Aruba is renowned for all-inclusive vacations. Yet, there’s an exhilarating alternative side to this Dutch Caribbean island. I wanted to put Aruba to the test and see what excursions in Aruba I could get up to. I was delighted to find that for Aruba adventure lovers, you will not be disappointed!

Where is Aruba? Not far from Venezuela actually! It’s incredibly safe there and perfect for solo female travellers looking for a challenging activity break. It is more expensive in this part of the world, but well worth it. There are so many things to do in Aruba  if you want to take on an adventurous challenge. Within 5 days, I went biking through the desert, windsurfing, kayaking and swam in natural pools. I screamed my head off, off-roading (it’s freaking scary) and was mesmerised whilst cave exploring and snorkelling through shipwrecks.

Aruba island has stunning beaches and the Aruba restaurants are top notch too (seafood seafood nom nom nom). Make sure to check out my Aruba adventure article for a 5 day itinerary on what to get up to with a ton of restaurant suggestions.

What to wear in Aruba Packing List

What To Wear In Aruba Packing List

Wondering what to wear in Aruba? The Aruba dress code is tropical, relaxed and a lot of fun so packing for Aruba should be relatively stress free! Yet, there are definitely some items you shouldn’t leave at home. Especially if you’re an Aruba adventure lover like me! Here are all my favourite Aruba outfits and essential items for your Caribbean getaway.
Excursions in Aruba on a bike

7 Excursions in Aruba for Aruba Adventure Lovers

Within 5 days, you can experience 7 excursions in Aruba which will exhilarate, challenge and amaze you. This was my first time ever in the Caribbean! I was ridiculously excited to land on this desert island just 480 miles from Venuzuela. Nicknamed ‘One Happy Island’ by the locals, I was itching to discover the wild things to do in Aruba.

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