4 invaluable life lessons diving teaches you

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Diving is your incalculable key to a life-altering alien dimension.  To think of all those times I slowly sunk myself into its golden grains on land yet never entered, swam atop its borders of paradise without even trying to prize the door open or simply just catapulted myself across it at lightning speed travelling from A to B. What a waste. The sea holds the power to grow the grateful, open-hearted, love-filled creature within yourself. Here are the 4 invaluable life lessons diving taught me…

4 Invaluable Life Lessons Diving Teaches You

1. Humans don’t rule the world

As you strap yourself into your sea-baby armour and contemplate entering this alternate, mystical universe, your heart is pumping with pure excitement and curiosity. Who will I meet? Will they be compassionate and humble or vicious and unforgiving? What will I see? Will I be engulfed by elegant creatures, enclosed by a ship wreck, overwhelmed by pure beauty?   Slowly dragging you under into its grasp, you sink deeper and deeper into a world which isn’t yours, but theirs.

2. Silence is golden

Suddenly, you are strapped of your words and a reflection of The Little Mermaid. With her inability to express herself on land, you mirror her lip-locked self down here. That is one of the sea’s true blessings upon you.  Your mind is clear, unlocked and open. Your eyes are widened and heightened.  Your ears are alert to the hums of the blue waves flowing around you.  The only communication you offer is necessary.  There are no unfulfilled, wasteful words in this world.

3. We rise by lifting others

Without another curious creature by your side, how can you ingest the delights of the world? Your guide, your voice of reason, your provider of enthusiasm, trust and genuine support. Gliding through waters together, whether you’re near or far, will make you stronger, wiser and appreciative of what love and support others can offer you. Even if you go momentarily right and they go left, they will be there for you.

4.Time is everything but feels like nothing

Lose track of time, stay within the sea’s heart for too long and you’re suddenly stripped of its ecstasy.  In a place as magical as this, minutes can become a blur and flow through your fingers jack flash.  Be mindful of how you are spending your time because before you know it, it’s finished.  Don’t waste what time you are generously given in life.

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4 Invaluable Life Lessons Diving Teaches You

5 thoughts on “4 invaluable life lessons diving teaches you”

  1. Fully agree with #1. I think everyone can learn a lesson in humility by taking a look under the sea. It changes your perspective about human activities on land. Don’t agree with #2 though – unless you’re on a rebreather, the sound of your regulator is deafening!

  2. I really enjoyed this piece. I went snorkeling for the first time a couple of weeks ago and #1 was so true for me then. I was just amazed at this underwater world that exists PERFECTLY without our “help.” In fact, if I were to touch the reefs I could destroy something that took 100 years to create. Maybe diving will be a next step in the future!


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