The best place to eat in Coron Palawan

By Alice Teacake

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I love food. There’s usually alcohol involved, you get to hang out with new, super cool travel buddies and you can immerse yourself in a fantastical environment of food porn, weird eats and unusual furniture. Whilst I was diving in Coron I hung out with the locals and everyone told me to head to this restaurant. I tried lots of different places but was this the best place to eat in Coron Palawan? I went to investigate and YES: they were right!  It’s THAT good that we ended up eating here almost every night.  An absolute treat. Read on to see how yummy Sinugba Sa Balay really is.

Chilled, funky, wooden hut dining: yes please

The atmosphere transports you into another dimension

An open kitchen and dining layout with softly lit yellow lamps, makes you feel all relaxed and cosy in this traditional Filipino hut.  If you’re eating solo, there’s plenty of opportunity to wave to others and get involved on a bigger table.  If you are part of the big party, there’s room for you all!

The menu and food are fresh, fresh, fresh

This is strictly first come first served and with everything being so fresh off the boat, the menu changes with what is available.  The drinks menu is equally full of yummy yummy…

Vegetable Curry: perfection Vegetable Curry: perfection

It’s difficult to choose what the best dish is but I can help you with that…

With so many of us frequenting Sinugba sa Balay, we have pretty much taste-tested everything on this menu.  We can’t fault any of it but Teacake recommends the:

  • Tataki
  • Spring Rolls
  • Malaguno Fillet
  • Pork sisig
  • Vegetable Curry

Teacake’s Stars

It’s a 5 out of 5!

Teacake’s Top Tip

This places gets busy quick at dinner time.  With it being first come first served, get there early to get your order in.  The chefs are constantly working their asses off to get the food to you but it will take some time.  Try and order some spring rolls / salad to keep you going whilst you wait because in this case, good things come to those who wait.

Cool! How do I get there?

It’s on San Augustin Street between Nueva Street and Coron – Busuanga Road.  Enjoy!

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The best place to eat in Coron Palawan Philippines


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The best place to eat in Coron Palawan

      1. You are most welcome! Thank you so much for visiting our country! It’s awesome that you’ve already been in places here where I haven’t been to yet (considering I’m a native!) Enjoy! :)

      2. Honestly, the Philippines just overwhelmed me with how much love, drive and good vibes Filipinos have. You have something very special.

    1. So glad you find it relevant to you and it reflects your experience :) I love diving on Coron. I’ll be back later in the Philippines this year and I’m going there for dinner!