10 Best Travel Books of All Time

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You can’t learn about the world without reading about it first. And as a voracious reader and an avid traveler, you probably have read your fair share of books on travel. But how do you know which ones are worth reading again? The ones that inspire you to keep traveling? Which really are the best … Read more

5 Top Destinations in Northern Italy You Should Visit

A small town on a hill on Lake Como in Northern Italy with coloured buildings with red roofs

Most tourists concentrate on visiting the central part of Italy in the popular cities like Rome and Florence. But by doing this, they do not give the less popular parts of Italy like Northern Italy a chance for a memorable experience! Northern Italy’s geographical diversity has striking characteristics and a lot to offer tourists. Northern … Read more

5 Great Ways To Meet New People When Solo Traveling

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After choosing your bucketlist destinations, the most difficult thing about solo travelling time and again is not safety, being solitary, loneliness on long journeys or panicking if something goes wrong and you’re isolated. No. The single most difficult thing when you start out solo traveling is meeting new people. After a while, you’ll build up confidence and get chatting to anybody no problem, but in the beginning that first social-anxiety is one of the biggest hurdles to step over.

Why You Should Travel the US on a Train

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There’s nothing quite like taking a trip by rail. The nostalgia in the air, the history, the inexplicable magic of a train station. But it just might be a dying mode of transport – particularly in the US. It’s not the cornerstone of travel it once was, as in days of yore, to conquer any distance across this vast country in the 19th century – it was your only choice. However, globally, the comfort and reliability of bus travel has drastically improved, while ticket prices for certain train routes leave a lot to be desired.