From a jam-packed guide to the sights in Edinburgh Scotland, to the joys of travelling through the Highlands and the magical Isle Of Skye, I’ve got some Scottish treats for you right here! Discover what’s going on ‘up north’ and plan your trip with me.

I never knew how amazing the Highlands really were…and they’ve been sitting on my English doorstep all these years. They blew my mind! If you’re visiting the UK, this is unmissable.

Regardless of whether you have one day or a whole week in Edinburgh Scotland, this easy guide will help you pick out the best from each section for your travelling pleasure! Choose from the ‘Weird and Wonderful’ , delve into the ‘Harry Potter’ or dabble in the ‘Great Outdoors’. Whatever you do, don’t forget to try that whisky and haggis!

Tourists at the Virgin Money Street Event on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh Festival in Scotland

Which Edinburgh Festival in Scotland must you see in August? I Tried All 5!

As you step off the train in Edinburgh Scotland in August, you’ll immediately be hit by the electric feels. The feels of die hard determination and antsy anticipation within organised chaos. Edinburgh in August is a fascinating playground crammed full of art, music, theatre and comedy performances, accumulating in around 1000 shows happening each and every day.
Best Music Festivals in Scotland

18 Best Music Festivals in Scotland to Escape the Norm

Scotland is famous for rugged landscapes, with soaring mountains, dramatic stretches of coastline, deserted beaches, and deep glistening lochs, whisky, bagpipes, golf, and the Highland Games. What many people don’t often realise, however, is that there are numerous awesome music festivals in Scotland all throughout the year. Yay!
whiskey tour Edinburgh

Take Me To The Best Scottish Edinburgh Whiskey Tasting Bar

Whilst some visitors to Edinburgh are gawping at the glistening presence of the Scottish Crown Jewels in Edinburgh Castle, here I am in the ultimate Collection of the The Scotch Whisky Experience, overwhelmed with the fact that I’ve just hit the Disneyland of alcohol. ‘Get me to the Whiskey Tasting Bar immediately’!
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All The Things To Do In Edinburgh That You Need To See

Oh hi there adventurer! Fancy yourself some things to do in Edinburgh? Whether you want to delve into Edinburgh’s fascinating gory past, stride up extinct volcanoes, get giddy on whisky, run around Harry Potter graveyards or just have a nice cup of tea, Teacake’s got you covered.

The Scotland Highlands Trip You Need To Go On Right Now

The Scotland Highlands are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Their exterior radiates a mysterious yet soothing jaw-dropping beauty, guaranteed to disorientate your senses for all the right reasons, without you even having to touch a drop of their infamous whisky. Alas, simmering under the fairytale castles, snow-capped mountains, glorious tartan and The Pretenders lies a bloodthirsty, relentless, full-on murderous past. I went for 3 days with Haggis Adventures and uncovered all the stunning and gory bits rolled into one!