The Black Temple in Thailand: Chiang Rai

By Alice Teacake

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Are you looking for a unique, dark, twisted and magical temple?  Have you had enough of seeing temples which just all look the same? Thailand is hiding a delightful treasure for you and you have to see it! Read on to discover the black temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand with Teacake.  Let’s go!

The Black Temple Chiang Rai Thailand

After seeing The White Temple, I’m skeptical about seeing anything equally off-the-wall and miraculous but sure enough, The White Temple does has a twisted sister : The Black Temple. Speeding off on my moped and arriving outside here, my camera is sweaty in my little explorer hands already.

The Black Temple Chiang Rai Thailand Statue

This temple truly is a black beauty.  Created by Thailand national artist Thawan Duchanee, this is his idea of hell.  With the ornate statues guarding it from all sides, it appears precious but equally pretty deadly.

The White Temple has copious amounts of death and disgruntled faces within its lush gardens. Is the Black Temple the same?

Black Temple Chiang Rai Thailand Animal Skulls

Pretty much! The Black Temple has a somewhat spooky, ‘I went on a safari and everything was demolished’ feel to it.  The deeply rich oranges and yellows of the wood and skin hides remind me of being a guest at an unstable house run by cowboys.  This could be the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre goes tribal and sets up camp’ place.  Lovely. For the vegetarians out there though, this may just all be a bit too much.

Is it all doom and gloom inside?

Well, if you like dining with big animal heads, you’re in luck.  Look at this lovely horned fellow.

The Black Temple Thailand Chiang Rai Animal Skull Table

What other facilities are there?

Well, Teacake checked out the bathroom in the White Temple so let’s have a look here too!  If you have ever dreamt of showering in an unbelievably big wooden bowl, this is the place for you!

The Black Temple Chiang Rai Thailand Shower

After all of that, you can take a seat on the throne and try to play musical soup ladles.

The Black Temple Thailand Chiang Rai Toilet

Where is the Black Temple?

Moo 13, Tambon Nang Lae, Ban Dhu., Ban Huat, 52110, Thailand.  Please note that locals will know it as Bandaam Museum.

What time is it open?

It’s open from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm every day

Is it free?

Sure is!

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The Black Temple Chiang Rai Thailand


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The Black Temple in Thailand: Chiang Rai