Going on an Australia road trip? Nice one! If you want to travel Australia, and have some road trip ideas, make sure you follow these driving rules in Australia I’ve put together for you first. Driving in Australia can be a little different to what you’re used to you see. Be prepared. Be safe. Enjoy the ride!

Best hikes in New Zealand

The Best Hikes in New Zealand, Australia and Beyond!

There are some fantastic Australia and New Zealand great walks and treks to be experienced in Oceania, along with all the amazing trekking on the islands too! I asked my fellow travel blogging buddies what their favourite ultimate hikes are in Oceania – and they came back to me with these awesome treks in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Whether you’re looking for something easy or the challenge of a lifetime in this part of the world, it has just got a lot easier for you!
Places in Queensland

10 Places in Queensland You Need To Make A Stop At

It has links with seven world heritage sites. It boasts the biggest coral reef system on the planet. And, its coastal region extends for almost 7,000km! We are, of course, talking about Queensland, Australia. If you haven’t ticked this Australian state off your travel bucket list yet, it’s time to discover Queensland like a pro! I will be heading there in August, and in true travel blogger fashion, I asked travel experts for their top places in Queensland to stop at.

5 Adventure Road Trips From Melbourne Proven To Be Amazing

Melbourne is a town that travelers can sometimes overlook. That’s a pity! Sydney funnels in the tourists with famous landmarks and sights. However, Melbourne has plenty of respected arts, culture and hip hangouts to fill any itinerary. Let’s go one step further though. For those of you with your own transportation, there are amazing road trips from Melbourne you’ll be happy you didn’t overlook!
Driving Rules for Australia

All The Driving Rules In Australia You Need To Know

Do you need to know the essential driving rules in Australia for your next road trip? The answers are here! You’ll be navigating and driving the roads in the land of Oz perfectly in no time. If you’re booking an airport car rental too, you better start familiarising yourself with road tips and laws specific to the location you’re visiting.