5 Easy Ways To Meet People When Traveling Alone

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Like a lot of solo female travellers, there’s a chance you’ll want to meet people when traveling alone. You may be worried that you’ll be lonely or won’t have anyone to help you out when you need it most. Yet, I’ve found travelling alone far from being lonely. It opens you up to a lot of interaction and I’ve always received help and companionship when I’ve needed it.

If you’re wondering how to go about finding some lovely locals or like-minded travellers to spend time with, these 5 easy ways to meet people when traveling alone will definitely help you! Just remember to be confident and put yourself out there. Even if you’re shy and conversation does not come easily to your lips, being in these places and using these tools will get you off to a great start!


Take Part in Activities

Another way I’ve easily met people whilst traveling is to sign up for activities. You get to do something you love in a group of like-minded people. In Shanghai I decided to learn how to be a burlesque dancer and I miss it terribly, along with all of the amazing women I met there. Not only did I learn a new skill, I became even more empowered as a woman and confident in me being me.

IMG 20150523 192516 burlesque

Whatever activity you choose to do, you can enjoy trying something new or building on your existing skills.. From rock climbing and surfing lessons to language classes and dance instruction, there are so many things to whet your appetite. Look out for free community activities in areas too; head along for a friendly soccer match or beach volleyball game and you’ll quickly get chatting with other people.

Volunteer or Work

There are many opportunities to work or volunteer in a variety of destinations all around the world. I taught English for five years throughout South Korea, Vietnam and China before becoming a full-time blogger and truly felt like a local by working so closely with everyone. I never felt alone.

The Colour Run edit

Whether you’re looking to boost your travel funds or give back to the local community, and whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term placements, research what options are available in your area!

Take a Group Tour

Joining a group tour lets you visit a new place with other people when you need a break from deciding and doing everything yourself 24/7. Not only does it make transportation easier and remove potential language barriers, but it also gives you the chance to socialize with other folk for the day.

Scotland Highlands

After the tour has ended, you may find others who want to head out for dinner or drinks (wahey) or people who would be down with teaming up for some independent exploration on future days. All of this happened for me when I explored Ireland and Scotland with a group. It rocked!

Stay in Hostels

One of the most traditional ways of meeting other traveling folk is to stay in a hostel. After all, the main point of a hostel is to offer accommodation to the traveling community. What better way to strike up a conversation with other travelers, than by sharing a room with them?

I’ve met skateboarders, an ex-prisoner (probably shouldn’t be telling you that BUT he was awesome), love interests, book publishers and budding TEFL teachers in hostels. I’ve gone on to have amazing adventures with these newfound friends. Create your own memories of a lifetime by staying in a hostel too. I recommend booking through Hostelworld for some awesome bargains.

Reggae Bar Lanyu Island

If the thought of sleeping in a dorm room leaves you cold, don’t worry; many hostels also have private rooms. A private room in a hostel gives you the space you need to sleep and gather your thoughts, while still being in an environment with many other travelers. Hang out in the hostel’s common areas and you’ll be sure to quickly meet others.

Use Travel Pal

A great app that makes meeting people easy when you’re traveling, Travel Pal is available for both Android and iOS. You can meet locals who are happy to show you around. You’ll get recommendations for hidden spots and top restaurants and meet people who would love to join you for dinner.

You may also find locals who are willing to host you for a night or two in their own home! This gives you the opportunity to take a peek into the local way of life. You can also stay in the heart of the community.

Solo Female Travel In Bangladesh

If you’re staying put in one place for a while, why not offer to meet up with people who are traveling through? Or host them in your own home? You can still meet travelers, and be an active part of the traveling community when you’re not on the road.

You can search for other travelers who have similar plans to you and who are looking for a travel partner. Also, you can chat with people from all over the world. You can do this, even if you have no plans right now to meet up in the same part of the globe. The app also has translation tools and useful phrases that can help you out in a fix.

Remember: You Are Not Alone!

You can easily meet people when traveling alone. Make more connections and build more friendships on the road by using these 5 easy ways. You don’t need to lurk in bars and cafes, hoping other travelers wander in and start talking. It doesn’t need to be a chore or awkward to meet people when traveling alone! Get out there girl and embrace the connections!

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How to meet people when traveling alone

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  1. Great tips! I’ve definitely done most of these. I always tell people who are worried about travelling solo that it doesn’t actually have to be solo if you dont want it to be!

  2. You’re so brave to travel alone, I’m so amaze! Well, traveling alone can make you feel bless and appreciate some places you’ve been. I’m glad that you’re so friendly.


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