5 Top Destinations in Northern Italy You Should Visit

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Most tourists concentrate on visiting the central part of Italy in the popular cities like Rome and Florence. But by doing this, they do not give the less popular parts of Italy like Northern Italy a chance for a memorable experience! Northern Italy’s geographical diversity has striking characteristics and a lot to offer tourists. Northern Italy has the wealthiest provinces with upscale shopping and luxury resorts. This region provides memorable travelling experiences, whether you are exploring ancient castles and churches or dining on world-class cuisines. Here are the top destinations in Northern Italy you should visit…

A small town on a hill on Lake Como in Northern Italy with coloured buildings with red roofs
A beautiful small town in Northern Italy on Lake Como

5 Top Destinations in Northern Italy You Should Visit

Here are my top destinations in Northern Italy that are absolute gems to see. If your favourite destination in Northern Italy is missing here, don’t forget to let me and others know in the comments what yours is. OK, let’s go!


The city that was close to being destroyed due to the heavy bombing of World War Two has since been reconstructed. It is currently the financial and fashion capital of Italy. The Santa Maria Della Grazie is among the most famous sites in Milan, with the Last Supper of da Vinci on display, along with the stunning Duomo. As for shopping, make sure you visit the fantastic boutiques and shops, from luxury designer brands to jewelry stores like Pisa Orologeria, the Rolex Italy boutique.

Duomo in Milan Italy 1
The stunning Duomo in the centre of Milan Italy.


Turin was the first capital of Italy from the years 1861 to 1865. The fantastic city is found in Northern Italy has combined a wide range of modernity and European styles. In the past, Turin was popular for its house of Italy’s monarchy, whereas currently, it is popular for its industries like FIAT.

Stunning Turin at night with a purple sunset sky behind it and the Alps mountains in the background
Just look at this Turin (Torino) twilight panorama with Mole Antonelliana and the Alps standing tall behind


This city is commonly associated with being the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. It has a historic centre of a shining crown that features narrow winding streets showing surprising gems on each turn, such as artistic treasures and marvellous architecture. On Genoa’s base, there is a historic seaport docked with fishing boats, yachts and cruise liners. The port today contains trendy renovations with new features like the Aquarium of Genoa, waterfront bars and a bustling marina.

The seaport of Genoa with fantastic architecture along its seaport.
Genoa is the largest Italian port city and has a bustling atmosphere along the seaport


Livigno is well known as a ski resort. However, it is part of the prized Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio. The town has stunning panoramas of the Alps, which are peppered with chalets (traditional baita). Moreover, in February, Livigno comes to life with a popular snow polo tournament.

A Winter aerial panorama view of Livigno in Italy with its slopes and ski lifts
How about some skiing in Livigno on its exciting slopes?


It is referred to as La Rossa because of its red tile roofs and brick buildings. The city is also called the culinary capital of Italy because it produces some of Italy’s most unique foods, such as balsamic vinegar, prosciutto, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese which can all be found on local menus. The city is under-visited because it is unlike neighboring cities such as Venice. However, it has incredible places to visit that will keep you occupied for over a week.

Bologna is famous for its extensive porticoes extending across the city and medieval towers. The city is not only the largest in Northern Italy but also it’s capital. While in Bologna, you can visit the University of Bologna, which was founded in 1088 and is the oldest higher learning institution in the world. You should also visit Pizza Maggiore, which has its Basilica of San Petronio’s unfinished façade, making the interior more remarkable.

Just look at this breathtaking view of Bologna in Italy looking over its red rooftops
The glorious view of Bologna and its red rooftops from above in Northern Italy

What are your top destinations in Northern Italy?

The above cities are part of the beauty of Northern Italy. Have you had the chance to visit any of these cities? Which one was it, and what were the special activities you got to do?

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