10 Invaluable Travel Tips for Thailand

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Get the best out of Thailand first time and don’t miss a thing! Here are 10 invaluable travel tips for Thailand you cannot leave home without!

10 travel tips for Thailand
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1.What are some travel essentials for a trip to Thailand?

Tiger balm (mosquitoes are everywhere!). Sunscreen (you can get caught looking like roast pork very quickly). A thin big scarf to wear on the beach, use as a towel, cover yourself in a temple and sleep with at night.

2.What’s the number one must-see attraction in Thailand?

The White Temple in Chiang Rai. It’s the most insane, unique, unconventional temple ever. For an even cooler, lesser known temple which many visitors don’t know about, you can visit The Black Temple (shhh it’s our secret)!

3.Are there any upcoming events you’d recommend attending in Thailand?

The Chonburi Buffalo Races are on in October! Farmers & buffaloes will be racing, parading and competing!

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4.What’s the easiest way to get around Thailand?

Rent a moped and go! Be local, see the real Thailand and be in control of what you want to see and when. If you’re new to riding mopeds, a great place to learn and try driving them for the first time is Pai. The biggest rental place there will happily take you out to teach you and the roads are quiet enough that you’re not going to cause mayhem.

5.When’s the best time of year to visit Thailand?

Anytime is absolutely OK but you’ll shed a little tear if you don’t go when the Songkran Water Festival (13th April 2016) in on! It’s one big, fun water fight. People have never poured freezing cold water over somebody so lovingly as they do here.

6.What’s your favourite thing to eat in Thailand?

Everything is simply fresh, delicious and amazing! Go to the local market as much as you can to get some amazing fruit and vegetables. I strongly recommend a Night time Tuk Tuk Food Tour as a unique way to experience Thai Food. The street food is gorgeous. In the mornings I love to grab a fruit smoothie, a papaya salad for lunch and a hearty Thai curry in the evening. Ginger, lemongrass, chilli yes yes yes!

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7.Where’s Thailand’s best night life?

Bangkok assaults all of your senses at once and that’s OK. The sights, sounds and smells will hit you like a bull in a china shop the first time you ever go there. You’ll never forget it. My favourite place to party is Chiang Mai though. Booze buckets, pumping music, energetic locals, crazy bars and fab lady boys ahoy!

8.Where’s the best beach to visit in Thailand?

There are so many it’s impossible to pick one. Teacake’s secret favourites are the ones either side of Railey beach in Krabi though. Head away from the crowds and you’ll be very happy. One thing you must not miss whilst on the beaches is diving too. There are some amazing dive spots in Thailand. Get out there!

9.What accommodation would you recommend for a stay in Thailand?

Go local and rustic in a humble wooden hut but splash out once in a while. The Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok has amazing views of the capitol Luxury is still cheap here and you’ll feel like a king when you’re lounging beside the pool, sipping your cocktail and looking like a sexy beast.

10.How would you describe Thailand in one word?


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  1. Great answers I was there in April 2015.. I’ve never experienced anything like the songkran festival before it was a total eye opener they will be memories il never forget, for sure moped is the way to go quite cheap to rent…. Keep up the great work :)


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