Trap and Roll

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Welcome to Day 5 of Teacake’s *FREE* Self Defense Course

An attacker on top of you, trying to choke you, is a truly frightening one.

No matter what size or strength you have, there is an easy way out of this.

Get your hips ready. We’re going to need them for our Trap and Roll!

How to do a Trap and Roll

Grab their left wrist (if you want to roll left) with your right hand in a claw shape (make sure your thumb is on top).

At the same time, hold the top of their arm muscle as if you’re holding a pint of water.

Trap their leg with your right foot by crossing it over their calf and keeping your foot firmly on the ground

Then, thrust those hips up and roll over to the left.

Keep your head down once you’re on top, to avoid any punches.

See how the trap and roll is done

Just like the Standing Arm Lock you learnt in our previous lesson, it’s good to practice moving the other way too!

There might be blocks in your way on the floor, leaving you with only one way to roll. Be prepared and practice.

By the time you’ve nailed this, Move 6 will be ready and waiting for you in your inbox. Woop woop!

See you in a couple of days!

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