10 Wellness Activities in London to Recharge Your Soul

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Looking to improve your mental health and wellness with the ultimate wellness activities in London? You’re not the only one. Wellness Tourism Trends 2020 are predicting that way more of us are going to be seeking out spas, parks and wellness hotels in London this year. And the great news is that London has a fantastic array of wellbeing locations and opportunities for you to enjoy.

London has numerous wellness programs and fitness classes for female solo travelers and residents alike. I’ve visited London many times, and I’ve handpicked my favourite off-the-wall wellness ideas for you to give a go!

This post is sponsored by Inhabit Hotels and Montcalm Royal City London

10 wellness activities in London to recharge your soul

If you’re a company owner or team leader, this list has some great employee wellness programs ideas (that I and other employees wish my old bosses had found!). And if your job has a wellness incentive, then you definitely have to try some of the wellbeing ideas below to get those extra steps in.

Westminster Bridge in London during sunset with Big Ben and a red bus shining bright
There are so many wonderful wellness activities in London to try. Let’s get our om on!

What are wellness activities?

Wellness activities can be anything from a yoga class to a mindfulness meditation session, to cooking a vegan snack or even a silent disco!

The benefits of health and wellness classes and events include stress relief, relaxation and joy! If you’re curious about wellness program ideas, I’ve got you.

London has so many health and wellness activities, it was hard to choose just 10. Whether or not you have wellness programs at work, this list will help you find your zen in the UK’s biggest city.

Wellness encompasses your mind and body, so get moving and learning with these awesome wellness activities in London.

Go on a nature walk with Inhabit Hotels

Looking for a Wellness Hotel London is proud to have? Inhabit hotel in Paddington offers an amazing mix of wellness initiatives, from workshops to daily classes.

Their goal is for you to leave their hotel rested, relaxed, and with improved mental health. Mindfulness, meditation, and day trips are available to guests of the hotel and visitors alike.

Yoga or meditation classes are available daily so you can start your day off healthy, lowering your blood pressure and setting yourself up for a brilliant day.

I recommend you try the infrared sauna or lift some weights in the gym. Inhabit Hotel is made for you to have access to the most health and wellbeing activities as possible. And since Inhabit is an easy walk to Hyde Park, you can immerse yourself in nature even in the urban sprawl of London. Fantastic.

Beautifully crisp and clean room in Inhabit Hotel with fresh white linen and calming grey walls with wooden furniture
Check in to Inhabit Hotel to fully embrace wellness in London

Dine beautifully at The Montcalm

If you’re looking for a divine healthy restaurant & bar in London, The Montcalm at Royal London House is an excellent choice. Set in a 1950s former Royal Mail head office, there are plenty of healthy dining options to enjoy whilst you sit on their stunning rooftop terrace enjoying the breathtaking views of London.

What are some wellness activities available at the Montcalm?

Relaxing massages and exfoliating facials are available, as well as a steam room, sauna and pool. Enjoy them before or after your meal and you’ll be feeling like a new person.

Book your stay here for the ultimate wellness weekend, or come as a guest and book a relaxing afternoon of spa wellness. There’s always room in your personal wellness plan for a spa day right?

Get yourself up an indoor climbing wall

Here’s a wellness idea – try a drop in climbing session or join a class to learn how to climb and develop your climbing skills.

Whether or not you’re not into fitness classes, climbing can offer you solo or group workouts that kick your butt while you’re having fun!

Climbing improves your wellness and health without you ever even thinking about it. Whilst you’re engaging the mind and the body, you’ll be having too much fun to even notice.

If you need to squeeze in a lunch break workout, indoor climbing is a great break from the office too. Try bouldering or roped climbing, but either way you’ll get the health benefits of a workout while reaching new heights, literally!

I recommend checking out Mile End Wall and VauxWall.

Fit and healthy women climbing up a colourful climbing wall in London
Give indoor climbing a go when you visit London!

Join one of London’s rambler groups

This is one of my favourite wellness ideas, because it’s especially eco-friendly. The Ramblers charity offers volunteer run guided walks and protects green spaces and walking paths.

London is one of the biggest and best cities to find walking groups in the UK, so take advantage of this wellness program and get moving.

In greater London there’s over 12,000 Ramblers members, and around 4,500 of them in Inner London. You can try a walk for free if you’re just visiting London, or join for a small annual joining fee.

Find out more about Inner London Ramblers here

One of my favourite wellness ideas is walking past Serpentine Bridge in Hyde Park. It is beautifully lush green in Summer.
Enjoy the different walks in London with Ramblers!

Recharge your batteries at a meditation pod

Whether you’re looking for a power nap or just to get away from the busy bright city, Pop & Rest is a great wellness idea.

This unique wellness company offers 30 minute bookings of relaxation pods at two central locations in London: Holborn and Old Street. If you can’t find any workplace wellness, take a lunch break here to center yourself and turn your day around.

Book a session at Pop & Rest here

Go Foraging in the vast nature within London

Want to get lost in nature? Forage for mushrooms or attend a wild food walk, with Forage London!

Forage London is one of the most unique group wellness activities in London. Up for a challenge? Try foraging and paddle boarding, just one of the health challenge ideas that Forage London offers.

These workshops are so amazing that they tend to sell out quickly, so if you’re interested, book ahead as soon as possible.

Book your spot with Forage London here

Birds eye view of woman holding mushrooms in her hand that she has foraged
Foraging in London is possible and so much fun!

Learn mindfulness

What does wellness mean? How can mindfulness help my health and wellness?

Dive into the answers for these questions and more with The Mindfulness Project in Fitzroy Square. Try a drop in lunchtime mindfulness meditation or if you’re in it for the long run, join a 6 to 8 week mindfulness course to help your mental health.

I’ve been building up a daily habit of meditating myself and have found that it really helps me focus on my day to achieve my short and long-term goals. Definitely give it a go!

Mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety, and even a drop in meditation class at a wellness center can help reduce the stress of daily life.

Find out more about The Mindfulness Project here

Happy stylish traveler girl in hat holding beautiful colorful butterfly on hand
Be mindful and in the moment in London

Dance like Nobody’s Watching

This is one of the grooviest wellness event ideas in London! Nobody’s Watching organises silent discos in a judgement free zone so you can dance your heart out and prioritize your wellness.

If you’ve got an hour and some dancing shoes, you’re ready for this party. It contains 40% facilitated activities. The rest is up to you.

Dancing has many health benefits, including stress relief and heart health. If you’re looking for wellness activities for groups or just for yourself, Nobody’s Watching will make you feel comfortable enough to groove the night away.

Nobody’s Watching also offers ladies only nights and fitness workout specific events, so there’s truly a space for everyone, especially for you, my fellow female solo travellers!

Woman in black dress and sneakers dancing on the street with pink smoke
Dance like no one is watching you!

Immerse yourself in Disco Yoga

Disco Yoga starts with the option to glitter up – aka douse yourself in glitter – so seriously, what’s not to like?

This wellness program says goodbye to basic yoga and gives you a groovier way to stretch, unwind, and find your funky zen.

With their ticket offer, each class includes a free cocktail or mocktail afterwards, so you can socialise after class with a superfood drink.

I think this is one of the best fitness challenge ideas if you’re bored of your current fitness routine. Give it a go!

Book a Disco Yoga session here

Feed your body at Deliciously Ella

Add this scrumptious deli to your list of wellness activities to try and you’ll top off your healthy London visit beautifully.

Deliciously Ella is a wellness company serving up vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and other free from foods in central London. If you love them so much the good news is that you can grab their produce in the frozen section of some supermarkets too.

Pop into their Mayfair deli for chia puddings, dahls and stews, organic juices, baked treats, and healthy snacks!

Discover more about Deliciously Ella here

Various raw organic food arugula, cress salad, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts over light background
There are plenty of healthy and organic places to eat in London – try Deliciously Ella!

Don’t miss these activities in London too

There’s plenty of amazing activities to do in London. Why not add these to your wellness experience too!

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Do the right thing. Protect your health and valuables.

Yes, give me my travel insurance quote!

Which wellness activities in London will you try?

Even my Londoner friends didn’t know about many of these amazing wellness activities, so share with your best London mate and see if they’ve tried any of the above! If you’re looking to work on your self love and self care (two HUGE components of health & wellness), check out my article on how to skyrocket your self esteem.

Try a few of the activities above, and pretty soon you’ll be a wellness expert yourself. If you need accountability, connect with another kick ass lady (maybe in the comments below!) and create a wellness challenge for yourself or bring a friend to one of the wellness group activities. Why not even start an office fitness challenge to get other people involved?

London has such an exciting array of wellness activities that I know I’ve only just scratched the surface. If you have something you’ve discovered and loved, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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When you prioritize your health and wellness, you’ll feel stronger and start seeing the sunny side of things.

What wellness activity are you itching to try right away?

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10 Wellness Activities in London to boost your mental health and wellbeing

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