What To Wear In Aruba Packing List

By Alice Teacake

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Wondering what to wear in Aruba? The Aruba dress code is tropical, relaxed and a lot of fun so packing for Aruba should be relatively stress free! Yet, there are definitely some items you shouldn’t leave at home. Especially if you’re an Aruba adventure lover like me! Here are all my favourite Aruba outfits and essential items for your Caribbean getaway.

What to wear in Aruba

Aruba traditional clothing is bright and full of colour! Red, yellow and orange are the most important colours, representing fire during the Dia Di San Juan celebration.

Aruba is sunny all year round with an average temperature of 82°F = 27°C. It is windy but this helps you to keep cool. If you’re packing for a trip to Aruba, why not get some extra colours going on girl?

Below, you’ll find lots of different ideas for your Aruba packing list. Scroll through and see what tickles your fancy

Aruba Beach

Hitting the beaches in Aruba? I think the following items are going to be perfect for you!

Aruba Beach One Piece Swimsuit

The beaches in Aruba are glorious. Crystal clear turquoise waters surround this golden desert island and there’s no better place to grab some rays on your vacation. Maybe you want to take it easy. Or, maybe do lots of active excursions in Aruba!

Regardless, here’s some lovely options for one piece swimsuits.

Aruba Beach Two Piece Swimwear

Regardless of your size, you are a goddess. Hello Aruba beach babe! Maybe you prefer the option of two piece swimwear? There’s some beautiful tropical patterns here in many different styles.

Aruba Beach Accessories

I recommend to bring the following accessories for your beach days in Aruba: a pair of sunglasses, an inflatable for the sheer wonderfulness of it all, a sunhat (a big must), sarong, quick dry towel and a beach bag to put it all in.

Day Wear Clothing Styles in Aruba

There are so many lovely clothes to wear in Aruba. For the daytime, wear your cute outfits whilst keeping cool and protected from the sun.

For you adventure babes, shorts underneath your dresses and a long-sleeved shirt to keep you covered is recommended. All in all, 2 sundresses, 5 tops, one long sleeved shirt, a jumpsuit, one pair of palazzo pants and some bicycle / high-waisted shorts is all you need.

*Note that wearing your swimwear in restaurants is frowned upon a little by the locals, so make sure to pop something over your swimwear when you go in*

Evening Clothing Styles in Aruba

Your wardrobe for the evening really does not need to be different from the daytime. Dining is relaxed. As long as you look presentable like any other day, you’ll be fine. My recommendation is to just bring a little cardigan in case you become a little chilly and dress up with cute accessories.

Aruba Footwear

I believe in packing light and this means you only need 3 pairs of shoes maximum. Some flip flops, sneakers and kitten heels for evening wear.

What to pack for Aruba

Apart from clothes, I advise you to pack these other travel essentials.

Health and Beauty

This awesome sunscreen for your face

Lush solid shampoo

Lily Menstrual Compact Cup

Electronic essentials

Kindle Paperwhite

Power bank

Travel Adapter

24/7 Portable WiFi

Adventure Travel Gear

There are so many excursions in Aruba that you can do.

If you’re up for some exhilarating activities in Aruba, then you’re going to need some adventure travel gear. I always pack my:

GoPro Hero 8 Black Action Camera

Selfie Stick

Dry bag

Don’t forget your travel insurance

Above everything else on this list, don’t leave home without travel insurance!

What to wear in Aruba Packing Checklist

Aruba Beach

3 x swimwear (swimsuit or two piece swimwear)

Sunglasses, sunhat, beach bag, sarong, quick dry towel

Inflatable for the Aruba beaches or pool

Day Wear Clothing in Aruba

2 x sundresses

5 tops (vest / t-shirt etc), long sleeved shirt

Jumpsuit, palazzo Pants

Bicycle shorts, high waisted shorts

Night Wear Clothing in Aruba

1 cardigan and cute accessories to jazz up your evening look

Aruba Footwear

Water shoes, sneakers and sandals

Other Essential Items

This awesome sunscreen for your face

Lush solid shampoo

Lily Menstrual Compact Cup

Kindle Paperwhite

Power bank

Travel Adapter

24/7 Portable WiFi

GoPro Hero 8 Black Action Camera

Selfie Stick

Dry bag

Don’t forget your travel insurance

Above everything else on this list, don’t leave home without travel insurance!

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What to wear in Aruba Packing List

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