If you’re travelling to southeast Asia for the first time, I believe Thailand is hands down, the easiest place to start. Thailand is a very friendly, gentle introduction to Asia. Many locals speak English, the food is heavenly, Thai beaches are out of this world and the mountains in the north are dreamy.

Bangkok is crazy, there’s no doubt about that, but do give it a day or two of your time. The Bangkok food stalls, discovered by a tuk-tuk ride, are unmissable and you can see so many Bangkok attractions in between all the eating.

What I love most about Thailand is the magic it holds here though, especially in Chiang Mai. There are over 300 temples just in this one city and this is where I got my Sak Yant Tattoo from monk Ajarn Roong. It’s one of the most powerful and special gifts I’ve given myself on my travels.

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How To Boost Your Life With A Sak Yant Tattoo From Thailand

‘Are you ready?’ he gently said. I took a deep breath in and the Thai Monk began his magical art of blessing me with a Sak Yant Tattoo. Like a precise sewing machine needle, the bamboo tip repeatedly pierced my skin and the pain oozed deep into my back as the red herbal ink became a part of me. ‘Don’t pass out’ I whispered to myself…’You need this’.

Recharge Your Travel Soul At Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel

‘Beep Beep! ‘Squishing my arms into my torso, resembling a sardine caught in saltwater rush hour, I squeezed my way through the exhilarating pulse of Bangkok. Slowly sinking into the hazy grey above, the sun was bidding adieu to another frantic day in this beautifully diverse city.
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How To Go To The Best Bangkok Food Stalls In 4 Hours

Are you looking for the best Bangkok food stalls? Only have 4 hours to do it? Travel in Thailand has gone and outdone itself. The sun has set and there is an absolute treat in store for you. You can now blitz your way through Bangkok on a nighttime Bangkok Tuk Tuk Food Tour with a local who knows the absolute best and hidden spots. I jumped right on board, got chomping and am going to share all the best Bangkok Food Stalls I found with you!
The Black Temple Chiang Rai Thailand Entrance

The Black Temple in Thailand: Chiang Rai

Are you looking for a unique, dark, twisted and magical temple? Have you had enough of seeing temples which just all look the same? Thailand is hiding a delightful treasure for you and you have to see it! Read on to discover the black temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand with Teacake. Let’s go!
Wat Rong Khun White Temple Thailand Entrance

The craziest White Temple in Chiang Rai Thailand

Say the word ‘temple’ and you’ll most likely think of calm, peaceful, nice stuff where Buddhists are chilling out, ornate statues are looking pretty fine and everyone is on their best behaviour. Screw all of that, push it through some seriously creative minds and what do you get? Thailand’s craziest White Temple in Chiang Rai. The most badass, messed up place you’ve ever seen! Thailand, you never fail to amaze me. Welcome to Wat Rong Khun, the White Temple of Thailand!
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10 Invaluable Travel Tips for Thailand

Get the best out of Thailand first time and don’t miss a thing! Here are 10 invaluable travel tips for Thailand you cannot leave home without!