My Love Letter To Britain and Europe (KAYAK Love Letters)

By Alice Teacake

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It wasn’t until I left Britain to travel the world, that I truly understood my love for the UK, Europe and all of the adorable characteristics our continent possesses.

KAYAK Love Letters

KAYAK Love Letters are celebrating personal travel stories in Europe, in the hope of bringing us all a little closer together. Today I’m professing my love for you, Great Britain and Europe.

I’m putting it out there, that no matter what country we’re from, we should all support, trust and believe in each other. We’ve achieved so much together and our relationship is special.

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My Love Letter to Britain and Europe

Dearest beloved Britain

Forgive me for being oh so bold and brash but

I love you

And for that, I am unabashed

Here is my love letter to you

Deeply sincere

Heartfelt and true

Holiday in the Isle of Wight

I love your rugged coastlines and lush green peaks

The strength of your raindrops, brushing against my rosy chilly cheeks

The sound of pint glasses tinkling in your quaint country pubs

Whilst we’re all getting down and dirty in our underground nightclubs

Your humour is the blackest I’ve ever heard

Monty Python and Jimmy Carr are truly absurd

Your sarcasm will forever be unique and oh quite obscene

I raise my hat off to you Mr. Bean

It tickles me pink how your favourite word is ‘sorry’

Even when the situation may not require that word from you at all…

Yet ‘sorry’ is now a deep threaded part of your intricate cultural fabric

And that’s OK Britain

You can say it if you wish…

Bangladesh solo female travel

Because after travelling through many different cultures

I now understand how much my personal space means to me as it does to you

There’s only so close we can stand together when we’re strangers

Until you start to passively aggressively signal for me to shoo

Unless we’re standing on the Tube together…

Then we can get right up in each other’s bespoke garments

Saying sorry to each other more than we usually do

As the carriages jolt and thrust us together

Until we mind the gap and proclaim ‘adieu’

You taught me the force of girl power at just the right time

I owned a pair of Adidas bottoms for one week thanks to Sporty Spice

But then I became my own woman and discovered my love for being me

And you let me express myself

Boldly, bubbly and bravely

You’ve brought me into a country with so much opportunity

My passport has granted me the power to teach English wherever I wish

I am eternally grateful for it

Oh to be a Brit…

Kayak Love Letters to Britain

My love for British tea, jam and scones

Whatever the situation, tea is the answer

After a walk and five pints of beer,

We just need to pop the kettle on

Keep calm and carry on

I promise you I’ll never forget the milk

And enquire

What exact shade of brew

You love and require

Because Lord knows the wrong shade of tea

Will cause a little kerfuffle between you and me

11am or 4pm

Or any hour that Parliament does allow

If you’re not drinking tea, it’s beer o’clock

I’ve never understood why you end up having five more than you should

But I promise to put you in a black cab and get you home safe

For me, you would.

The cutest thing about you is your obsession with the weather

I’m not sure whether you care if it rains or shines but

I have my umbrella packed in my rucksack for you

A little shelter from the elements for just us two

weird London attractions

The sun only puts his hat on one week a year for us

But by gum, you sure do give it some welly when it does

You’re out there in your white vest tops and shorts

Buying cans of Stella and 99 ice creams

But the next day you’re as red as a lobster

And for the rest of the year you still try to look good

Plastering tan on yourself like those stars in Hollywood

Your fascination with a 22cm ball baffles me

Marmite, Pot Noodles and Beanz Meanz Heinz

Lashings of gravy all over golden roasted tatties

Mushy Peas

Good old chip butties

Brown sauce, applesauce, rhubarb and custard

Pasties packed with steak and mushrooms

Layer upon layer of jam and clotted cream

Shepherd’s pie

Fish fingers from Birdseye

Vindaloo curry and a cheeky McFlurry

The unbeatable pleasure of digging into a plate of salty, fresh, fish and chips

And the sweet sticky smears of cider glistening on lips

As your summer festival flags gently wave in the wind

Do not dare to stand on the left

Your time is precious and the Big Smoke knows it

Yet there you are

Standing in line

Gladly letting the seconds tick away as queuing is fine

I wonder if you love your dog more than me


You showed me that there’s magic in a wizarding world

And what’s branded as impossible

Can sometimes be solved with hard work and brains at 221B Baker Street

If we end up in the zombie apocalypse together,

I have a box of vinyl records ready and waiting for us

And if we get into a sticky situation, I’ll call Austin Powers

And we’ll be all groovy baby

It’s time to combine our love for one and all together

So we can look back on this and proclaim

‘True Love Won’

My love for Britain - Kayak Love Letters

I love you Great Britain

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My Love Letter To Britain and Europe (KAYAK Love Letters)

  • Oh my God! I flipping’ love this! You’ve really made my day with this love letter. These and many many more reasons are why I love the UK so much – my adopted country! ❤️❤️❤️

  • That was a fun and a well-written letter. Great job! I’ve actually learned a lot from your letter like how the weather is unpredictable in britain, the food that looks really delicious, how important tea is to everyone, etc. good read!