Welcome to Pakistan! The most off-the-beaten path destination I might just have had the joy of experiencing to date!

If you’re a hiker and you’re looking for some of the best mountains in the world, this is it.

Photo of our friend in front of Katas Raj in Pakistan

What’s The Best Places in Pakistan to Visit? Here’s 10 to Start!

What are the best places in Pakistan to visit? Pakistan tourism has really started to boom and I’m so happy to see that the beautiful places in Pakistan are finally getting the recognition they deserve! With so many Pakistan trekking opportunities in North Pakistan, along with the stunning historical places in Pakistan to experience, you’ll be having the trip of a lifetime!
Photo of Alice in front of Badashi Mosque

The Girl’s Guide To The Best Places to Visit in Lahore Pakistan

Visiting Lahore soon or curious about solo travel in the Mughal capital city? This Lahore travel guide is all you need to know about a solo trip to Lahore when it comes to Pakistan tourism. You’ll discover the best places to visit in Lahore Pakistan along with the best restaurants in Lahore, where to stay and how to travel safely as a woman in this city. 
Trekking in Pakistan along the Passu Glacier in North East Pakistan

How to Go Trekking in Pakistan: 2 Week Hiking in Pakistan Itinerary

In the months leading up to my departure to go adventure trekking in Pakistan, a fair few stereotypical words were muttered to me. These utterances included 9/11, terrorism, danger and umm…carpets. Is there more to Pakistan than tapestries, tea and ‘terrorists’? Of course there is!
Visa application for Pakistan

How to Get a Pakistan Visa 2020: Step-by-Step Pakistan Visa Application

So you want to visit Pakistan? Amazing! You’re making the right choice. Pakistan is a truly off the beaten path destination and a mesmerising adventure experience regardless of whether you stick to the cities or head right up into the mountains.

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