Here’s How You Can Get the Best Seats on a Plane to New Zealand

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New Zealand has numerous great sites to visit. It’s a place where you can truly be at ease with nature and have your slow days. When planning a vacation, you would naturally want everything to go right.

However, there are moments when we can’t help the situation. Thankfully, your plane seat isn’t one of them! You read it right. Avoid leaving your seat up to fate, and take the necessary steps to ensure you’re comfortable on your flight.

How You Can Get the Best Seats on a Plane to New Zealand

Following this list, you can say goodbye to the noise, leave the plane last, uncomfortable seats, and many more. Continue reading which seats are favorable, depending on your preferences and what matters most when flying.

A beautiful view of Mount Cook and Pukaki Lake in New Zealand with blue water and snow-capped mountains
Mount Cook and Pukaki Lake in New Zealand

Best Seats for Avoiding Noise

If you want to sleep in when you’re flying in on an overnight flight, you should choose the best seats with the least noise. Thus, finding a quiet spot on the plane is your priority.

Avoid the back of the plane since you would hear the engine noise on those airplane seats, making it quite uncomfortable to sleep, especially if you’re seated on a window seat. The back of the cabins is also where passengers frequently go to the restroom and snack areas.

So if you don’t want to be disturbed by common noises in an aircraft, opting for a seat in the middle of the cabin would be more preferable—a reasonable distance from the back and the front of the cabin. If you don’t know, the front of the cabin is typically where families with young children sit. It’s because there’s extra room for a bassinet, and it’s harder for kids to be seated at the back due to the pressure in their inner ear.

Best Seats for Sleepers

Are you a traveler who likes to fall asleep before the plane takes off? Then, you may have probably experienced the horror of waking up in the middle of the flight, realizing that you’ve been snoring or drooling on the passenger next to you. You may have also experienced getting awoken just so that someone could get out of the row to use the bathroom or be hit by the passing beverage cart.

You should know that you’re not alone if these things happen to you! Many passengers prefer sleeping in the place, and the most common reason is the flight duration. Who would want to ride a 10-hour flight wide awake?

If you want to get some wink, it’s recommended that you pick a seat on the left side of the plane, specifically the window seat near the front. Sitting in front of the plane ensures that it’s less noisy. Also, on the window seat, you can even get a good look at the amazing landscapes of New Zealand as you land.

Also, when you’re on this seat, it would mean that people in your row won’t need to wake you up to use the restroom. You can also avoid getting hit over the head when passengers next to you get their refreshments.

Also, we can’t deny that sitting on the window seat entails you leaning against the window, which is incredibly comfortable since you can lie your head on something. You can also easily control the lighting and the window shade.

Best Seats for a Quick Plane Exit

Numerous passengers dread waiting to get out of the place, and sometimes the last 20 minutes of your time on the plane seems the longest.

If you prefer to leave the plane early and step foot on the lands of New Zealand, you should select a seat near the front of the aircraft. For example, if you’re in a place with two aisles, opt for a seat on the left-hand aisle. Since the boarding door is on the left, it means that the aisle on the left would move much quicker than on the right-side aisle.

What are the best seats on a plane to New Zealand for you?

This page is separated by the things that passengers tend to prioritize, whether for a quick plane exit, to sleep comfortably, or to have that extra legroom. So, figuring out what matters to you the most would help you land the best seats on a plane since you can easily follow this guide.

Make your flight to New Zealand memorable and enjoyable by following the information above! Then, continue researching to figure out what works best with someone with your preferences. Knowledge is your tool throughout your vacation days in the country!

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