What is OceanMedallion on Princess Cruises? Your Q’s Answered!

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What is OceanMedallion on Princess Cruises? What does OceanMedallion mean? How does it work? Is it even on the ship I want to cruise with? If you’re wondering what all this new ocean technology is about, you’re not the only one asking!

Cruise technology is ever evolving and regardless of whether you’re new to cruising or a veteran at it, I have the answers you need! Princess Cruises have just unleashed a brand new way to make your cruise experience as smooth and personalised as possible. Read on to find out what the OceanMedallion is all about.

My sponsored Sky Princess OceanMedallion experience was made possible by Princess Cruises. Opinions as always remain my own = open, honest and straight to the point.

What is OceanMedallion on Princess Cruises?

OceanMedallion is powered by cutting edge technology exclusive to Princess Cruises, which strives to give you the most innovative, personalised and simplified cruise experience.

A close up view of Princess Cruises' Sky Princess ship before she sets sail
Aboard the brand new Sky Princess ship, which has Princess Medallion Class onboard!

OceanMedallion benefits include:

  • Fast and efficient boarding
  • Keyless stateroom entry
  • The best WiFi at sea
  • Personalised services on-demand (think food, drink and room service)
  • Interactive gaming fun (with your own unique character)
  • Easy navigation wherever you are on the ship
  • Easy payments onboard

What is the Princess Medallion?

Princess Cruises’ OceanMedallion™ is a wearable device which unlocks all of the amazing MedallionClass benefits to you in an instant. If you’re looking for the highest levels of service, specifically catered to you, then this is the cruise technology you’ve been waiting for!

Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion being held in the hand along with the Medallion Class instruction manual
Say hello to Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion!
Alice Teacake wearing her Ocean Medallion aboard the Sky Princess as a clip on her shorts
Don’t worry about losing your key-card, Ocean Medallion clips to you with style!

With the OceanMedallion you can speed up your boarding process, automatically unlock your stateroom, plan activities ahead of time, order food and drink on demand anywhere on the ship, locate friends onboard, play games and watch exciting shows. It’s a nifty and powerful gadget which makes your cruise experience extra high class!

The OceanMedallion is waterproof and heat, sand and salt resistant too. You also never have to charge it! This is perfect if you’re an adventure girl like me. And, no more worrying about your security! Gone are those days of having to hide an outdated keycard under your towel whilst you dip into the pool. Now you can just jump right on in, and know your money and security is completely safe.

View from the back of Princess Cruises Sky Princess Ship with Ocean Medallion Class Service
It’s a beautiful view from the Sky Princess when you’re experiencing Ocean Medallion class

How to get OceanMedallion

You can pick up your OceanMedallion at the terminal during check-in. That’s exactly what I did and that was no problem at all.

How much does Princess Medallion cost?

The OceanMedallion™ is complimentary and available at no extra cost with Princess Cruises MedallionClass service.

How does OceanMedallion work?

How does the OceanMedallion work? I want to reassure that it is incredibly easy. Even if you are a complete technophobe, you’ve got this.

Just wearing the Medallion will give you a lot of benefits, but understanding how you can interact with the cruise technology will allow you to completely reap the benefits.

Let me show you how to get the most out of your OceanMedallion. Here we go!

Sitting in The Sanctuary aboard the Sky Princess ship eating strawberries in a calm and tranquil environment
Fresh Strawberries brought to me? Don’t mind if I do!

Use the MedallionClass App for the best digital experiences

If you have the OceanMedallion, I highly recommend that you make the most of it by downloading the MedallionClass App. This app allows you to access so much, just with a quick touch of a button on your smartphone.

Ocean Now let's you order food on the MedallionClass app wherever you are on the ship
Anything you need or crave is at your fingertips!
Screenshot of the MedallionClass app showing the Ocean Compass page
Find your way around the ship and locate your friends and family with your Ocean Medallion

Within the app you’ll find:

  • OceanReady: make your boarding of the ship as quick as possible
  • JourneyView: see what’s happening on board, plan activities and book shore excursions
  • OceanNow: order your favourite food, drinks and room necessities on demand
  • OceanCompass: navigate the ship and also locate my friends onboard
  • PlayOcean and OceanCasino: play games and wager onboard
  • OceanView: Watch exciting programmes showcasing adventures you can have with Princess

Here’s a few more details about these features…

Be OceanReady before you board your cruise

Before you even board the ship, I recommend downloading the MedallionClass App to prepare for your cruise with the OceanReady feature. There’s so much that you can get done and dusted before you go. And once you arrive, you can get on the ship quick if you have filled in your details! What is the OceanReady app? Well, you can:

  • Set up your Ocean Profile
  • Link your booking reservation and see all of the necessary details you’ll need
  • Scan your passport and order your OceanMedallion and accessories in advance
  • Select the activities that you love and are interested in
  • Tell Princess Cruises about any food allergies you have
  • Create your Tagalong with PlayOcean
Sky Princess docked in Kotor Montenegro in front of stunning mountains
Be Ocean Ready before you board your cruise by downloading the MedallionClass App

Make the most of JourneyView before you board and whilst you’re cruising

On my previous cruise, the ship’s activities used to arrive in my room in the evening on a piece of paper. I would have to look through all of these and tick off what I was interested in with a pen.

I do love pen and paper, but with the Medallion App, you can now see all of the activities happening, even 60 days before they take place! If you’re a planner, you can bookmark all of the activities that you want to do even before you step onboard.

Birds eye view of Kotor Montenegro with Sky Princess prominent in the middle of the water
There’s plenty happening on and off the ship with shore excursions in Kotor Montenegro

Are you a last-minute kind of traveller? You can just quickly open up JourneyView and see what is happening there and then. If you see an activity you like, head straight for it!

Don’t want to download the app? No problem. You can also access all of these services on your Stateroom TV or on the touchscreens around the ship. I found the touchscreens on every floor, in all of the entertainment areas and next to the lifts particularly!

Easy stateroom access

Getting into your stateroom is now easier than ever. No more looking for that key in your handbag or pockets. No more lost key drama!

To enter your room on your ship, all you have to do now is to walk up to your door wearing your Medallion. Next, the OceanMedallion technology will securely identify you and greet you on a screen outside your door. It then automatically unlocks your cabin and you can walk right on in.

Sleek and stylish stateroom aboard Sky Princess with Princess Cruises
Sky Princess Stateroom where you can order room service with your Ocean Medallion

This is particularly awesome if you have your hands full with rad artisan handicrafts you’ve just bought from one of your shore excursions. Or maybe you’re romantically carrying your partner in your arms or something. Who knows. I’m a solo traveller hehe!

But I do have to say that I love this new technology. On my last cruise with Princess Cruises we still had keycards. My mobile phone at one point interfered with the keycard, and as a result it malfunctioned and I couldn’t get into my room. Thankfully I had none of this hassle aboard Sky Princess this time round!

Order food and drink on demand, anywhere on the ship with OceanNow

I have found the service on Princess Cruises to always be impeccable, but they have now stepped it up a notch with OceanNow! This allows you to order your favourite food and drink wherever you are on the ship, and for it to be brought right to you.

Want a martini in your room? You can order it straight away with OceanNow. All you have to do is use the app to search through the drinks, select what you want, and it will be delivered to your room as soon as possible. Because you’re wearing your OceanMedallion, staff will know where you are. I tried this out on deck during the sunset sail away party from Trieste and my drink was promptly delivered. Success!

Drinking a drink on the deck of Sky Princess that I ordered with my Ocean Medallion
Ordering drinks with your Ocean Medallion is a breeze!
Eating pizza on Sky Princess that I ordered with my Ocean Medallion
Pizza anyone? With Princess Medallion Class you can order this anywhere on the ship!

Maybe you’re sunning yourself on deck and don’t want to leave to get a snack. You can order your favourite food right there and then and a crew member will bring it to you. I ordered pizza one evening. And in the mornings; stateroom breakfast everyday with the app! Yas!

There was a little mix up with the coffee and milk coming one morning and nothing else. But they’re ironing out the kinks with the technology. I was quickly brought what I needed after I gave the crew a quick call from my room.

Stateroom breakfast consisting of fruit, muesli, a croissant, jams, butter, grapefruit, an orange juice and a banana - all on the Princess MedallionClass App
This stateroom breakfast ordered every morning the night before on the MedallionClass App was a real treat!
How many content creators can you fit in a lift? Turns out over 10 is no problem at all!
Good news! We all managed to get together in the lift through Ocean Compass!

For us single girls, it was fun using this feature but not entirely necessary. But for families and big groups of friends, I can see how this feature is extremely useful!

Also, interestingly, staff knowing where you are on the ship can work in your favour with the OceanMedallion. Room service knew if I was in my room or not. This meant no awkward knocks on the door or unnecessary wake up calls!

Enjoy the best WiFi at sea with MedallionNet

What is MedallionNet? MedallionNet is by far the best WiFi onboard I have ever experienced at sea. On my last cruise with Princess Cruises WiFi was certainly available but the speed of it varied. Watching videos on YouTube was a bit of a no-go! However, on my cruise aboard the Sky Princess, I couldn’t believe how much faster it was!

I was having a ball on Instagram (check out the Sky Princess highlights on my account) and watching YouTube when I wanted to chill out was no problem at all.

MedallionNet WiFi is fast, reliable, unlimited and available to use whenever you need it, wherever you are on the ship. You can call your loved ones and share a sailaway sunset with them. You can stream sports, music or the latest news. You can Instagram Story everything. You can even stream your favourite movies or TV series! Oh yeah!

Find out more about MedallionNet WiFi here

How to wear OceanMedallion

One of the really fun things about getting your personal OceanMedallion is that you can wear it however you like! You will initially get yours in a complimentary lanyard that you can wear around your neck.

You can wear it as it comes or there are some lovely ways that you can accessorise it.

I chose to wear mine in a clip and attached it to the pocket of my shorts. If I was wearing a dress, I clipped it on to the collar or on the top of the chest and waist pockets.

Not interested in a clip? You can also wear it as a sports band, a bracelet or as a necklace.

On the deck in the sun on a lounger looking out to sea
You can wear your Ocean Medallion however you want.

Where to buy OceanMedallion accessories

I recommend you take a look inside the OceanFront shop onboard your cruise and you’ll find lots of accessories to customise your medallion. You can also purchase accessories beforehand when you’re getting ‘OceanReady’ at home.

What ships have OceanMedallion?

Which Princess ships are OceanMedallion? There really are quite a few! Check below to see if a particular cruise ship you have mind has OceanMedallion onboard.

OceanMedallion is currently available on:

OceanMedallion will be coming soon to:

Where are MedallionClass cruises in the world?

You can find everything you need to know here:

Do I have to use the OceanMedallion?

If you are not interested in using the OceanMedallion, that is totally OK. There were times where I wanted my privacy for example, and just for everyone to not know where I was. You can easily go ‘incognito’ by switching your privacy setting to ‘Safety Only’. Alternatively, you can opt out of everything at any time.

On the fence? Find out more about OceanMedallion here

I want a cruise. How do I book a Princess Cruise?

Good for you! With the OceanMedallion cruise technology it’s easier than ever to have a smooth and enjoyable experience onboard. It’s easy to book a Princess Cruise. I recommend heading straight to their website to find the right cruise for you.

Start your holiday with Princess Cruises here

Do you feel you know enough about the Princess OceanMedallion?

It’s easy to use and can allow you to access so many digital services on board. Let me know what you’re excited to try out!

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