42 Of The Best Hotels Bali Has To Offer You For Your Budget

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They say that once you go to Bali it’s incredibly hard to leave. They’re not wrong. There’s endless magical waters to surf and scuba in, plenty of places to do yoga and get you ‘om’ on, volcanic mountains to hike and lots of lively beaches to say goodnight to when the sun says hello! If you’re looking for the best hotels Bali has to offer to keep you accommodated while you’re here, keep on reading! Regardless of whether you’re budget, midrange or luxury, Teacake has uncovered Bali’s best!

Psst…Make sure to check out The Bali Travel Guide too, to get in-depth information about each area in Bali and all the Bali travel tips you need! There is also a map for you at the end of this post to confirm the locations.

Amed for excellent diving!

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Relaxed, humble and arguably Bali’s most unspoiled part of the island, Amed is a diver’s dream. Not into diving? No sweat. There’s fishing, sailing and Bali’s high mountain, Mount Agung. It’s 3.142 metres tall! Make sure to check out The Bali Travel Guide to find out more!

Best Hotels Bali has In Amed: Budget, Midrange and Luxury

Bedugul Lakes And Volcanoes

Boasting the tallest mountain peaks, grab your hiking boots (and possibly a jumper for the potential cold weather up there) to explore Bali’s central highlands area. Bedugul holds the three crater lakes of Bratan, Buyan and Tamblingan. It’s the best!

Best Hotels Bali Has In Bedugul: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Bukit & Uluwatu Infamous Surfing & Beaches

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Surfers! Bukit is for you! Surf breaks here are world-famous, most of all in Uluwatu. If you’re here to really unwind though, that is absolutely possible with the luxurious hotels here! Make sure to check out The Bali Travel Guide to learn so much more.

Best Hotels Bali Has In Uluwatu: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Canggu Expats, Black Sands & Surfing

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Gentle villages, calm rice paddies and twisting roads leading to delightful black sand beaches! Take it easy here with the expats and get your surf on!  Only thing is that you’ll definitely need your own transport here.

Best Hotels Bali Has In Canggu: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Gianyar The Real Bali

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The food comes highly recommended here, amongst its beaches, tropical forests and highly fascinating cultural experiences. As always, there’s definitely places to relax and surf! Read more in The Bali Travel Guide.

Best Hotels Bali Has In Gianyar: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Jimbaran The Beverley Hills Of Bali

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Jimbaran is perfect for families and couples who want some quiet time. The calmest waters are here, making these beaches the safest in Bali. If you want some of the best hotels Bali offers for luxury, this is a great spot.

Best Bali Hotels In Jimbaran: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Kuta For the Backpacking Party Animals

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This place is nuts…for all the right reasons. For backpacking adventurers, the alcohol is cheap and available everywhere and local food is super budget-friendly! Kuta screams PARTY! Just collect all the free drink tokens as you walk down the street.

Best Hotels Bali Has In Kuta: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Lovina For Dolphin Watching!

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Lovina is so lovely. You can watch dolphins here, hang out in hot springs, walk through a stunning monastery and of course, there’s diving!

Best Hotels Bali Has in Lovina: Budget, Midrange and Luxury

Nusa Dua For The Lavish Escape

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Nusa Dua is all about the most luxurious lifestyle so if you’re looking for the best hotels Bali has when it comes to 5-star, you’re in the right spot. Think cocktails, massages, gentle swimming and snorkelling and watching the sun go down in style!

Best Hotels Bali Has in Nua Dua: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Nusa Dua For The Lavish Escape

Bali Awesomeness Analyzer 9

Nusa Dua is all about the most luxurious lifestyle so if you’re looking for the best hotels Bali has when it comes to 5-star, you’re in the right spot. Think cocktails, massages, gentle swimming and snorkelling and watching the sun go down in style!

Best Hotels Bali Has in Nua Dua: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Nusa Lembongan Desert Island Diving & Surfing

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Diving, surfing and adventurous exploring on an island full of a thriving mangrove forest? Yes please!

Best Hotels Bali Has in Nusa Lembongan: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Nusa Penida Tropical Bird Sanctuary

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Nusa Penida is rural. We’re talking off the beaten path here and the choice of hotels available reflects that. Arguably Bali’s best kept secret!

Best Bali Hotels In Nua Penida: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Sanur For Families (+ An Abandoned Park!)

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Hands down the best place in Bali for a family holiday, Sanur is calm, peaceful and the hotels are all within walking distance of the beach! If you want adventure though, there’s plenty of that! You can dive, water ski and kite surf here.

Best Hotels Bali Has In Sanur: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Seminyak The High Class Fine Dining Experience

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Get your wallet out. Seminyak is the most expensive district in Bali and the posher sister of Kuta. The food is absolutely delectable and the neighbourhood is high-class. Make sure you have your fine clothes ready for the strict dress codes.

The Best Hotels Bali has In Seminyak: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

Ubud Culture Spirituality & Wilderness

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Stunning natural beauty, breathtaking temples, a magical place to meditate and wake up to yoga everyday, endless cultural museums and the place to hop on a bike and enter into the wilderness. Ubud is something special.


The Best Hotels Bali has in Ubud: Budget, Midrange And Luxury

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  1. On my last visit to avail I stayed in the Kamuela Villas and can confirm it is gorgeous, the glass bedroom suspended above the private pool and our little posse of monkeys visiting on a daily basis was sublime

  2. Hi Alice,

    Good to see the Bintang Brigade is in effect ;)

    We’ve enjoyed stays in Sanur, Legian, Lodtunduh, Klebang Moding, Keroutan, Jimbaran twice, and I’m forgetting a trip or 2.

    Been to Bali a few times.

    Love the round up. Especially the temple by the lake photo, which was a beautiful place to visit.

    Signing off from sunny NJ.


  3. So many gorgeous vistas! The cliffs are spectacular and I would love to visit some of those temples. I definitely need to expand my travel wish list to include Bali.

  4. What a very informative post. I’ve never been to Bali and I’ve always wanted to visit, now I can truly have choices on where I would want to stay with your post. Thank you.

  5. Bali is magical and I think that choosing just one hotel would be impossible when all of them have great views and special ad libs available. What would you recommend for me?

    • Readers are confirming the recommendations in the comments so that’s a good start to solidify what you want to go with. I researched all the hotels I could and picked the ones with the best price and review ratings so depending on what budget you have, do take a look at what is suggested and see what you think. Happy Hotel hunting Ana!

  6. Wow, Alice – seriously detailed write up! I’m just here updating my 2016 Bali guide too.

    One thing I would say is that people think Nusa Dua is a all a gated development, when actually its a pretty local area (I used to live in a small village called Swawangan there which was just locals) and it is actually the BTDC (Bali tourist development complex) area in Nusa Dua that is the gated part. I’d like to recommend a couple of more budget friendly options there incase anyone is looking, as the Mulia is billed as 7* and usually their prices are way higher than the starting rate. All of these I have got for the $40/50 dollar mark before:
    Grand Whizz in the BTDC (Next to the Sofitel has insane deals usually) as well as the Swisbel Sawanag and Villa Anging which are up in the village.

    Are you heading over here soon? Be great to meet up if you are?

    • Hey Dan! Thanks for the extra info! Now I’ve done all this research, I’m desperate to get there! I’m currently finishing my Jiu Jitsu course in China here then I’m off to conquer the Mongol Rally! After that, a break in Bali might just be the ticket!

  7. Wow! This is such an amazing and thorough overview. I clicked over to check out some of the accommodations, and I’m impressed by the value offered (and the beauty of the places!). Thank you for this great post!

  8. We have a list of places we want to travel and I have no idea why Bali wasn’t on out list! It is now and I am saving this for future references.

  9. Bali has been on my to do list for ever! I usually have a couple of places I want to see but had never looked further into the country to see what else I could do- probably why I’ve yet to book it! This is such ann informative post on the places to visit and the reasons. Thanks x

    • Believe me, now I’ve done all of this research, I’m incredibly excited to put Bali firmly on my travel plans and get my ass over there! I’m currently studying an intensive Jiu Jitsu course in Dali, China. After this, I’m gonna need a cocktail and a massage haha.

  10. Good job on such an informative post. Been thinking of where to go for my birthday this year and Bali is one of the choices. I now know which post to turn to when it comes to accommodation planning. Now the only question is where do I want to stay. Haha

  11. This is fantastic, thanks Alice! We’re in Australia permanently now so have started looking at destinations around us that would be cheap enough to get to for our next vacation. Bali is on the list, so this helps us hugely :)

  12. Bali is one of those place that once you visit, you would definitely want to experience living there for a couple of months. I would love to that one day. I can’t wait to take a side trip to Kintamani when I get back! Heard the coffee is great there, too! Thank you for this comprehensive look on Bali, Alice! More power to you and enjoy!

  13. Great job covering all the different areas of Bali in this guide. We adore Bali as it’s constantly growing and improving with many new restaurants, bars, hotels, and villas opening every month. And there’s something for everyone whether you’re on a budget or looking for something luxury.


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