The Best Ever Personal Security Devices and Products For Travel

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Your personal security whilst traveling is paramount! The world is a wonderful place with awesome people, but it can take just one thief or an unfortunate incident to turn your trip sour. Yikes.

You may be wondering…

‘How exactly can I protect myself on the road?’

The great news is that amazing self-protection, personal security devices and products are out there for you. And they’re going to make your travels a whole lot easier!

Personal Security Devices and Products for Travel
Travel safely with a helping hand from personal security devices and products

The Best Ever Personal Security Devices and Products for Travel

Here are the best women’s personal safety products I’ve personally tested and love. And they’re perfect for guys too!

Protect yourself with travel safety clothes

Your travel safety can simply start with some very nifty clothes and accessories. There are two key items I 100% recommend that you pack.

A travel scarf for every situation

This is for the ladies. Pack a big, lightweight scarf. I think it might just be my number one travel item! If you’re travelling in culturally sensitive countries, having a big scarf with you will save you in temples and on the street. It allows you to cover your head, shoulders or those beautiful ankles you possess; and as a result, you’ll stay in the locals’ good books.

A fake wedding ring for the nosy people

Some cultures haven’t quite caught up with feminism yet. You’re single, unmarried, childless and travelling ALONE?! *Shock horror*

Locals WILL take one look at your finger and directly ask you questions about your relationship status. I’ve found that wearing a fake wedding ring saves me a lot of hassle. Carrying a photo of my ‘husband’ can wrap up these uncomfortable questions swiftly too.

Bangladesh solo female travel

Clever Travel Companion Pickpocket Garments for ninjas

I love these anti-pickpocket clothes! Clever Travel Companion help you hide your valuables such as your passport, cards and cash right in their garments. I highly recommend their tops and underwear.

Check out Clever Travel Companion garments here

There are also travel scarves available with hidden pockets in them. Nice huh?

Find travel scarves with hidden pockets here

A money belt and bra stash for savvy travelers

If you don’t want to stuff money down your knickers and directly into your bra (yes, I’ve very much done this in the past. So did my Mum when she travelled the States in her 20s), there is a solution. Grab a money belt! The Venture Money Belt is rad.

Get your venture money belt here

And for an actual belt which you can hide your money in, it is also available to you!

Hide valuables in an actual belt here

Don’t fancy keeping your valuables around your waist? Pacsafe’s Bra Stash does just the trick!

Hide valuables attached to your bra here

Carry the best travel personal safety devices

Have essential access to personal 24/7 WIFI

Solis Hotspots are the answer to your WIFI needs. It is an unlimited global WIFI hotspot that you can carry with you wherever you go. It’s easy to stay connected! I used it throughout the whole of my Mongol Rally trip (I drove all the way from the UK to Mongolia in a really crap car – and back!). It worked in the middle of nowhere in misogynist Kazakhstan and allowed me to let my parents know I was still alive in Turkey, when that coup was going on.

Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers
Skyroam 24/7 Portable WiFi


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Powerbank so you never run out of juice

Please don’t get caught out just because your mobile phone or portable WIFI isn’t charged up! I’d hate for you to not being able to reach help because of a simple mistake. Ensure you pack a RAVPower Powerbank with you when you go out.

Charge your electronics regularly. Your mobile phone is 100% needed for the best travel safety apps, to call if you need help and to guide your way.

Invest in a powerbank here

Wear a Vigilant Personal Alarm with a safety whistle in your pocket

Invest in a SOS personal alarm. By activating it, the Vigilant Personal Alarm will blast out a siren even the hard of hearing will not be able to ignore. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation where you’re too traumatized to shout for help, a personal safety alarm is going to do it for you: like a total boss.

Get your vigilant personal alarm here

Looking for an alternative emergency alarm? A Fox Sonik Safety Whistle is perfect. I like to use mine when I’m hiking, and dogs are around. I’ve had a couple of dodgy situations with dogs not being as friendly as I am.

Get your Fox Sonik Whistle here

Rest easy at night

I’ve personally had friends in trouble in their accommodation at night, with people trying to come into their rooms. If there isn’t a lock on the door, there is an answer! Pack a door stop alarm.

All you’ve got to do is place the door alarm under the base of the door. This personal safety alert device will then emit a powerful 120-decibel alarm when the door is opened.

Invest in a door stop alarm here

Protect your belongings just as much as yourself

When I was attacked in India, I was just as worried about protecting my valuables as I was my own self. I had my laptop and mobile phone on me. These two items are my livelihood as a travel blogger.

Here is how we can protect our gadgets just as much as ourselves…

PacSafe Bag Protector

During transit, use a PacSafe Anti-Theft Backpack and Bag Protector. Simply put your belongings into this stainless-steel net and secure it with a padlock. You can attach it to anything you wish. Thieves are going to have to work really hard to get into this; hence it being a serious deterrant.

A PacSafe bag protector is perfect for when you’re throwing your backpack onto a plane or overnight sleeper bus or train. It’s also great if the lockers in your hostel are dodgy. People use these to tie their valuables to a solid pole or sink.

Check prices for PacSafe Bag Protectors here

PacSafe Cable Lock

If you’re looking for something lighter than the bag protector, I recommend opting for the PacSafe Cable Lock instead.

Get your PacSafe Cable Lock here

Master Lock Padlock

For hostel lockers, I highly recommend a Master Lock Padlock. Having a combination lock means you’ll never have to worry about losing the key to your most prized possessions.

Check prices for master lock padlocks here

Don’t leave without travel insurance!

Everyone tells you to get it, and you might just not listen, thinking you can get away with not purchasing it. Don’t do that you wally. Travel insurance is essential.

World Nomads Logo

I have had to use my travel insurance numerous times. Ending up in a Russian hospital for 2 weeks once with serious stomach problems was a joy (not). I had to get a broken contraceptive implant taken out of my arm (yeah ouch!). And don’t even get me started on that dodgy chicken I ate in Poland and tripped out on. World Nomads are a cut above the rest. Check them out.

No fear OK? Believe in yourself!

Listen to me.

I don’t want this article to make you feel scared to travel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re walking on the street in your hometown or on the other side of the world. Trouble can happen.

Solo Female Travel In Bangladesh

I’m here to encourage you to face your fears, push your boundaries and reach your full potential through solo travel. YOU CAN DO IT! Believe in yourself. Use these personal protection products for women and guys that I’ve recommended above. You got this!

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