The Best Travel Apps Every Savvy Girl Needs To Download

By Alice Teacake

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Hey girl! Going on an adventure? There’s some best travel apps for that and you’ve come to the right place! Get your phone out and peruse the selection we have before you. These are the Best Travel Apps you need to download before you go off on your merry way. You’ll be rocking it on the road in no time and be just that extra bit savvy! Kapow!

Hey girl! Going on an adventure? There's apps for that and you've come to the right place! Get your phone out and download the best travel apps here!

The Best Travel Apps For Savvy Girls


Tourlina is the first women-only travel app. Sometimes when you want to hang out with other travellers, you just want a bit of girl power in your life without the male companion complexity of ‘Does he just want to get in my pants?’. This is where Tourlina comes in. They’ll help you find female travel friends to hang out with on the road and enjoy awesome times together. Everyone is verified and like Tinder, you’ll only be able to speak to each other if you match. You’ll have the chance to meet inspirational women you may never have known about otherwise! Cool huh?

You can download Tourlina on  iOS

Rome 2 Rio

To bus it, train it or fly it? There’s so many options on how to get from A to B today but what is the most exciting, what is the cheapest, what is the quickest? Rome 2 Rio will show you all the routes you can take so you can choose your own adventure!

You can download Rome 2 Rio on iOS but don’t be afraid to access the website on your Android phone. It’s totally compatible.


No lady likes to be caught out missing an essential item from her luggage and although you can easily pick up items along your way, there’s some things you shouldn’t leave home without. Packpoint to the rescue! Enter the destination you’re going to, when, for how long and what activities you plan to do and Packpoint will give you a comprehensive packing list of everything you need! Taking into account the climate, weather forecast and whether you plan to conquer mountains or just the local shopping mall, this app is your own personal packing planner. An extra bonus: it connects to TripIt. Sweeet!

You can download Packpoint on iOS and Android

Couchsurfing / Hostelworld / AirBNB

The options of where you can rest up and lay your head down to sleep these days are endless. Really want to hang with the locals and get an authentic experience? The best travel apps for this are Couchsurfing and AirBNB! Want to hang out with all the other cool travellers in town? Hostelworld has you covered there. Check them out and choose what is best for you depending on your own personal comfort levels.

You can download Couchsurfing on Android and iOS, Hostelworld on Android and iOS and AirBNB here.


Once you’ve arrived at your destination, it helps to be walking down the street with your head held high looking confident about where you’re going. Maps.Me is a comprehensive offline map app covering all countries and all cities without any internet connection required. Fast, reliable and detailed, you’ll be able to whip it out quickly to check your location and route in no time!

You can download Maps.Me on every device imaginable including iOS and Android.

Google Translate

You may be the miming queen but there are going to be times where you really need to get your message across. Google Translate is your fairy Godmother! It will enable you to communicate with anyone in any country. That’s kind of mindblowing. You can speak into the app, type what you want to say or even photograph a word and it will translate it for you too. Speak away little lady! Psst…In China? Pleco is a lifesaver!

You can download Google Translate on iOS and Android.

Period Tracker

Some women’s ovaries run like clockwork but for the rest of us, our bodies do not adhere to that 28-day calendar, especially when travelling! Period Tracker understands we can become distracted exploring amazing places to keep track of ourselves. Therefore, it kindly calculates the average length of your last three cycles so it can more accurately predict the date your flow is going to show up. Not bad at all!

You can download Period Tracker on iOS and Android.

Express VPN

No one wants someone going through their underwear drawer and when it comes to free WiFi, you don’t need someone snooping around your phone and getting into your personal data! Beat cyberattackers to the ground by making sure you have Express VPN installed.

It works by creating a secure connection between you and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) server before connecting to the internet. This means your data will be encrypted and you can surf the interwebs safely. Phew!

Download Express VPN now

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The Best Travel Apps Every Savvy Girl Needs To Download

  • Great list! I’ve recently discovered another one which I would recommend to, it’s called Fripito, an awesome app for downloading photo guides of the city you’re in. Local tips by local photographers so you don’t come home with the same old tourist shots everyone else did :)

  • Thanks for collating such an epic app list! Mi Vista looks like a mist-have app for any traveler and Astrill VPN is a smart way to go when we rely so heavily on information and sharing our information on the web.

  • Some great apps here and some new ones I’ve not heard of before. I wasn’t a big fan of Google translate initially but then I found the camera function which is amazing for travelling in Asia and kanji, so useful!