If you love motorbiking, you have to go to Vietnam! I did a whole 3 months on my motorbike in Vietnam, soaring from the south to the very tip top in the North. Alas, this was all before I started blogging – hence no article about it as my photos are nowhere near as good as they are now. We’ll see though! I might be able to put something together for you.

Nonetheless, I’m incredibly passionate about women empowerment and my time in Vietnam with Coca Cola was legendary. You have to see how these Vietnamese women are turning into total girlboss babes in Ho Chi Minh City. Read about Coca Cola empowering women here.

Travel changes you

What Is Coca Cola Doing To Change Women’s Lives In Vietnam?

Never underestimate the power of a woman. If she has the resources to be the best she can be, she will show you just how goddamn kick ass she really is. Many local women are finding their inner warrior right now in Vietnam thanks to the work of Coca Cola and their partners. Coca Cola haven’t always had the best reputation and I did have my reservations, but hear me out…they invited me to see what they’re up to with their latest Ekocenter project and oh boy, I’m impressed!