Beautiful Romania has so much more to it than Transylvania, Dracula and a bunch of garlic. I found Romania to have delicious cuisine, top-notch hiking and some amazing architecture steeped in history that will draw you in immediately. Find out more about Bucharest, get out into the countryside and cook some delicious Romanian recipes! Read on to discover Romania.

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10 Delicious Romanian Food Dishes You Have To Try

When traveling in Romania, it’s easy to get distracted by all the different choices when it comes to Romanian food. Romanians are generally great cooks, and there are a lot of national dishes we take great pride in.
easy romanina recipes

7 Easy Romanian Recipes My Grandma Makes

Are you looking for the secrets to easy Romanian Recipes that only the real-deal Grandmas know? I asked my Romanian friend Hexa to spend some time with her lovely Granny to get the lowdown (and steal the best of the best). We succeeded!
Visit Romania and go to Bran Castle to see Dracula's Castle

How To Visit Transylvania for Dracula’s Castle Tour

First off, I know vampires aren’t real and Vlad the Impaler didn’t live in Bran Castle, but even so, the chance to step inside Dracula’s Castle was an absolute dream come true for me!
Take a tour of communist Bucharest on your list of things to do in Romania

30 Things To Do In Romania Bucket List

What is there to do in Romania? Dracula was the first thing on my mind when I arrived here! Yet there is so much more to Romania tourism than a blood-sucking legend. Romania tourist attractions include some of the most exciting and intricate castles in Europe, top-notch mountain hiking, gorgeous medieval towns, delicious cuisine, tranquil and vibrantly rich wildlife and nature experiences, along with some kickass road trips!