30 Unique Travel Gifts For Her in 2020

By Alice Teacake

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Hello to all of you treasure hunters out there who are looking for those unique travel gifts for her on her travels!

Whether she’s your best friend, your daughter, your sister or your lover (ooh la la), this list will guide you in the right direction to what she will be ecstatic to receive.

Is she an off-the-beaten-path backpacker, a luxury city-weekender, a fast-paced jet-setter or an Instagram-picture-hunting voyager?

Within this gift guide, there’s unique gifts for travellers of all kinds.

I have been travelling solo for 8 years and tried and tested many different gadgets, gizmos and travel products. Some of them have totally failed; others have become firm staples on my essential packing list that I won’t leave home without.

30 unique travel gifts for her in 2020

Let’s get this travel gift done and dusted for you. Here’s my 31 best unique gifts!

Unsure what the best travel secret santa gifts are for her? Whatever her travel style, there’s many perfect travel stocking stuffers for her in these secret santa ideas. You can *WIN* my favourite Secret Santa gift here! #xmasgifts #secretsanta #travel #Sweepstakes #competition #giveaway

Secret Santa Present Ideas for the Newbie Traveller

Gifts for the dreamers and knowledge-hunters

First up, gifts for the ladies who are day-dreaming and want to start travelling!

‘Vagabonding’ by Rolf Potts book

This is the first ever book that I was gifted for travelling. I read it and kept it close to me for a good 3 years before I finally mustered up the guts to go against what everyone was telling me to do with my life. I quit my Psychology career, started teaching English abroad and I haven’t looked back since.

If you need some extra guts to just f**k it and go travelling, buy a copy for her and a copy for yourself too.

Get your book here

Kindle Oasis

These kindles just keep better every year don’t they! If paperbacks are something your girl traveller does not want to be lugging around, an e-reader is the way to go!

The latest Kindle Oasis is a gift I hope Santa spots on my wish list. I’ve been using the Kindle Paperwhite for the last 2 years (an option you should consider if you want a cheaper version) and it hasn’t let me down. I believe the Kindle Oasis will do just as good!

Kindle promises that the Oasis reads like real paper without glare, is waterproof (hot tub reading anyone?), includes Audible, has a single charge that lasts weeks and a capacity up to 32 GB. Bam!

Find the Kindle for her here

Audible Subscription

Talking of Audible…If paperbacks are something your girl traveller does not want to be carrying around, how about an Audible subscription? When I’m on the bus, I get travel sick too easily to be able to read (bleurgh) so this is when audio books become a godsend.

Gift an Audible Subscription

Travel journal + waterproof pens

The old-school traveller in me still can’t help but carry a travel journal around with me. There’s something about putting pen to paper which makes me so happy. Whether I’m jotting my ideas down for the next Teacake article, scribbling a golden quote from a local, or quickly sketching a scene to capture a precious moment, my journal is there.

Unique Travel Gifts

Write down your travel memories the old school way

Paper is paper, and we all have our own style. I recommend you look through journals on Amazon to unearth the book that is going to strike a chord with her.

Don’t forget to complete the gift by popping some waterproof pens in there. There’s nothing worse then what you have written down disappearing after spilling Vietnamese coffee on it or accidentally getting into a precarious boat.

Find your journal here

Click here to grab the waterproof pens

Unique electronic gifts for the techies

There’s some technology, gadgets and gizmos that I cannot live without on my travels. Here are my top favourites!

Travelwifi Portable WiFi

I’ve been using portable 24/7 WiFi for the past 2 years and it has changed my travelling life. When I was driving from the UK all the way to Mongolia (and back) for 5 months straight, having portable WiFi in my pocket meant that I could still be connected to friends, family and you lovely readers wherever I was (yes…it even worked in the desert sometimes!).

I’m not going to guarantee that it is going to work everywhere, but for most of the time, portable does do a blimin’ good job.

Buy your travelwifi device here!

GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro are a brand which every adventure girl goddamn loves. Whether I’m white-water rafting in Slovenia, holding on to the sides of my car whilst dashing across the desert of Mongolia, or experiencing an epic motorbike ride through Vietnam, they’ve got my back. When they first started, the quality was…OK, but my word with their latest Black Hero 7…dreams do come true.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black has insanely smooth video, is waterproof down to 10m (33ft), streams live on Facebook, has epic voice controls and allows you to take time lapses on the move.

I’ve just taken the plunge and bought the newest one for myself today. Independent single lady yo.

Click here to check GoPro Hero 7 Prices

Sony a6000 mirrorless camera

I’m always umming and aahing about cameras and about which one is the best to use on my travels. I’ve been using the Sony a6000 for a year and am loving it! Its actual weight is light, the photo and video quality excellent (even from just shooting in auto) and there’s so many settings on offer for you if you want to start going manual and experimenting.

It’s an all-round winner for the special girl in your life, whether she purely wants to use it to share memories with you, or on a much bigger scale with her blog readers.

Click here to check prices

Pretty camera strap

I’m personally a backpack girl, so I like to keep my colours and style funky with the small things; particularly highly-patterned scarfs and headbands! It’s great to set your style with a funky camera strap too. The straps by Capturing Couture are just spot on!

Grab your Capturing Couture camera strap here

RavPower Power Bank

There’s nothing worse than running out of juice on your Portable WiFi, your smartphone, your Sony a6000 camera and all the other gadgets you’re carrying. As a travel blogger, power banks are an absolute essential for me – and for any traveller – they’re essential too!

Not only does being charged up enable you to keep capturing memories; it allows you to stay in touch with friends and family and get help if needed!

The brand that has backed me up for the last 2 years are RavPower. They have not let me down – and kept me connected well. They have various chargers. I use my 22000mAh for heavy duty charging in the middle of nowhere, and the 16750mAh when I’m out and about near my accommodation.

Find all RavPower power banks here

For the organised chicks

If you want to help her get her life in order for the road like a pro, these are my favourite things to keep the balance!

Dashlane Password manager and VPN

I can’t believe that only a couple of months ago, I wasn’t using a Password Manager. I had the SAME password for most things (#idiot). Even worse, I used one document to note down all the other passwords I had. A document which wasn’t secure and an absolute liability if it got into the wrong hands.

Starting An E Commerce Business From Scratch

Start your online e commerce business today

It wasn’t until I started getting weird emails from hotels and experiences on TripAdvisor, thanking me for staying with them (no I was not in Vietnam this year – how the hell did you think it was me that was staying with you?) – that I knew I had to tighten up my security ASAP.

For the love of this crazy digital world; buy her the gift of a password manager.

Dashlane enable me to have a different password for everything I use now. They also have a kickass app which I use everyday to access passwords on the go on my phone. The app also includes a secure area for notes, a VPN, and a password generator. I bloody love it.

Click here to find out more about Dashlane

Packing Cubes

I used to swear by rolling my clothes into mini burritos and then just squeezing them into my Cabin Zero Backpack. For the last 6 months, I’ve finally become extra savvy. I’m still rolling clothes burritos – I’m just more organised by putting them into packing cubes. Underwear in one cube. Bottoms in a big cube. Tops for the medium cube. And the other cube? All the electronics and wires go in there! Packing cubes are the bomb!

Click here to get packing cubes pronto


Peak Design or Osprey Backpack

Every backpacking girl needs the right backpack.

I’ve been testing and trying out many over the years. I was using Cabin Zero (which is great for girls on a budget) but when I went hiking in Pakistan, their backpack simply didn’t cut it.

My current favourite backpack for a city or weekend break is by Peak Design and if you’re going hiking or trekking, it’s gotta be an Osprey backpack. Read on to find out why I think they’re the best.

Alice Teacake looking out to the Dolomites with a blue Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack on her back

I love my Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack! Photo credit @kim.ou on Instagram

Osprey Women’s Kyte 36

You can be as badass as you want to be with the Osprey Kyte 36. It’s built to withstand the hardiest and toughest outdoor ventures, whilst being totally adjustable to fit your gorgeous womanly body.

I particularly choose the 36 when I undertake hiking adventures to be able to take it on planes with me, whilst also being able to fit in all the gear I need for overnight missions.

It opens from the top, the side, and also the bottom (where you can store your sleeping bag) woohoo.

There’s plenty of room on the sides for my water bottle and hiking poles and a nifty large front pocket where you can shove stuff in.

I also love the hipbelt pockets. They’re ace for giving me easy access to my mobile phone, GoPro and tissues (why do I always get a runny nose when I hike?!).  It has an integrated raincover too.

I’ve dragged it through sun, rain and snow. It works. 100% Teacake seal of approval.

Get your Osprey Kyte 36 on Amazon here

Peak Design 45L Travel Backpack

Going away for a weekend, city break and want something that you can throw into cabin with you when you jet off to your next destination? I’ve been trying out the weatherproof Peak Design 45L Travel Backpack for a couple of months now and I love it!

*Psst, it’s also ace for photographers!

Woman carrying a teal green Peak Design 45L Travel Backpack

Get out and explore with the Peak Design 45L Travel Backpack!

It expands from 35L to 45L in one quick motion and has access from all the angles you want it to. I can easily get to my laptop at the front, reach into the secure pocket at the top to grab my essentials, or just open it all up at once swiftly to grab that *one* item you think you won’t have to get out of the bag, but always do.

If you want to check it in at the airport, the shoulder straps and hip belt can easily be tucked away securely.

And when you need to pull it off the conveyer belt or out of the cabin above you, this backpack has handles on it in places that will make you say, ‘Why didn’t any other backpack designer think of that?’

Invest in your Peak Design Backpack here

PacSafe TravelSafe Portable Safe

There are some items that we cannot bear to lose, and these are usually the essentials! The passport, our payment cards and our tech and gadgets! This is where the PacSafe TravelSafe Portable Safe comes to the rescue. Strap it to anything secure and you’ve got your own portable safe. With its smart 360° eXomesh® cage system, thieves will think twice about slashing through that!

Click here to see PacSafe’s latest prices

International Travel adaptor

You’re going to get to a country…and you put your plug in the socket…and doh (!), yours is not the right shape. There’s no way she will be able to easily charge her laptop, phone or camera if she has the wrong plug.

Make travelling from country to country a breeze for her by gifting an international travel adaptor. It may just be a square brick with different prongs that pop out, but it’s an absolute packing essential she’ll be using time and time again.

Grab your international travel adaptor here


For ultimate travel self-care

All adventure chicks need to look after themselves – her are some brilliant gifts to make sure she is taking care of her wellbeing.

Girls Kick Ass Self-Defence online course

I studied Jiu Jitsu for 3 months straight to learn how to protect myself on the road. Turns out that I’ve unfortunately had to use those Jiu Jitsu moves whilst travelling.

For the ultimate self-care gift and reassurance for yourself, gift her with self-defence lessons online. The Girls Kick Ass Self-Defence is brilliant and one that I personally recommend.

Find out more about Girls Kick Ass here

How to Skyrocket your self-esteem in 30 days book

Fun fact of the day: I used to work in the UK National Health Service as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. Put simply, if you were feeling depressed, stressed, anxious or low in self-esteem, you would be referred to me!

I’ve put all my experience and knowledge into this handy, straight-forward and easy-to-understand eBook to build her self-esteem and confidence. She’ll be skyrocketing her self-esteem in 21 days like a pro.

Skyrocket Your Self Esteem with these 21 self love exercises ebook

Skyrocket Your Self Esteem with these 21 self love exercises ebook

She will learn how to be assertive, say no confidently, believe in her own abilities and have the courage to make friends easily.

Grab the eBook for her right here

WanderSafe Device and App


As a solo female traveller, I am always thinking about my personal safety and how women can explore the world more confidently. I have recently been talking with Stephenie Rodriguez, who has come up with this discreet, non-violent safety device and app with retired CIA Safety expert Thomas Pecora. You get three things from it:

Location-centric travel tips…so you know about the neighbourhood you’re in

A personal alarm…with a light to help guide your way, a strobe to disorient attackers, and a full 140lb sire if needed

An activate button which notifies 3 emergency contacts of your location using geo-coordinates via Bluetooth.

It’s making waves in the solo female travel safety industry – and quite rightly so.

Get $10 off your WanderSafe with special code TeacakeTravels10

Get your WanderSafe here

World Nomads Travel Insurance

If she is thinking about travelling without travel insurance – please get some for her. Throughout my 8 years of travel, I have personally seen and heard some real horror stories of people getting into accidents, having their gear stolen, or falling ill – and not having any travel insurance to cover it. It’s just not worth the risk.

When I was in hospital for 2 weeks in Russia, you can bet that I was thankful as ever that I had invested in travel insurance with World Nomads. They saved me.

Get your essential quote for travel insurance here

Water 2 Go Bottle

Water 2 Go Bottle

I’m so sick of plastic and the number of plastic bottles lying around on this planet. Enough is enough. It’s time for us to realise just how much damage we are doing and travel more responsibly and safely. One answer is the Water 2 Go Bottle.

With this bottle in hand, the lady traveller in your life will be able to get her water from a non-saltwater source; whether that be a river, hotel room bathroom taps or a local café. With Water 2 Go’s filter, she will be able to drink water free of 99.9% of microbiological contaminants.

It saves money, saves the planet, and ensures clean drinking water. Me and the girls had one each when we did The Mongol Rally: they were lifesavers.

Use special code TEACAKE15 to get 15% off

Get your bottle here

Lily Menstrual Cup

Ladies have the time of the month every month, and when it comes to having your period whilst travelling, it can become a hassle, and an expense(!) quickly. To help her save money, protect the environment and venture around the globe confidently, I highly recommend you gift her a Lily Cup. It will change her life.

Click here for Lily Cup prices

For the girls who want to look awesome

Who says adventure clothes have to be all-purpose and no-fashion? Check out these awesome threads and shoes below!

Teacake T-Shirts, Hoodies and Tote Bags

Teacake Travels is THE kickass solo female adventure travel blog for women! To celebrate all things girl power, I’ve got my own Teacake merchandise woohoo! It’s for men and women, and includes kickass t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags.

Check out the Teacake Shop here

Unique Travel Gifts for Her: Hunting for the perfect unique travel gifts for her in 2019? The best gadgets, clothes, books, security devices and cute sentimental gifts are here for her! #traveltips #travelgifts #xmaslist #solotravel

Unique Travel Gifts for Her: Hunting for the perfect unique travel gifts for her in 2019? The best gadgets, clothes, books, security devices and cute sentimental gifts are here for her! #traveltips #travelgifts #xmaslist #solotravel

Unique Travel Gifts for Her: Hunting for the perfect unique travel gifts for her in 2019? The best gadgets, clothes, books, security devices and cute sentimental gifts are here for her! #traveltips #travelgifts #xmaslist #solotravel

Keen Terradora Mid WP Hiking Boots

Keen Hiking Shoes

I’ve tried various hiking shoes and boots throughout the years, but I heard about Keen and decided to try them out. The minute I put these babies on my feet, I felt like I was wearing a pair of slippers! They needed no ‘wearing in’ and have accompanied on my hiking adventures ever since.

Plus, I just love the colours and funky designs their shoes and boots come in. They’re funky, modern and totally on point.

I’m currently enjoying a pair of Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Get your Keen shoes here

Do you speak English?

Many first-time travellers worry about how they are going to communicate with locals when they both do not speak the same language. Here’s what she can do.

Point It: Traveller’s Language Kit

This super cute and nifty Point It Traveller’s Language Kit is spot on! It has everything you need to communicate by pointing to pictures including food, accommodation, health and facts about yourself. Plus, it’s the perfect stocking filler if you’re here for Xmas shopping!

Click here to buy your Point It Book

Lingo Cards

Here’s another nifty way for her to start learning the local language! Lingo have these different sets of cards with key phrases and questions on each one. Each pack can be used literally as a flashcard study pack…or you can multitask and play card games with the locals whilst trying out the language there and then.

Unique Travel Gifts for Her

Lingo Cards

I think Lingo’s cards are super fun and a lovely mini gift for Christmas! They come in Japanese, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Get your pack of Lingo cards here

One-on-one online language lessons

For the ladies out there, who are serious about learning the language of the country they are travelling to, one-on-one lessons online are the absolute best. She will be able to study with a local who is skilled in teaching, and really pick up the correction pronunciation, intonation and those slang words that only the locals know! I have tried some French lessons with Rype and I like them a lot.

Cool Offer Alert

Get 7 days of private language lessons for free!

Find out more about Rype here

For the travel girls back at home

After 4 years of teaching English abroad and another 4 years of being nomadic on the road, I have finally decided to start adulting (eek). I’ve moved to Leeds in the UK and I am a very happy lady so far!

I have my own bed, I get to meet people that I’m likely to see again, my self-care routine has skyrocketed and bless them, my parents are finally seeing me more than twice a year.

What do you get a girl who travels part-time, is taking a break or wants to start laying down some roots?

Pin Adventures Canvas Map

People keep asking me how many countries I’ve been to. Truth be told, I have never counted until now! I have always been chasing the experiences, not the numbers, but with my new Pin Adventures Map on the wall, the total is 44. May not seem a lot for 8 years – but I’m a quality over quantity kinda girl.

Pin Adventure Canvas Map

Pin Adventure Canvas Map

This map is reminding me of what I’ve achieved so far, and what my travel goals are for the future! I’m currently rocking the pink World Map Canvas with 2018 Pantone® colors on my wall.

Click here to get the perfect World Map for her

Cute Camp Casual Mug

These camping mugs are just the cutest! Regardless of whether she is sitting on the sofa, out in her back garden looking up at the stars, or in the middle of the desert in Mongolia, I’m sure one of these cups will make her very happy.

Grab her a Camp Casual mug here

‘Overview: A New Perspective of Earth’ Book

I’m obsessed with drone shots right now. Benjamin Grant’s breathtaking coffee table book Overview, is full of the coolest high definition satellite photographs! Inside you’ll see the planet’s landscapes in a whole new light.

Keep her wanderlust pumping by making sure this is in front of her at home!

Click here to buy Overview on Amazon

For the girl who has it all

If you are feeling at a complete loss as what to buy and none of the above unique gifts are catching your eye – do not fear. Let’s play it safe and go for the good old win-win gift card.

Amazon Gift Card

Let her choose what she wants from Amazon, and it will be shipped right to her doorstep.

Call it quits right now and get the Amazon gift card

What unique travel gift for her are you gonna get?

There’s 30 awesome travel gifts listed above. Hopefully one has grabbed your attention and you’re all set!

Comment Below

Do you have any of the above already? Are they living up to your expectations? Do you have a gift which would be perfect to add to this list? Comment below!

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