Treat Yourself: Luxury Travel for Single Women

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With pandemic travel restrictions no longer in the way of vacation plans, most people are itching to spend quality time in a memorable destination, and take a much-needed break from routine life. Barron’s notes solo travel has become a big trend, particularly among women who want to meet other like-minded women through their vacation experiences. In many cases, these women were able to form deep friendships as they tend to share a lot of values, so they have found a community of fellow travelers to belong to. This exact reason was mentioned in my previous post on ‘11 Reasons Why People Love to Travel and Why You Should Too’.

Luxury Travel for Single Women

People view traveling solo as an opportunity to meet new people, and they also use these trips for reflection, personal growth and soul searching. Of course, solo travel is also the perfect time to indulge and do things exactly your way. Today, we’ll go over the luxury options single women can try out for their future solo travel plans.

Asian language enjoying luxury travel in the bathtub with a glass of wine
Welcome to luxury travel for single women

Go on a Luxury Food Tour

No doubt, food is one of the best reasons to travel. Not only are you able to taste the variety of dishes and meals served in a foreign place, but oftentimes, you can also learn a lot about a culture by the food they serve (and how these are prepared). Plus, there is a distinct charm to eating alone. You won’t have to worry about your dining companions’ eating habits and tastes, so it’s a much more comfortable experience.

And fortunately, there are a lot of high-end food tours you can indulge in to live out your luxury cuisine exploration, inspired by the late Anthony Bourdain — from dining onboard, a highly exclusive train that once hosted kings, queens, and the Pope, to picturesque Italian hotels in the Emilian countryside.

Close up of a woman eating oysters with lemon
Treat yourself to luxurious food during your solo female travel

Take an ocean voyage

It might sound intimidating and lonesome to go on a long ocean journey alone, especially for women who are having this experience for the first time. On top of traveling solo, being out at sea is definitely a different experience from a regular hotel or inn. However, luxury voyages often include a number of exciting amenities, so you won’t have time to be bored.

For example, Explora Luxury Cruises has a spa thermal area, where you can enjoy wellbeing and fitness activities onboard — or even ashore. Between the unlimited beverages, nine culinary experiences, and gorgeous destinations, solo female travelers can enjoy a wonderful time on their own. Luxury ocean voyages provide you with not just an ordinary five-star experience, like sophisticated cuisine and spa amenities, but includes programs and novelties onboard as well as ashore, with the option for tailor-made arrangements that suit your needs.

Single woman looking out to a cruise ship for her ocean voyage
How about taking an ocean voyage as a single woman traveling the world?

Relax on a spa retreat

Last on the list should be a no-brainer — women love going on spa days, and single women have the advantage of being able to enjoy the experience without worrying about what their partners or children are doing while they’re off being pampered. Every woman deserves a glamorous spa retreat, a time for them to truly relax and treat themselves away from home.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, spa retreats are the ultimate wellness holiday and you’re sure to come back from feeling extra rejuvenated. Making a spa retreat part — or the main focus — of your travel plan provides you this luxury, while being in a completely different country or continent.

Europe alone is home to many luxurious spa hotels which prove to be skincare and wine haven for any single woman, from scenic cabin-style rooms in Bordeaux to Cheval Blanc, a chic, Dior-branded hotel in Paris.

Ultimately, traveling luxuriously as a single woman is a time to treat and heal yourself from the mundane routines of daily life and work. The more the merrier if it’s a party you’re looking for, but sometimes all you need is a book and a fancy glass of wine in a country you’ve never been to.

Knowing what you want will help guide you in the right direction, and the rest is up to you.

Single woman enjoying being pampered on her spa day
Spa days are the best and a lovely treat to give yourself during your luxury travel as a single woman

What do you love to do for luxury travel as a single woman?

Traveling as a single woman is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to luxury travel and experiences and indulge what you want to do. What are your ideas for perfect activities to enjoy as a solo female traveler?

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