10 Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Lady Travelers

By Alice Teacake

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Is there a beautiful feminist AF woman in your life, requiring some useful travel gifts which aren’t gonna suck and let her down? Finding gifts for people who travel, and are full of girl power, can be a little difficult.

But hey ho! We’re gonna screw inequality and oppression and celebrate awesomeness today. And it’s gonna be easy! Say hello to these 10 empowering travel presents, guaranteed to aid her in her fearless travels.

10 Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Lady Travelers

Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers

Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers

Kindle Paperwhite and Feminist Literature

I like big books and I cannot lie! But my word they’re heavy. So why not give her one of the best travel gadgets out there? The Kindle Fire rocks and holds all the music, movies and books she could wish for. No more heavy paperbacks in that backpack. Just sweet, smooth, electrical intellect. Yeah!

Get your Kindle Paperwhite here

How about including some of the coolest solo female travel ebooks on there?

Women who run with the wolves

Four Corners: A Journey into the Heart of Papua New Guinea

A Tale of Ignoring Life Advice While Backpacking Around South America

Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers

Kindle Fire for the win!

DJI Mavic Air Drone

Idiots cracking jokes about women drivers? Rubbish. Be awesome and get one of the best gifts for travelers: get the girl a goddamn drone so she can show the world how it’s done!

It’s time to break Instagram. The DJI Mavic Air is a big hit amongst my travel blogging friends who go all out on the eye in the sky. It’s compact, easy to use and shoots awesome 4K professional video!

Check out the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo here

Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers

Feminist Teacake Clothes

There’s just so many cool travel accessories, feminist t shirts and feminist sweatshirts out there! Whether she’s hiking up in the mountains or riding her bike along the beach, let her shout out her pride with some top notch feminist clothing. Why not check out my shop here for some kickass solo female travel gear!

Menstrual Cup

If you’re comfortable enough buying it, this is a one of the best travel accessories a feminist will be proud to have in her backpack. She’ll thank you for saving her a ton of money on sanitary products and the planet in the process! A menstrual cup encourages a women to embrace her time of the month and fully connect with her body. It’s reusable, compact and super eco-friendly.

Screw embarassment. Join the cup clan.

‘Get your hands off my shiz!’

Enough of people grabbing what’s not rightfully theirs. Thankfully, there’s a ton of ace travel gifts for her out there which will deter thieves, crazy dogs and cheeky monkeys.

She can hide things using:

And to protect her valuables and most importantly herself, these three easy stocking filler gadgets are ace:

Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers

Solis Portable 24/7 WiFi

By far one of my most favourite travel gifts for someone travelling is a portable WiFi device. Travel chicks and their friends and family can feel reassured, knowing they have access to WiFi almost everywhere, any time. This is round-the-clock connectivity for her to show girl power to the world!

I travel with one everywhere. My Solis Hotspot even worked in the middle of ass end nowhere whilst I was driving from the UK to Mongolia on the Mongol Rally. 100% highly recommended.

Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers

Skyroam 24/7 Portable WiFi

Experiences experiences!

One of the best feminist gifts for people who love to travel is gifting them an experience! Why not make it an experience within a women empowerment project or with inspirational women who are making kickass waves in the world?

Check out 10 amazing worldwide women empowerment projects here

Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers

Feminist AF Travel Accessories

For some quick small wins, a girl always needs feminist cute travel accessories! Here are my favourites!

Instax Mini

This is the traveler’s gift that everyone doesn’t quite realise the potential of! For the woman who really wants to travel and make friends with locals, this is the way to do it. With the Instax Mini, she’s not only taking her travel memories home with her on her mobile or DSLR, but also using this to capture the moment and share it instantly with her newfound friends. Locals love these instant images. Plus, the camera is a ton of fun!

Get your Instax Mini on Amazon here

best travel gifts women

Amazon eGift Card

None of these travel gifts for her tickling your fancy? Make sure to check out my 30 Unique Travel Gifts for Her.

If you have no luck – Amazon has a ton of gifts for travel lovers that she can pick herself. She’ll find the best travel gadgets, gear, clothing and accessories to suit her needs. And yes…a lot of it is feminist AF.

Amazon eGift Cards start from $25. Get yours here.

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Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Travelers


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10 Useful Travel Gifts for Feminist AF Lady Travelers

  • Awesome guide – especially for we mountain women who don’t need much – just a little bit of layering and attitude with some bling.

  • OMG, I’m gonna send this list to my boyfriend haha, I loved the feminist apparel! Also, I’m a first-timer here and I need to say that I am loving your blog so far! I’ll come back ;)