The island of Ios is a Greek island my good friend Gabi from The Tiny Book is truly passionate about. We all have a place of paradise we cannot help but return to. Gabi fell in love with Greece and Ios island and is now hanging out in this country full time. Ios travel is easy, rewarding and unbelievably beautiful. Be a bit different and don’t just go to Santorini. There are many things to do in Ios that the adventurer within you will fall in love with.

Ios Greece

Why Ios Greek Island Is THE Place You Need To Be

Ios I have never considered Greece as a solo female destination before. I’m all about the crazy…the hustle, the bustle, the endless ‘go, go, go’ of challenging adventure travel. Yet, sometimes, a lady needs her down time. Her heavenly time. Her time to chill out, rejuvenate and restore her inner power.