10 Travelling Inspirational Women Pushing Life To The Max

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In honour of International Women’s Day, the most bombastic, encouraging day of the year for all you ladies out there, here’s 10 Travelling Inspirational Women Pushing Life To The Max! Wave your flag for these amazing wandering female warriors. They are going above and beyond what you may be used to seeing in Solo Female Travel Blogs and are true champions. In no particular order, let’s get to it and celebrate their awesomeness!

Lois Pryce ♥ Lois On The Loose

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She used to work at the BBC but then she found herself in cubicle hell. She got a motorcycle license and that was that: she was off! ‘Normal people could do this stuff. And if they could do it, I could too’ says Lois. In 2003 she rode 20,000 miles from Alaska to Ushuaia. In 2006 she revved her way through Africa and in 2013 and 2014 she explored Iran! Now she’s at the top of her game as far as kickass lady motorbike chicks go. We love you Lois!

Jessica O’Reilly ♥ Comfort Is For Wimps

comfort is for wimps

The name says it all! On a mission to kick the media in the balls for creating ugly propaganda and ridiculous stereotypes about cultures which are genuinely amazing, Jessica is fighting for a lovely caring planet. She believes that to grow as a human being you must experience and learn so your mind doesn’t curdle and make you smell like sour milk. Representing inspirational women everywhere, she’s just returned from travelling around Afghanistan and exclaims, ‘The Comfort Zone is where the boring people hang out’. Right on Jessica.

Cassandra De Pecol ♥ Expedition 196

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Cassandra is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for fastest person to visit all 196 Sovereign Nations. She needs to do it in less than 3 years and 3 months! She’s off discovering some of the most unknown and unique corners of the earth whilst promoting peace and prosperity through tourism. What a girl! Cassandra says, ‘Some people do not pursue their dreams out of fear; fear of finances, fear of failure, or fear of the unknown. I have fears too, but I use those fears as motivation rather than an excuse’.

Deepti Asthana ♥ Women Of India

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With the camera as her powerful weapon in the name of Women Of India, Deepti is representing Indian solo female travellers who are breaking stereotypes and pursuing their dreams. Her striking photography is telling stories that have been overshadowed for way too long. She wants to bring attention to the women in her country and stress the constant struggle these ladies are experiencing.  ‘I want to tell stories of a woman’s strength to persevere in the most difficult of circumstances’ says Deepti. Make sure to check out her work and help break the silence.

Jasmine Reese ♥ FiJaPaw

JasmineandFiji1 1024x683 Optimized

One Girl. One Dog. A violin. A bicycle. Jasmine originally suppressed her desires to be a professional violinist due to a lack of confidence. After choosing a ‘secure’ career and battling depression she got on her bike one day with her dog and decided to cycle across the U.S. ‘I wanted to push myself to higher limits, to prove to myself that while I had “failed,” I was still capable of uniquely great things’ says Jasmine. She has just set off again for her second epic adventure. ‘We can accomplish our dreams even if we’re poor, or old, or disabled, or isolated; we can challenge ourselves and succeed’. Go Jasmine!

Prue And Becks ♥ Straight On Detour

straight on detour Optimized

Living on the road together as partners for 10 years, these loved-up solo female travellers are wonderfully tough cookies. Focusing on making the inaccessible and near impossible totally possible, they’re inspirational women for all of us who want to make our bucket lists a reality. Crazy adventures include travelling alone through the ‘Stan’s’, climbing active volcanoes to stand face to face with lava, swimming with killer whales in the Banda sea, crewing an independent sail boat through Papua New Guinea and road tripping with a tent through Canada for 5 months. These girls love adventure and will travel the world to find one. They’re never standing still and always seeking the next far-flung destination to explore.

Liz Gillooly ♥ Moxie And Epoxy

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She’s a real deal licensed Sailboat Captain and a ballsy one at that! She’s survived a jet ski collision, fired a cannon on a Caribbean Pirate Ship, saved people from drowning, got lost in the Atlantic Ocean when both fuel filters failed, come face to face with a whale and managed to stand up for herself in a man’s world. She’s representing inspirational women in the boating world and doing a great job showing ladies that they can travel by working on boats too!

Laura Nalin ♥ Willful And Wildhearted

willful Optimized

Laura deserves to be in the inspirational women gang for making it out alive of the hell she was in. When you truly believe your life has hit rock-bottom, there is a light waiting for you in the shadows. Taking her brother off life support after a decade-long battle with heroin, seeing a terminal illness win over her Grandmother, escaping a mentally and physically abusive relationship and losing her job all within a span of nine months drove her to alcohol to deal with everything. She woke up one day determined to not be beaten anymore. She researched opportunities for living and working abroad and now lives in South Korea teaching English. Laura, we salute you.

Iris Veldwijk ♥ Mind Of A Hitchhiker

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This girl is all about ‘no-budget’ travel! You can find her sleeping in petrol stations, pitching her tent in the most random of places, dumpster diving and most of all hitch hiking through it all! ‘Discomfort is my comfort’ says Iris. She’s been to 63 countries including Mexico, Ukraine and Iran. For all of us who fear hitch hiking as women, this lady is proving the world wrong!

Divya Rai ♥ A Borrowed Backpack

Divya A Borrowed Backpack Optimized

With crazy sales targets and ambitious money-making goals at the top of Divya’s Life List, her blood, sweat and tears lead her to running and owning a funky clothing and accessories store for the fashionable ladies of Delhi. Surrounded by material possessions yet feeling devoid of any ‘life’, Divya experienced a traumatic brush with death at a wedding when her dress caught fire. After three months of recovery, she changed her life direction and values completely. ‘Life is more rewarding now, as the focus is more on experience and less on everything that I won’t be able to take along with me when I die’ says Divya. Her blog explores lesser-known India and she’s rocking it!

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  1. Great list and good to see some of my faves on there! Some new ones to check out too! Happy International Women’s Day! We rock!

  2. Loved this post! Lots of cool women that I need to check out, and they are very inspirational :) I thought you might also be interested in seeing La Carmina’s blog. You would really like her!

  3. Happy International Womens Day fearless Alice :)
    We’re feeling very honoured to be a part of such an inspiring list of women. I haven’t come across many of this girls on this list, their amazing!!! I’m keen to connect and find out more about all of them.

    Thanks chica,
    keep on LITERALLY kicking ass!


    • I love you ladies! I also discovered lots of new amazing women whilst researching what amazing chicas were out there: it was tough to wittle it down to 10! Make sure to check out their blogs and see what they’re up to :) Keep on being amazing and happy travels to you two!

  4. Boom! What a great article. Happy International Women’s Day from one half of a couple travel blog, not say it makes my respect any less. You ladies are doing it!

    PS how can you be CBA with the catcalling? I’m in Nicaragua and it’s rife, even with Craig next to me. On a plus note, they usually recongnise his tatts and that deflects the situation.

  5. I love this blog post and will bookmark it for when I feel like I need a little inspiration and a friendly kick in the butt in times when my own fear holds me back. High five for an awesome roundup of 10 kick-ass ladies who show the world that: YES, we can! Great post!!!

  6. Wow! This is so inspiring! I am a mother of three kiddos. We went to 12 countries last year. This year we are adding about 5 more! I travel VERY frequently without my husband and I must say it is an “adventure”.

  7. Woww..It’s always a privilege to read something like this about women. This is so inspiring and I am sharing this with my female friends who fears traveling solo. Thank you so much.

  8. What a great list. Thank you

    Question? Have you found any over the age of 50? I have been looking and not finding but one so far. I would love to read their stories as well

    • Hello Tracy! Quite right! We need some ‘mature’ ladies who are kicking it. They are definitely out there. I’ll do some hunting for you, see what I find and put out an article for you <3

    • Snap, great question Tracy, I would love to hear about any adventures of travellers aged 50+. Mid 50’s and busy writing my bucket list currently, which includes lots of travel experiences!


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