7 Features You’ll Love On The New Sky Princess Cruise Ship

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Hey cruisers! If you’re reading this, you’re probably just as excited as I am about Princess Cruises launching their newest Princess ship: the Sky Princess! Lucky me got to give the ship’s delights a whirl on its shakedown cruise and make the most of it. It has everything that you love about Princess Cruises’ ships along with new onboard venues, fantastic signature features and the new high-tech Ocean Medallion for the utmost personalised and swift service.

Photo of the Sky Princess Cruise Ship
The magnificent Sky Princess Cruise Ship

7 Features You’ll Love On The New Sky Princess Cruise Ship

Read on to find out what features I loved the most with the brand new Sky Princess, so that you can make the most of it on your next voyage.

My sponsored Sky Princess experience was made possible thanks to Princess Cruises. Opinions, as always, remain my own = open, honest and straight to the point.

1. The Princess MedallionClass Experience

Sky Princess is the first ever cruise ship to fully incorporate the Princess Cruises’ Medallion Class Experience and what an experience it is. No more keys or credit cards are needed now! Using your Ocean Medallion, a highly innovative device shaped like a coin, you can enjoy your cruise experience in style. Medallion Class Experience gives you the most highly personalised and efficient service and it’s complimentary on the Sky Princess.

Your Ocean Medallion enables you to:

  • Get on and offboard as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Order what you want to eat and drink and have it delivered to you anywhere on the ship
  • Enjoy land-like connectivity with the best WiFi at Sea – Netflix anyone?
  • Navigate the ship and locate your friends and family
  • Unlock your stateroom immediately as you arrive – handsfree!

Read about my Ocean Medallion experience here!

Ocean Now let's you order food on the MedallionClass app wherever you are on the ship
Anything you need or crave is at your fingertips!
Alice Teacake wearing her Ocean Medallion aboard the Sky Princess as a clip on her shorts
Don’t worry about losing your key-card, Ocean Medallion clips to you with style!

I loved trying out the Ocean Medallion and certainly made the most of it. 

  • I ordered drinks on the top deck at the sailaway party with the touch of a button using the Princess Cruises’ app.
  • For breakfast, I ordered breakfast in bed every morning. The fresh fruit, muesli, coffee and croissants were smashing!
  • I had fun trying to find my blogging buddies onboard so that we could take photos together
  • When I had my hands full, returning from shore excursions with local handicrafts, I didn’t have to fumble for my room key. My Ocean Medallion just let me right on in. Perfect!

2. The SeaWalk

There’s something about glass floors and looking down that always gets the blood pumping eh? I’ve stood on the top of Blackpool Tower on a glass floor for sure. I’ve definitely enjoyed the sea views from above in Busan in South Korea too! 

Now the Sky Princess has the thrills of the sea with crystal clear birds eye views too. Hurrah! 

Find out more about the SeaWalk here

Photo of Alice standing on the glass floor of the seawalk looking down onto the side of the deck and the ocean.
Alice and the looking glass … floor
Photo of Alice standing on the glass floor in the Sea Walk looking out at the ocean
Life, what is it but a dream?

Princess Cruises’ Sea Walk is a top-deck glass-bottomed indoor walkway which stretches 28 feet out beyond the edge of the Sky Princess. Who needs coffee when you can wake yourself up standing on this glass floor every morning? The sea views are 128 feet below. Let me know in the comments if you’re game!

3. Enjoy the ship’s community in the Atrium

A Princess Cruises ship feels to me like a whole brand new community which is formed the minute a ship sails, to sail the high seas together. With your shipmates, you are having the time of your life eating, drinking, exploring, playing and experiencing new and exciting moments every day.

Photo of sushi that you can get in the Atrium
Sushi in the Atrium!

Do you know about the Sky Princess cruise ship size? With the capacity for 3660 guests and 1346 crew, you may be worried that it can get a little crowded on here. The answer to that is absolutely not. The Sky Princess has 19 decks and so much going on at once, that you may wonder where everyone is on the days that you are completely at sea.With so many fellow ship explorers and activities onboard, how is it possible to find the heart of the Sky Princess?

The atrium is the town square of the ship

If you want to be in the centre of the action, head to the middle of the ship, with Sky Princess’ heart beating from the dramatic atrium! The Atrium is the town square of the Sky Princess and a place where I regularly found myself refuelling on food and drinks, meeting up with friends and enjoying fantastic entertainment around the clock.

Photo of Alice in the Atrium
I’m ready for Take Five and an evening of jazz!
Photo of the Atrium from its marble floors to stunning blue-glass chandelier
The Atrium screams luxury!

Make the most of the refreshments and dining options

The new features on the Sky Princess and other Royal Class ships here include Bellini’s Italian Cocktail Bar, Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar (oh yes fresh sushi!) and a very scrummy gelateria.

As always, the International Cafe is here for round the clock coffee and sweet and savoury snacks (even at 4am and beyond if you’re burning the candle at both ends).

Photo of a few gelato options available in the Atrium including Salted Caramel and Amaretto
Mmm… What flavour would YOU get?

Live performances and games happen here!

It so happens that I was dragged into a dancing competition here late at night with a random partner from Russia! With the music changing every minute, we had to improvise the style given to us by the DJ and judges. Knockout round after knockout round we managed to stay in the competition and after a very competitive last round trying to reenact the scenes from Titanic together (I’ll leave the details to your imagination) we came out on top as the winners thanks to a roaring crowd backing us.

I’m currently on a one year no-alcohol journey so I was stone sober throughout. Not bad eh?

If you’re looking for more entertainment on board, there is plenty. There are spectacular shows and many live performances throughout the ship. If you love jazz in particular, I highly recommend going to Take Five – the only jazz theatre at sea!

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4. Luxury Sky Suites

For the ultimate in luxury on your cruise, why not consider a luxury Sky Suite? There are 2 exclusive Sky Suites onboard Sky Princess and they are by far, the best of the best. Hosting up to 5 guests with 270 degree panorama views of the ship, Princess Cruises is taking top-deck accommodation to the highest levels.

Photo of the dining area within the Sky Suite
The perfect place to enjoy your meals in private!
Photo of the main bedroom in the Sky Suite
Despite all the things to do around the Sky Princess, it will be hard to get out of this bed!

You’ll receive your very own dedicated Suite Experience Manager with inclusive amenities and the most attentive service. I managed to get a sneak peak at one of the Sky Suites and it certainly is lush. 1,000-square-foot continuous balcony anyone? If you’re celebrating a special occasion or you only wish for the finest, then this accommodation is for you.

Find out more about the Sky Suites here

Photo of Alice sitting on a circular couch on the balcony of the Sky Suite
Spending your days lounging, relaxing (and, of course, taking photos) …
Photo of the film screening from the private balcony of a Sky Suite
and get the best view at night all from the comfort of your own private balcony!

Other features, to name just a few, that I’m sure you’ll love are:

  • Premium champagne upon arrival 
  • Complimentary access to The Enclave
  • Private Movies Under the Stars balcony viewing
  • Luxury bathroom amenities (me and the girls couldn’t get over the Dyson hairdryer in there)

5. The Sanctuary

Need to enter an adult-only zone, chill out to the max and look out to sea in style? The Sanctuary is the answer. It’s one of my most favourite places on the cruise as it’s so tranquil, balanced and restorative. It’s a top-deck retreat available to you if you pay just a little extra.

Photo of lawn chairs and private cabanas in the Sanctuary on the Sky Princess Cruise Ship
No wonder this place is named, “The Sanctuary”
Photo of The Sanctuary
The exclusive entrance to The Sanctuary
Sitting in The Sanctuary aboard the Sky Princess ship eating strawberries in a calm and tranquil environment
Fresh Strawberries brought to me? Don’t mind if I do!

I tried the Sanctuary menu before heading on down a couple of decks to my spa session for a hot stone massage and was really happy to see that they are now offering these awesome bento boxes. I love this new menu a lot (wasn’t here on my first cruise). Try the prawns if you like your seafood or the edamame beans if you want a lovely vegan or vegetarian option. 

Learn more about The Sanctuary here

Photo of the prawn dish available in The Sanctuary
Nibble on a tasty prawn salad…
Photo of a white bowl filled with cooked edamame that have been garnished with some spices
or the vegetarian options that are available at your request!

6. Delicious Dining Options

When you think about cruising, I bet one of the first things that comes to mind is the food right? It should, because the variety and level of the food on Princess Cruises is simply exceptional. I always enjoy seeing what they are going to offer. On my last cruise, I really did eat like a Queen.

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On the Sky Princess there are some updated classics plus some brand new specialty dining options that I had the pleasure of trying. Here is what they’ve got!

Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria

On my first ever cruise I dined at Sabatini’s and it was brilliant! This is the place for modern and rustic Italian antipasti and handmade pasta dishes. This time round on the Sky Princess, the cuisine was just as divine. For dinner, I opted for Burrata cheese and tomato, the Linguine Carbonara, the Lemon and Rosemary Chicken Scaloppine and Princess Cruises’ signature dessert; the Chocolate Journeys!

Photo of Sabatini's Linguine Carbonara
One of the many mouth-watering Italian dishes at Sabatini’s!


Voted the ‘Best Pizza at Sea’, who can resist a delicious slice of cheese and tomato at Alfredo’s? I didn’t personally have the opportunity to sit down and try out this restaurant myself but you can easily go and grab a slice of this pizza poolside, which is exactly what I did. Yes it tastes so good!

Salty Dog Grill

If you’d rather opt for the all-American grill, how about striding over to the Salty Dog Grill instead? Located right next to the main pool, there’s fresh hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and homemade burgers cooked to order. Don’t forget your yummy side of golden fries.

Crown Grill

The Crown Grill has been named as one of the ‘Best Cruise Ship Steakhouses’ and it’s clear to see why! Even my vegetarian friend named this restaurant as her favourite dining experience, out of all the restaurants we tried.

Why is it the best? Firstly, you just gotta try the Black and Blue Onion Soup. Yes, it isn’t even steak but this is hands down the best soup on board. You’ll find other french onion soup options on board but there’s just something about this delectably rich broth and hearty bread and cheese that will send you into cuisine heaven. The sides of the loaded potatoes along with the fresh and tasty vegetables make this just as good for veggies as the big meat eaters at the table.

Photo of the shrimp and pancetta bisque from the Crown Grill
The exquisite Shrimp and Pancetta Bisque!

And for the main, the Rib Eye, Filet Mignon and Crown Grill Surf & Turf are firm favourites among me and my friends. Everything is cooked to your preference. Make sure to try all of the different salts to jazz up your steaks!

On the Sky Princess I ordered the Shrimp and Pancetta Bisque, the Black and Blue Onion Soup and the Rib Eye Steak.

Bistro Sur La Mer by Emmanuel Renaut

Ooh la la! Welcome to the Bistro Sur La Mer situated in The Atrium where French bistro-style dining has a modern twist! Currently available on Majestic Princess, Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess there are some very sumptuous dishes to choose from, which are categorised into ‘land’ and ‘sea’ options. This particular night I was feeling ‘land’ so I opted for the Paté en croute (named after the Chef’s grandmother) and the Filet de boeuf poelé.

Learn more about Princess Cruises’ specialty dining here

Photo of the Filet de Boeuf Poele from the Bistro Sur La Mer
Have a completely distinct dining experience each night aboard the Sky Princess!

7. Special shore excursions

When you travel by ship, what happens onboard the Sky Princess is just one part of the trip. How about all of the amazing travel destinations you are going to experience too? I had a fantastic time with my Mediterranean Itinerary on my first Princess Cruise. This time I had the pleasure of stopping in Kotor in Montenegro and Athens in Greece!

Photo of Alice at the Ladder of Kotor
I made the best of our stop in Montenegro and challenged the Ladder of Kotor!

What you do with your time once the ship docks in a new travel location is up to you. You can stay on the ship if you wish (might just have it to yourself as most of the guests are out). But being such a solo adventurer I always go exploring. In Kotor I went straight for the mountains and set the challenge of hiking the Ladder of Kotor. This wasn’t a Princess Cruises excursion – just something that I researched beforehand and decided to do with my mate Sandy.

Princess Cruises’ shore excursions are excellent though! On my last cruise on the Crown Princess, I went on quite a few excursions and loved them. I went hiking in Gibraltar, wine tasting in Provence France and explored the stunning Cinque Terre in Italy on my Crown Princess cruise. 

Princess Cruises’ shore excursions work with local experts, offer you large or small group-sized tours and have a best price guarantee. If you find the same tour for less, they’ll refund you 110%. 

Check out my 7 Day Princess Mediterranean Cruises Itinerary here

Photo of Athens Greece from the Parthenon lookout
Princess Cruises can take care of you when you are sea-bound and docked in amazing cities such as Athens, Greece!

Other Signature Features you cannot miss

There are plenty of other awesome features about the Sky Princess which are well worth noting, but that I haven’t gone into detail here on the blog. 

Photo of the Sky Princess Cruise Ship
The magnificent Sky Princess Cruise Ship
  • Vines: voted one of the best ‘Wine Bars at Sea’
  • Infinity Wakeview Pool: enjoy this deep-tank pool next to dancing fountains and the top-deck bar
  • Chef’s Table Lumiere: an exclusive behind-the-scenes luxurious dining experience & tour
  • Princess Live!: enjoy drinks as acts take to the live stage for comedy, dancing, singing and game shows!
  • World Fresh Marketplace: Turn up for breakfast, lunch and dinner at this vast and delicious buffet
  • The Pastry Shop: sweet treats galore and the perfect opportunity for Afternoon Tea
  • Movies Under The Stars: don’t stay in your room. Watch a movie on the giant poolside immersive screen
  • Vista Lounge Show: make the most of these world-class entertainers in spectacular shows

Take a look at the other Royal Princess Cruise Ships

The next Royal Class ships to debut from Princess Cruises are the Enchanted Princess in June 2020 and the recently named Discovery Princess which will be ready for us all in 2021!

The Enchanted Princess will be named in Southampton in the UK, so make sure to be around if you’re in the UK. The last ship christened here was the Royal Princess in 2013, which was christened by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Read more about the other Princess ships here

Do you want to board the Sky Princess Cruise ship?

Hopefully I’ve given you an idea of what you can experience onboard and what special features there are to make the most of Sky Princess whilst you sail! Which features are you excited about on your Princess Cruises cruise? Which benefits do you love the most from this list? 

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