Bali is turning out to be an absolute treasure these days. It appears it’s better to get there sooner rather than later however as Bali tourism is booming. Many digital nomads are moving in and things are changing fast.

If you’re wandering what to do in Bali, make sure to check out my ultimate Bali Travel Guide. It lists all of the top places to visit in Bali and explains what each area of the island can offer you too.

It’s also important to consider where to stay in Bali. Are you looking for a Bali honeymoon, maybe some unforgettable surfing, or are you travelling on a budget and just want to hang out with the backpackers? You can check out my best places to stay in Bali  –  the guide lists Bali accommodation for ALL budgets!

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7 Best Places in Indonesia To Visit Which Are NOT Bali

Without a doubt, Julia Roberts’ runaway hit and its namesake book “Eat, Pray, Love” shone a bright spotlight on the best places to visit in Bali. However, with over 18,000 islands to its name, the sprawling archipelago of Indonesia has a lot more to offer. While Bali is a beautiful place, its popularity has created challenges brought about by hyper-tourism.
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42 Of The Best Hotels Bali Has To Offer You For Your Budget

They say that once you go to Bali it’s incredibly hard to leave. They’re not wrong. There’s endless magical waters to surf and scuba in, plenty of places to do yoga and get you ‘om’ on, volcanic mountains to hike and lots of lively beaches to say goodnight to when the sun says hello! If you’re looking for the best hotels Bali has to offer to keep you accommodated while you’re here, keep on reading! Regardless of whether you’re budget, midrange or luxury, Teacake has uncovered Bali’s best!

This Is The Bali Travel Guide You’ve Been Looking For

Oh Bali! The land of stunning beaches, world class surfing, mystical mountains and spiritual awakening. No wonder you’re so excited about going there…but where should you go and why? What are the best Bali activities going on here?! What are the fun things to do?! Are you looking to end up with a bunch of tourists or do you want to be in the middle of nowhere?