Taiwan is essentially all the best bits of China, rolled into one quirky, magnificent, lush-green island. Not many people will be so bold to say that, but I’ve gone ahead and said it. Taiwan is one of the smallest countries I’ve been to and one that I hung around for quite some time. I loved it so much that within 3 months, I only managed to get round half the country (!)

This is  testament to how freaking awesome Taiwan really is. There’s a ton of material I’m still yet to put out about my travels here, but here’s 3 to get you going. They’re places not many tourists go to too, so kudos to you if you make it out here! Green Island, Lanyu Island and Taiwan’s Ghost Festival.

Pekingese Dog and Sleeping Beauty Green Island

Uncovering Green Island Prison Taiwan

Far away off the Eastern coast of Taiwan, lies the charming and isolated volcanic land of Green Island. Amongst the crystal clear waters where tourists flock to scuba dive and sit in one of only three seawater hot springs in the world, lies a repressive past. Political prisoners were shipped off here to the concentration camp of Green Island Prison to live a terrible life of thought and hard labour reform. The prison remains standing today and open to exploration. Read on to see what Teacake discovered.
Lanyu Island Boat Street Art

15 Reasons To Visit Lanyu Island Taiwan

I decided that if I was going to get stuck anywhere in Taiwan during the crazy typhoon, Lanyu Island would be a beautiful place to perish if the elements did their worst. The next five days, amongst hiding in my locked down hotel as the rain tried to tear the doors down, were an epic adventure. Here are 15 reasons why you MUST go to Lanyu Island, Taiwan.
The Demon Fox Ghosts

Meeting the Dead: Taiwan Ghost Festival

Amongst all the bubble tea, scooters and glorious coastlines, Taiwan’s Chinese culture has a ferocious force to wrestle with. Rising from the deep and dark belly of the underworld, August chimes the beginning and opening of the dreaded Gates of Hell. Waves of ghostly beings, believed to be hungry and need of a seriously good feed, erupt from the ground’s opening and descend on our land of the living. Stemming from a magical mix of Taoist and Buddhist beliefs, delectable banquets, festivities and the burning of paper money commences and the feeding frenzy begins! Welcome to the Taiwan Ghost Festival.