15 Reasons To Visit Lanyu Island Taiwan

By Alice Teacake

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I decided that if I was going to get stuck anywhere in Taiwan during the crazy typhoon, Lanyu Island would be a beautiful place to perish if the elements did their worst. The next five days, amongst hiding in my locked down hotel as the rain tried to tear the doors down, were an epic adventure. Here are 15 reasons why you MUST go to Lanyu Island, Taiwan.

1.Stand on a Volcanic Crater: Heaven Lake

Heaven Lake Lanyu Island
Tienchi Lake Lanyu Island

2.Climb up to the Sky

Hiking on Lanyu Island Taiwan
Lanyu View from the Sky

3.Discover the Tao’s Underground Houses

Inside Underground House on Lanyu Island
Lanyu Island Resting Rock

4.Soak up the power of the Rustic Beaches

Lanyu Island Sea Waves
Lanyu Island Rustic Beaches

5.Hang out at Cool Cafes and Reggae Bars

Reggae Bar Lanyu Island
Cat Cafe on Lanyu Island

6.Experience some of the Best Scuba Diving in Taiwan

Or in Teacake’s case, dance around in the bathroom with your goggles on because that typhoon isn’t letting anyone in the water.

7.Go Chasing Waterfalls

Start of Waterfall on Lanyu Island

Seriously, can you please stop being so amazing Lanyu Island. This is getting ridiculous Taiwan...

8.Marvel at the Street Art and Architecture

Lanyu Island Street Art Ladies
Lanyu Island Architecture Seven Eleven

9.Hang out with Goats (and eat them)

Lanyu Island Goats

10.Blow dry your Hair on top of the Weather Station

Lanyu Island Weather Station

11.Encounter Unearthly Alien Rock Formations

Lanyu Island Rocks

12.Hike through the Jungle

Lanyu Island Jungle Hiking

13.Run through the Grass Fields

Lanyu Island Grass Fields

14.Look out to the Sea on the edge of the Cliffs

Lanyu Island Coast Cliff

15.Pop into Church, in a Cave

Lanyu Island Religion
Lanyu Island Cave Church

Tell me more about Lanyu Island?

Lanyu Island, also known as Orchid Island is a world away from the ‘Chinese’ Taiwan. It has its own unique language and its Tao population are of Australasian descent. The island itself is rustic and wonderfully raw in its beauty. It is a volcanic island and covered in a lush, green, tropical rainforest. Teacake highly recommends a visit!

How do I get to Lanyu Island?

You have two options. You can take a boat or you can fly here. Please be aware that due to crazy weather here, the boats and plane flights can be cancelled at any time so don’t come out here if you’re on a strict schedule. You can easily find yourself on this island longer than you originally planned!

Taking the Boat

Boats leave from Fugang Harbour near Taitung or Houbitou in Kenting. Teacake got a boat from Fugang Harbour. It cost $1180 TWD one way and $300 extra to take my scooter there. The journey will take between 2 – 2.5 hours. WARNING: You will feel or be seasick. Take seasickness pills. Schedules can change easily depending on the weather so book no more than one day in advance or turn up there early on the day. Make full use of your hostel or guest house to help you book!

Taking a Flight

You’re really going to have to book in advance if you want to fly: the planes are small and typically take up to twenty passengers at a time. The benefit of flying is it only takes 20 minutes and no seasickness is involved. You can book a ticket here from Taitung Airport with Daily Air but I’m afraid the website is only in Chinese. My advice is brave the boat personally if you want to travel cheaper and with a more sporadic and unplanned schedule.

Teacake’s Top Tips


There are lots of dogs on this island and they all want to be your friend. Be prepared to be followed and their surrogate mother. One dog insisted on hitch hiking his way round the whole island with me on my scooter.


Bring your scooter with you or rent one on the island! It’s the ultimate way to get around this island.


Bring your cash! There are no international ATMs here.

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15 reasons to explore Lanyu Island Taiwan


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15 Reasons To Visit Lanyu Island Taiwan