Owning A House Is My Worst Nightmare

By Alice Teacake

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Some people work like crazy with fierce blood, sweat and tears to save up enough money to buy a house.  What is some peoples’ dream, is Teacake’s nightmare. Owning a house is my WORST nightmare.  If I did bad stuff and the earth police told me I had to buy a house and live there forever, I would cry a river.  I would be like one of The Prisoner’s buddies, desperately holding hands with him as we tried to escape from the island and THAT white ball.

Owning a house

Don’t get me wrong… I adore slow travel.

I love to get as deep into a culture as possible to fully live, breathe, smell, taste and see it.  Give or take a year though and my feet are piping hot and gaining superhuman speed.  I need to get out of there. Once I’ve learnt everything I can and achieved everything I want to, it’s time to go.  If I was to buy a house, I’d feel extremely tied down and every morning would look like this:

For me, I need to keep shaking things up and keep myself on my toes.

A new place = a new challenge.  I don’t like to get too comfortable and be at that point where I ride to work on autopilot, not remembering how I got there or saw along the way.

Since I’ve left home, I have lived in over 30 places.

I just can’t sit still and I love it. Every time I move, I find my new favourite restaurant, an unexplored park, a friendly drinking hole, locals who I’m gonna buy exotic fruits and plain old onions from.  It’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland playing over and over again but there’s always a new chapter.  Remember those Choose your own Adventure books? That’s my life and I thank the cosmos everyday for giving me such kick ass freedom to do that.

Some people may argue…

Some people may argue that I don’t know how to hold down a relationship, quit life too easily or once I meet the right one I won’t want to move.  I beg to differ.  If I meet Mr. Right, he’s not going to want a house or any mini Teacakes either and go vroom vroom off into the sunset with me *fingers crossed and more on Teacake’s love life here*.

I love every place I go to but with the world being so fantastic and me unfortunately not having eternal life, there’s only so much a slow traveller can get round to in one lifetime. You may be in paradise but there’s another paradise around the corner too! You gotta go! 

If it came to the crunch

There’s only one house I would ever consider and that’s a tiny house.  One I can move wherever I want to go!  I found out about these about 5 years ago and they’ve steadily been bursting through into the public eye.  For hippies like Teacake, I think they’re the perfect compromise.  If you’re interested in learning more about them, have a lookie here.

Tiny House Martin House-to-go

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Owning A House Is My Worst Nightmare


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Owning A House Is My Worst Nightmare

  • I couldn’t agree more ! I tried to settle down, but every time I say something like “yeah this time I’m going to stay for a while”, well I move away the next year. So I stopped saying it. I’ve lived in a lot of cities in France, I tried Denmark and now USA.
    I’ve been told I was inconsistent and that something must be wrong in my life, since I “flee” all the time.. uh, ok.. people try to convince me, telling me it’s good to stay, moving costs money blah blahh.
    Though I’m not travelling completely solo anymore! I travel solo with a baby now :)

  • Oh God, it’s such a complicated thing this matter of ‘a place to call home’.
    I’ve been dealing with this kind of double-psychotic attitute of longing to have MY home and travelling the world since I was a child. I’ve always thought that a home to pay month by month would be a prison to die in. But on the other hand I was so attracted by ‘homes’ in general.
    One year ago, I finally made my resolution and bought a house. Well, since I came in I’ve made 3 travels abroad and I’m still wondering how the hell can I afford it all since I’m a blogger and freelance translator.
    My first trick was buying a home in South Italy, in Lecce. It’s a very cozy city very politically active and close to one of the best world seas where… homes are VERY cheap. And so I could even start saving to keep on travelling. You know, you gave me an idea and I think I’ll write an article about it ;-)

    1. Very interesting to hear how you have managed to balance both ideals! I’ve learnt of quite a few bloggers who have bought a house and then rented it out using AirBNB to make some extra cash whilst they’re travelling. It might just be the answer!

  • Loved this! I totally agree and oddly not many people do! I’m 21 and there are people my age saving and buying their first house, and they’re so excited about it and don’t understand how I’m not! I just don’t get it, roll on November the 24th when I depart for Australia!

    1. You’re going to Australia! Go Becca! Everyone has different goals and desires. Travel isn’t for everyone and if everyone did it, the world wouldn’t function I guess ><