacular!

If you would rather be in the gym, you’ll find everything you need at the front of the ship.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Just look at that Mediterranean Sea view!

Take the Princess Cruises Ship Tour in the morning

Running a fascinating world on waves understandably takes stunning amounts of manpower, organisation, expertise and enthusiasm. You can guess what is going on – but seeing it for yourself behind the scenes is a real treat!

I opted to take the Princess Cruises Ship Tour and gained a fascinating insight into how everyone flawlessly keeps everything together. The two highlights of the tour for me were the Bridge and Kitchen.

The Bridge

There are many exciting gadgets, gizmos, flashing lights and important-looking buttons in here that look like something out of Austin Powers’ Headquarters. For any nautical and tech geek, it’s a dream come true to step into the Bridge and meet the captain and Princess Cruises crew.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Which one should I press?

You’ll be able to see right out to sea, analyse the coordinates you’re following, try on a crew hat for size and most of all, lay your eyes on the ship’s steering wheel! ‘I really wanted a cool pirate-looking Facebook profile picture with a big wooden steering wheel’ admits Officer James. ‘But in reality, this is it…’

Yep. James is right. Can you find the steering wheel in the photo below?

Psst…it’s the one on the bottom right.

The Bridge on Princess Cruises
Mini steering wheel for the win (?!)
Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Here are a ton of buttons. Don’t touch them mmkay?

The Galley

Meanwhile, cooking up a storm a couple of decks down, is the Italian Executive Sous Chef Salvatore Pittella. ‘I have 230 chefs in my team’ he says as he walks us through the endless twists and turns of his galley

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Discovering Princess Cruises on their Ship Tour

‘We use 6000 eggs a day, 700kg of flour, serve 160kg of ice cream and take 20 seconds to plate one dish’.

The grand scale of such a streamlined process is mesmerising. If you go to meet Pittella yourself, tell him to show you the magic bread machine. It’s gonna blow your mind.

Make the most of the activities on the ship

It’s a common misconception that you are going to feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed with other guests when you’re on a cruise ship. That is simply not the case. With the Crown Princess being so large, you could swing many cats around here and not bother anyone. The variety of events and activities are very varied – so you are bound to find your tribe if you go looking for it in the afternoon.

What activities are onboard Princess Cruises?

So many! You can listen to the piano player in the main piazza whilst sipping on a cocktail, watch a movie Under the Stars, play in the casino, read in the library or work out in the Lotus Spa Fitness Centre. You can take part in Treasure Hunts, learn how to dance, sing karaoke, play bingo or buy some fine art at the auctions. There’s LGBT meetups, jewellery shopping with raffles and free champagne, a basketball court, ping pong tournaments, mini golf and an entire theatre to see shows.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Princess Cruises have their own theatre!
Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Princess Cruises Main Piazza – catch the piano player 100%!

Are you travelling Princess Cruises with children?

Many of you asked me on my Instagram Stories about facilities for your children! Princess Cruises is one of the best Mediterranean cruises for families. They have youth centres and teen lounges to keep the younger ones happy, entertained and stimulated all day.

Click here to find out more about Princess Cruises with kids

Enjoy Princess Cruises Formal Night

Princess Cruises encourage you to experience some extra glitz and glamour in your life by enjoying their formal nights. It is a chance for you to dress up, enjoy a nice dinner and attend some great evening activities. There are two formal nights on Princess’ Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona.

Princess Mediterranean Cruise
Cute daywear on Sea Day on Princess Cruises
Princess Mediterranean Cruise
My ‘formal’ dress for the evening

What to wear on a cruise formal night

First and foremost, do not panic! I’m usually hiking in the mountains and riding on motorbikes, so sequin dresses aren’t exactly always in my bag.

Check out my Ultimate Cruise Packing List here

For the men, I recommend a tuxedo, dinner jacket or dark suit. If this is still too much for you, try and get a smart shirt and tie / bowtie with dark trousers.

For the ladies, go for an evening gown, cocktail dress or elegant pantsuit. Make yourself feel extra fancy with some cute accessories and you’re good to go!

Attend the Champagne Waterfall

The champagne waterfall is held in the main piazza and it is a chance for you to contribute to the champagne waterfall by pouring a bottle of bubbly into the carefully placed pyramid glasses. It’s glam darling. Glam.

Have dinner with Anytime Dining

There are many different dining options onboard Princess Cruises. We ate in the Da Vinci Main Dining Room this night. Opt for a flexible restaurant experience by eating delicious food between certain hours with Anytime Dining. You can make a reservation before if you wish!

Check out my Ultimate Princess Cruises foodie post!

Princess Cruises Menus
The food is so goooood
Princess Cruises Menus
Allo allo seafood!

Watch a show in the theatre

Princess Cruises put on different shows in the evening in their theatre which holds 800 guests. I recommend getting there at least 15 minutes before to bag a seat! I had visions of these shows being kitsch and a little dated, but I have to eat my hat and say that these productions are top notch with amazing performers, musicians and stage setups. They are getting close to West End level. Highly recommended!

Go to Skywalkers Nightclub

If you still have bags of energy, head to Princess Cruises nightclub! Skywalkers Nightclub is popping until the early morning with panoramic views on Deck 15. The DJ is really good and open to playing your requests. Me and my friends threw some random tracks and him and I think we almost got every one!

Treat Yourself

Going on a cruise is a lovely chance to indulge in the finer things!

Find out more about Princess Cruises here

Day 3: Gibraltar

Smart Casual dress onboard

Welcome to the passage between the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea! Five countries for 13 centuries battled here to claim Gibraltar as their own. And battle they certainly did. During the Great Siege from 1779-1783, the English and Spanish were shooting up to 40,000 canon rounds at each other each day. The British eventually came out on top, with the 3 square miles of Gibraltar now standing as a British colony.

Leaping out of bed and sweeping open your stateroom curtains on Day 3 *boom* you will find Gibraltar’s infamous rock staring right back at you! The English buried and tunneled their way into this spectacular work of nature and today, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore around the rock, venture through it and or get on top!

Princess Mediterranean Cruises in Gibraltar
The Gibraltar Upper Rock!

Gibraltar’s Barbary Apes

Gibraltar’s Barbary apes are quite frankly, something else. They’re the only free-roaming monkeys in Europe, who also do not have any tails. Cool facts aside, let me tell you this…

I had my first ‘monkey’ experience in Thailand when innocent me decided to walk into monkey beach territory with (wait for it), a bunch of bananas that me and my mate had just bought for our breakfast (What was I thinking?). We were attacked, and I left the land of smiles with a slight grimace on my face and a well-learnt lesson that not all monkeys are cuddly, cute and well-behaved.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Watch out for these cheeky Barbury Apes in Gibraltar

Fast forward to Gibraltar, and before I was even off the ship, tales of camera-snatching, banana-stealing backpack monkeys were rife. Some are chilled out (funnily enough the ones with babies), and being with my travel-blogging mates, I tried to keep my cool. ‘Don’t show fear and don’t look those apes in the eye’ was my continuous mantra, yet slowly but surely, we all lost our calm and collected exteriors and found ourselves racing for the cable car going down to escape.

Make sure your backpack is sealed and you have no food with you. If not, you’re monkey meat!

Hike to the Rock of Gibraltar

If you’re adventurous you must take on the 3900m Thrill Seeker Trail in Gibraltar Nature Reserve! It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience breath-taking views of Gibraltar island and the mighty sea surrounding you. You’ll be climbing some very steep Mediterranean Steps, have the chance to stand on a glass-floored Skywalk and snap that final picture of yourself looking out to the very top of Upper Rock. It rises to over 1300 feet!

Princess Mediterranean Cruise
Bit cloudy on the way up to Gibraltar Rock – but I did it!

Gibraltar Rock Cable Car

What has taken you many steps to get up, can be reversed by taking a stunning 6-minute cable car ride down! On a good day, you’ll be able to see views of Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean in one go.

Other Gibraltar shore excursion options

There are lots of other shore excursions that you can try with Princess.

Click here to see all Princess shore excursions in Gibraltar

St Michael’s Cave

With its own sculpted cathedral deep within its depths, the rock’s underground chambers are full of stalagmites, intricate passageways and plenty of dramatic formations. It sounds like a total dream.

Europa Point

Tick standing at Europe’s most southerly point off your bucket list by visiting this picturesque stripy lighthouse.

History of Gibraltar

Follow the footsteps of British soldiers by discovering the Great Siege Tunnels, carved out of solid limestone so that cannons could be brought through to the northern side! Gibraltar Museum, the World War II Tunnels and Kings Bastion are also well worth a look.

Dolphin Watching

The common, striped and bottlenose dolphin can be seen from the bay, in pods ranging from 20 all the way up to 100! Grab a set of binoculars and fingers crossed you’ll see them for yourself.

Do you want to take an independent tour?

Click here to see all independent tours in Gibraltar

What to eat in Gibraltar

I recommend Calentita: a local bread dish made of chickpea flour, olive oil, water, salt, pepper and sometimes lemon. Aso make sure to try Japonesa: a sweet doughnut filled with cream.

Shopping in Gibraltar

Head for Main Street in Gibraltar Town and make the most of it: everything is duty free wahey! The best bargains are in pottery, leather goods such as bags, shoes and purses, wood carvings and of course, alcohol. Cheers!

Wake up in 3 countries in 1 Week

Find out more about Princess Cruises here

Sailaway Party back on board

Once you are back on board, I recommend hopping into the hot tub on the back of the ship to enjoy the Sail away Party with some cocktails in hand. The central point of the ship out on deck by the pool is the perfect spot to enjoy the live DJ and bands. I munched on some fresh fruit and vegetables from the buffet and sipped on a Pina Colada whilst I was at it!

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Enjoying the Princess Cruises’ Sailaway Party in the hot tub!
Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Anyone for a Pina Colada?

Eat at Sabatini’s Italian Restaurant for dinner

Princess Cruises offers awesome speciality dining options in various delicious cuisines. Me and my friends decided to eat at Sabatini’s restaurant tonight, which serves authentic Italian food in a setting which feels like you’re in a Tuscan villa! Make sure to reserve beforehand!

After-Dinner Entertainment

I recommend Stargazing with Discovery at Sea where you can learn to identify the major constellations and hear the folklore behind them. There is also a rock and roll night going on, amongst many other amazing events and activities!

Day 4: At Sea

Smart casual dress onboard

Today is a day that I highly recommend you just chill out. You’re on holiday and this is your last full Sea Day. For the rest of the trip, you’ll be visiting locations in France and Italy, so make the most of your time on the waves now. Today is rightfully spent being horizontal.

Be pampered at the Lotus Spa

Oh yes! Today is another sea day and oh my, was I ready for some extreme relaxation. I decided to turn off my Princess Cruises WiFi and just peace out – because in today’s world – we can sometimes forget how to just be still and in the moment and meditate!

Down at the Lotus Spa, you can enter your world of tranquility. Take a quick shower, throw on your fluffy robe and slippers, and receive the TLC that you so deserve. The Lotus Spa offers many divine treatments, including facials, massages, detoxifying ocean wraps and revitalising body scrubs. I opted for a 50-minute Exotic Lime-Ginger Salt Glow Scrub with massage and came out feeling like a buttery-smooth goddess.

For a little extra, you can pay to go downstairs too to steam, sauna and gently heat up your inner soul. You’ll be walking out of there like a new woman. Watch out guys – there’s gonna be a hottie on deck (yeah, that’s you)!

Check into The Sanctuary in the afternoon

Just when you think it cannot get any better, there’s another oasis onboard: The Sanctuary. This is a luxurious adult-only retreat on top deck, featuring divine loungers, the highest attentive service and a specialty drinks and food menu! For only $20 for a half-day, it must be done.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Chilling at the adult-only Sanctuary

I was able to lie down, gaze out to sea, and eat delicious food like a pampered cat. The Sanctuary also serves Afternoon Tea, which is perfect for a British lady like me! Bring a book or a podcast, daydream or opt for a massage up here too. Full on bliss!

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
The perfect sea view
Princess Mediterranean Cruises
The ultimate relaxation setup

Eat dinner at The Crown Grill Restaurant

Personally, for me, out of all the speciality dining restaurants onboard, the Crown Grill wins hands down for the best restaurant onboard. The mixture of the service, the atmosphere and my word those steaks (!) was just brilliant. I’m still dreaming of those steaks. The best I’ve ever had.

Day 5: Marseille (Provence), France

Formal wear in the evening

Welcome to Marseille – one of France’s oldest cities and your gateway to the romantic and dreamy Provence! Designated as the ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2013 and nicknamed ‘France’s New Orleans’ it has its own groovy Renaissance vibe going on and a wealth of activities to choose from.

Wine tasting in Provence
Wine Tasting in Provence France – not bad at all!

Things to see in Marseille and beyond

Top sights to see here are Aix-en-Provence – the former Medieval capital of Provence, the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, the Notre-Dame de la Garde, the world-famous Pont Du Gard bridge and the picturesque town of Arles where Vincent Van Gogh hung out! There are also the dramatic cliffs of Cassis, Lourmarin – listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, and Roussillon – with cliffs made of yellow, red and white sands.

Check out Princess’ Shore Excursions from Marseille here

It really is hard to choose what you are going to do with you day! What I learnt is that you pick one or two activities and make the most of every minute of them. This trip is about quality, not quantity.

Go Wine Tasting on a Vineyard Tour

You’re in Provence which means only one thing: I had to choose wine tasting on a vineyard tour!

Entering the world of the Bandol vineyards in the La Cadière-d’Azur region is just as romantic and glorious as you’re imagining it to be. The wine is exquisite and the countryside pure bliss.

The best thing about the wine here is there are no hangovers (!) as everything is organic and no insecticides are used on the grapes. So naturally me and my mates drank as much as we could. The Bandol wine region is across 7 villages and I visited 3 of the domaines (a vineyard that makes and bottles wine from its own grapes) in my full day tour.

Domain Lou Capelan, Domaine de La Garenne and Domaines Bunan

We stopped at Domaine Lou Capelan, Domaine de La Garenne and the biggest of them all, Domaines Bunan. You will be able to experience a true behind-the-scenes tour of how each domaines produce their wines and touch many glasses to your lips with the good stuff!

Just to throw in an extra alcoholic beverage, I dare you to try the brandy at Domaines Bunan. It’s strong to say the least! If that isn’t for you, their rosé wine made it into the top 100 wines in the world. Try that!

Wine Tasting in Provence France
Mourvedre Grapes are the compulsory grape for Bandol wine!
Wine Tasting in Provence
Good news. There’s 7500 bottles of wine in here.

Lunch at Hostellerie Berard gastronomic restaurant

For an exquisite gastronomic lunch over panoramic views of the Bandol vineyards, you must head to this one Michelin star restaurant. The chef goes down to the fishermen every morning to see what they have caught and then makes his menu there and then for the day. The lunch is included in your tour and is a real treat. The village, La Cadiere d’Azur, is adorable too.

Book your wine tour with Bandol Wine Tours here

La Cadiere d'Azur
La Cadiere d’Azur
Princess Cruises Shore Excursion in La Cadiere d'Azur
A delicious fish lunch in La Cadiere d’Azur

Other Marseille shore excursion options

Other shore excursions you might like to try (among many) are:

Magnificent Camargue

Spend a whole day experiencing the wild and wonderful region of Camargue through wetlands spotting wild bird species, wild horses and special saltwater flora.

Marseille Bike Adventure

Spend a half day exploring the narrow streets and the coastal roadway of Marseille whilst visiting the Cathedrale de la Major and Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde.

Ultimate Olive Growing

Travel to the village of Fontvielle and learn about the thousands of olive trees grown here on the farm. Enjoy a magnificent lunch then travel to the medieval village of Lex Baux de Provence to explore.

Discover independent tours in Marseille and beyond

What to eat in Marseille

Ratatouille: Savour this delightful dish of simmered tomatoes, onion, aubergine, courgette and green peppers. Aioli: The ultimate Mediterranean sauce with olive oil, garlic and egg. Bouillabaisse: A famous local fish soup! Don’t forget to drink the Pastis and Provencal Rose wine!

Shopping in Marseille

To take something special back with you from Marseille, it must be their soap! Get your Savon de Marseille from La Grande Savonnerie at the MuSaMa.

Be part of the Balloon Drop back on board

In the main piazza, there will be a live band and plenty of balloons that will be released! Don’t miss the big event.

Other Marseille shore excursion options

Other shore excursions you might like to try (among many) are:

Magnificent Camargue

Spend a whole day experiencing the wild and wonderful region of Camargue through wetlands spotting wild bird species, wild horses and special saltwater flora.

Marseille Bike Adventure

Spend a half day exploring the narrow streets and the coastal roadway of Marseille whilst visiting the Cathedrale de la Major and Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde.

Ultimate Olive Growing

Travel to the village of Fontvielle and learn about the thousands of olive trees grown here on the farm. Enjoy a magnificent lunch then travel to the medieval village of Lex Baux de Provence to explore.

Discover independent tours in Marseille and beyond

What to eat in Marseille

Ratatouille: Savour this delightful dish of simmered tomatoes, onion, aubergine, courgette and green peppers. Aioli: The ultimate Mediterranean sauce with olive oil, garlic and egg. Bouillabaisse: A famous local fish soup! Don’t forget to drink the Pastis and Provencal Rose wine!

Shopping in Marseille

To take something special back with you from Marseille, it must be their soap! Get your Savon de Marseille from La Grande Savonnerie at the MuSaMa.

Be part of the Balloon Drop back on board

In the main piazza, there will be a live band and plenty of balloons that will be released! Don’t miss the big event.

Day 6: Genoa, Italy

Smart casual dress onboard

Welcome to Italy! Picturesque Genoa, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, used to be a crucial maritime centre for the Roman Empire and is now the perfect place to explore Italy from. Famous writers cannot get enough of it – Genoa appears in the first sentence of Tolstoy’s War and Peace!

Princess Mediterranian Cruises
Welcome to dreamy Italy!

Things to see in Genoa and beyond

There are plenty of ornate and historical architectural goodies to see in town. The Romanesque San Lorenzo Cathedral has splendid artwork inside of it and is the earliest example of Renaissance architecture in Genoa. You can visit the Ducal Palace with a splendid art collection through narrow Via Garibaldi as well as Chiesa del Gesu.

if you want to venture further today, you can reach Portofino, Cinque Terre, Pisa and Milan from here!

Click here to see Princess Cruises Genoa excursions

I could not resist choosing to visit the place that I have been hearing about for a couple of years now: Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has exploded in popularity recently. The national park, with a name translating to the ‘Five Lands’ is a coastal village paradise, perfect for wandering through dreamy pastel and vibrant houses and along dashing coastlines.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Cinque Terre Italy

These fishing villages are where you should get lost. Follow you nose and see what you find…and most of all, just have fun. Wander down narrow steps, climb up winding slopes, count the colours you find and stare out to sea at the boats floating by.

Along with my friends, we grabbed a private tour guide who accompanied us through the twists and turns of the mountains and through two of the quaint charming Italian villages clinging to the Ligurian Cliffs.


Our first stop was Manarola – the oldest town in the Cinque Terre. Do your best to experience this village from below wandering through all the nooks and crannies, but also from above by hiking up the steps and walking along the cliffs’ edge. This way, you can appreciate its beauty from all angles.

Exploring Cinque Terre
Ciao Manarola!

Monterosso al Mare

This is the most famous of the five villages with its beautiful Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista Church.

Make sure to grab some lunch and munch on the dishes at Enoteca Internazionale. The bruschetta is to die for! The sardines are delicious too.

Monterosso al Mare
Exploring the streets of Monterosso al Mare – isn’t it pretty?!

Just like you did in Manarola, explore the streets below but ensure you hike up high too to fully appreciate where you are. Keep following Via Buranco upwards and you will find yourself on a trail which finally emerges on the most marvellous viewpoint. The coast will be on your left and the olive trees all on your right. Meravigliosa!

Monterosso al Mare Italy
Hike up to the top of Monterosso al Mare to appreciate its full beauty

Other Excursions from Genoa

Make this day the perfect day for you.

Check out all of these independent tours in and around Genoa

What to eat back in Genoa

Pesto: Genoa is the birthplace of pesto and they love basil! Buridda: a hearty fish stew. Cima alla Genovese: a veal breast stuffed with animal organs, herbs, veggies and pine nuts served cold. Tastes better than it sounds!

Shopping in Genoa

Before you get back on the boat, make sure you grab a jar of pesto, parma ham, cheese wheels and lots of lovely spices at the local market Mercato Orientale. There are also second-hand books, records and art at Piazza Bacchi and Piazza Colombo.

Enjoy the Love Boat Disco Deck Party 

It’s cheesy. No doubt about that. But this top deck party in the evening, back on the ship, is soooo much fun. The Love Boat Disco Deck Party is a chance to dress up, enjoy some 70s disco, and socialise with everyone else on deck. There’s DJs, dancers, live bands and a lot of lovely cocktails to be had. Go get it!

Day 7: Livorno (Florence / Pisa), Italy

Smart casual dress onboard

Welcome to Livorno; the gateway to glorious Tuscany in Italy! For all cultural and architectural enthusiasts, it is going to be a fantastic day for you if you want to go and see the Duomo, the Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio. Or, you can make friends with Florence’s rival political power and take a shore excursion to Pisa instead! Also very much battling for art and architecture star status, Pisa has that leaning tower that you might just want to go and see.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Pisa Baptistery in Pisa Italy

Check out Princess’ Shore Excursions from Livorno here

After seeing so many pictures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I just had to go and see it with my own eyes, so I opted for a day tour to go and see the town…on a very interesting mode of transport.

Pisa on a segway

When I was a child, I never could have imagined that when I finally made it to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it would be on two electronic wheels and a stick – but hey ho, I like to go with the flow! I initially was terrified – segways kinda have a mind of their own in the beginning . Yet with anything in life, we must embrace cool new technology. Once I got the hang of steering it – I was taking on Vespas no problem!

Pisa is fascinating for the following weird reasons:

People will do anything for that photo

Everyone is trying to get ‘that’ shot. Whether they’re trying to kick the tower or pinch the tower, put it in an ice cream cone, or hold it up; walking past people next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa is brilliant!

It’s Pisa not Pizza

‘You won’t believe what happens when I take Americans around’ said our tour guide (no I’m not going to name her haha). ‘They keep asking me when we’re going to see the Leaning Tower of Pizza. It’s PISA! Not Pizza OK!’

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Well I never – Leaning Tower of Pisa sightseeing on a Segway!

There’s a ton of architecture here

I had no idea! I thought the tower was on its own (seriously why do they never show its buddies in photos online?). The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the freestanding bell tower for the Cathedral of Pizza next door. And next to the Cathedral is Pisa Baptistery. These buildings are just as fascinating as the tower itself. Make sure to soak it all up and stick around for a bit.

Princess Mediterranean Cruises
Piazza dei Miracoli

There’s more to Pisa than the Tower spot

Seeing Pisa on a segway will give you a chance to fully appreciate this city in the time that you have. I had to catch a flight back to the UK in the afternoon from here – but still made the absolute most of the time I had. Don’t just turn up, see the tower and leave. Explore the nooks and crannies. This is a hip and happening student town with lots going on.

Check out Pisa independent tours here

Princess Cruises Pisa Italy
I found this in Pisa – yay!
Princess Cruises Italy
Map of Pisa

What to eat in Livorno Italy

Spadellata di cozze e vongole: clam and mussels simmered in white wine and then served with crusty bread. Torta di ceci: the most well known cake here!  Thank you Italy.

What to buy in Livorno Italy

Wine. Pecorino Cheese. Olive oil. Cured meats. Truffles. A really tacky tchotchke of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I dare you.

Day 8: Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

Smart casual dress onboard

This is where your cruise ends! Alas, I was not able to venture this far due to travel time restraints (boohoo!). I disembarked and flew home from Pisa the day before, but I want you to fully understand what this cruise includes: Rome is included!

Click here to find Princess Cruises Rome excursions

and if you want to go and seek out your own adventures from here…

Here are the top independent tours in town

My complimentary Mediterranean cruise experience was made possible by Princess Cruises. As always, no matter how much a brand pays me, opinions are mine = honest, blunt and to the point.

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