So far, I have explored two parts of Spain: Menorca and Malaga.

Sometimes called Minorca, Menorca island blew my mind! I completely underestimated its beauty. The waters are such a deep vibrant blue, Menorca beaches are pristine and of all the things to do in Menorca, you must walk around the Cami De Cavalls!

I messed up, attempting too much of this island circular walk in one day, but the views paid off for the pain my poor feet went through. Read about my Cami De Cavalls walk and make sure you do all the good stuff (and leave out the mistakes).

As for Malaga, you won’t believe just how much of a foodie and arty city this really is, and the day trips from Malaga are truly adventurous too!

Day Trips from Malaga

3 Adventure Day Trips from Malaga Guaranteed to Make Your Day

You’ve landed in Malaga in Spain and had an absolute blast drinking the wine, eating all that ham, soaking up the art and culture and getting lost in the nooks and crannies of all the different narrow streets (check out my one day in Malaga guide here!). Yet you’re now ready to venture out and truly explore the Costa Del Sol. Huzzah! Get your adventure outfit on, because you’re going to discover some real gems that you most likely haven’t even heard of. And trust me…they are spectacular! Here’s 3 adventure day trips from Malaga guaranteed to make your day!
One Day in Malaga

10 Secrets for the Perfect One Day in Malaga Spain Itinerary

Ooh Malaga Spain. Once renowned as a seedy tourist trap, full of drunk Brits on tour with a really bad tan, the capital of the Costa Del Sol holidays has transformed itself into one of the hottest cultural, arty and foodie port cities in Europe. And oh my, it is absolutely succeeding.
Walking in Menorca

How to go Walking in Menorca on the Cami De Cavalls

Last night’s decision to go walking in Menorca Spain, around the island for 12 hours, is currently being executed. In theory, totally doable. In reality, bloody stupid.