Grandmaster Choke

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Welcome to Day 2 of Teacake’s *FREE* Self Defense Course

Today you’re going to learn the super-clever move, Grandmaster Choke

How to do a Grandmaster Choke

You can defeat your opponent by using the clothes they’re wearing!

If someone is getting too creepy, cross your arms.

Put your hands into their collar with your thumbs on the outside.

Then pull your elbows towards yourself and you’ll be choking them out!

PLEASE NOTE: You can do this till they pass out. If you continue, you’re going to give them everlasting damage.

Be very good if you’re practicing with a partner OK?

See how a Grandmaster Choke is done

Practice makes perfect

Watch this video a number of times. Practice the move as much as you need to.

By the time you’ve nailed this, Move 3 will be ready and waiting for you in your inbox.

See you in a couple of days!

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2 thoughts on “Grandmaster Choke”

  1. I’m going to practice this a number of times, as it’s kind of hard to see in the video, but I think I get it. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hi Heidi! I hear you! It’s a little difficult to show this move well :) Make sure your thumbs are on the outside. You want to imagine you are making an X with your arms as you pull down, so that collar gets real tight around the attacker. Keep going girl!


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