The Best treks in Nepal Every Adventurer is Dreaming About

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So you want to trek Nepal? Congratulations; you’re going to have the time of your life on your Nepal trip! And to get you off on the right foot for your hiking in Nepal, here’s some of the best treks in Nepal recommended by my fellow travel blogging buddies. They have tried and tested all of these Nepal trekking routes themselves, and know for real what you will experience and need to prepare for!

The Best Treks in Nepal

Read on to find out each of the trek’s difficulty level, the time it takes, what you will see and experience and the essential tips that you need to know. Happy trekking!

Best treks in Nepal


Best trek in Nepal for beginners? Annapurna Base Camp Trek or the Poon Hill Trek

What is a challenging trekking destination in Nepal? Mera Peak

Best trek in Nepal to see Everest? Everest Base Camp

The best time to go to Nepal and trek? Mid September, October and November.

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek ♥ Nepal

Recommended by Laura and Matt from Two Stay Wild

The Annapurna Base Camp trekking is one of the most popular in this region as it is one of the shorter Himalayan treks, (approx 7-10 days depending on route) but showcases some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the Annapurna Range as well as Machhupuchre and Dhaulagiri!

Nepal mountain
Annapurna Base Camp

Difficulty Level

This is moderate Nepal trekking.

We completed this without a guide, carrying our own gear and would say this is doable for anyone of reasonable fitness and confidence. As far as trekking in Nepal goes, this is the best trek in Nepal for beginners.

How long it takes

7-10 days depending on your route.

What you will see and experience

Annapurna trekking is easily accessed from the lakeside tourist town of Pokhara in Central Nepal. The Annapurna circuit starts in the foothills and takes you on a journey through the seasons, along bamboo forests, across the avalanche zone of the Annapurna valley and up into the snow line. The highlight of the trek is witnessing sunrise at base camp, the moment the morning sun breaks and illuminates the snow-capped peaks is truly magical!

Essential Tips

We completed the trek in Spring, which is quieter than peak trekking season (Autumn), but still has enough people on the trails for socialising in teahouses at night. This time of year sees the beautiful rhododendron forests in full bloom as well as crystal clear views of the mountain range.

The trekking seasons are March to April and October to November.

Guides can be hired in Pokhara for $10-20 a day.

Make sure you bring your own water purification system to limit the amount of plastic being taken into the conservation area.

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Three Passes Trek ♥ Everest Base Camp Trek + Gokyo Lakes Trek ♥ Nepal

Recommended by Juozapas Žygas from Nomad Joseph

Without surprise, Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world for adventurous hikers and the Three Passes trek is the best trek in country! This trek is a combination of the Everest Basecamp Trek and Gokyo Lakes trek for hardcore hikers.

nepal himalaya
Three Passes Trek in Nepal

Difficulty Level

Difficult. Be prepared!

While walking these 300 kilometers you will need to go over 3 high passes which are above 5000 meters. Everyone hiking this trek must have a good Three Passes trek itinerary which you need to follow during your hike.

How long it takes

10 days – 3 weeks.

It will take you between 10 days and 3 weeks to trek all of the distance, which is around 300 kilometers.

What you will see and experience

Hiking in Khumbu valley‘s Sagarmatha National Park, you will see the highest mountains in the world including Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Ama Dablam and others.

People hiking in the region will enjoy company from friendly local Sherpa people. Try their homemade food and stay at local guesthouses called teahouses. Wonderful scenery, friendly people, good food and cheap accommodation on the way are things which make this trek one of the best in the world!

Essential tips

The trekking seasons are March to April and October to November.

Don‘t forget to take your powerbank and solar charger while planning this trek, because you will need to pay for charging every device. The higher you get, the more expensive it gets to charge!

Evenings are pretty cold above 4000-5000 meters. You will also need: a good down jacket, comfortable hiking shoes and warm base layers.

Check out the ultimate hiking in Nepal packing list at the end of this article!

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Ghorepani / Poon Hill circuit ♥ Nepal

Recommended by Jenny from TraveLynn Family

This trek takes you right up into those jagged untouched peaks of the Himalayas, but is one of the relatively easy treks in the region. In fact we hiked Poon Hill with kids aged 2 and 4! Admittedly our boys didn’t walk the entire way, and we hired porters to carry them in dokos (like baskets) when they got tired. But what we didn’t have to worry about too much was altitude, as we were only above 3000 metres for a short amount of time, and we took it very slowly.

Nepal travel
Poon Hill Nepal

Difficulty Level


There are A LOT of steps and barely any of the trek is ‘flat’. I advise purchasing walking sticks and knee braces for the extra support.

How long it takes

4 days.

Poon Hill itself is 3210m and many people complete the circuit trek in 4 days.

What you will see and experience

Glorious panoramic views of snow capped mountains including Annapurna, glorious sunrises on the peaks, oak and pine forests, the culture of the Gurung people and possibly some beautiful animals!

Essential Tips

Along the way you stay at Nepal tea houses. Accommodation is basic and often heating only consists of a log burner in the common area. But the tea houses are always so welcoming, and nothing beats a chai with your feet in front of the fire after a day of strenuous hiking.

The best time is actually October to November, when the passing of the monsoon season (June to September) brings crystal clear skies and the weather is still comfortably warm. Generally speaking though, it is advisable to plan to visit Nepal in the dry season (October to May) for this trek.

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Mera Peak ♥ Nepal

Recommended by Michelle from Full Time Explorer

While most people choose to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, the Mera Peak trek is an off the beaten path gem. Mera Peak is considered the highest trekking peak in Nepal, which means that it’s the highest altitude you can trek to without mountaineering experience! It’s located just south of Mt Everest base camp and has multiple trekking routes which take between 10 and 16 days to complete.

places to visit in Nepal
Mera Peak Nepal – photo courtesy of Full Time Explorer

Difficulty Level


It’s a mentally challenging trek that puts your mind and body to the test

The summit is located at 6,476m making it extremely difficult for beginners, but it’s the perfect peak for experienced trekkers who want the ultimate challenge.

How long it takes

10-16 days depending on which route you choose.

What you will see and experience

You get to walk through beautiful remote villages set in the Himalaya. On a clear day, you can see the Himalaya Range including Mt. Everest from High Camp and the Summit.

At the summit, there’s an oxygen concentration of 46% which makes it harder to breath and think. On my accent to High Camp, we were hit with white out conditions and walked for eight hours without being able to see more than ten feet ahead. Every step took all of the effort I could muster, and not being able to see how far we’d come or how far left we had to go was mentally draining. But, in the morning, we woke up to the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. It was breathtaking (literally).

Essential Tips

Over 45,000 people a year go to Everest Base Camp, but Mera Peak which is located just around the corner may see as few as 15 trekkers a day at peak season (April and May).

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The Langtang – Gosaikunda Trek ♥ Nepal

Recommended by Andra Padureanu from Our World To Wander

When you say Nepal, most people will automatically think about the Everest Base Camp trek or the famous treks around the Annapurna range. However, Nepal is filled with amazing treks that are waiting to spoil travellers. One such trek is the Langtang trek / Gosaikunda trek. It actually comprises two smaller treks, the Langtang Valley Trek and the Gosaikunda Trek. A lot of trekkers prefer to combine them given their proximity.

It can be considered a great trek especially because it’s less touristy. For sure you will spot less people than on the other famous Nepali treks. As such, you will get tons of chances to be the only one staying at a teahouse, enjoying the hospitality and stories of the locals.

trek the Himalayas
The Langtang – Gosaikunda Trek in Nepal

Difficulty Level

Difficult. Make sure you’re fit.

How long it takes

10 days combined.

What you will see and experience

The Langtang route will mesmerize you with stunning views over the Langtang Range, giving you the opportunity to test your endurance by climbing the impressive Tsergo Ri peak (around 5,000m high). What is great about Tsergo Ri is that the view from the top is a complete panorama of both Nepali and Tibetan mountains!

On the Gosaikunda part of trek, you will notice more locals on the trek. That’s because Gosaikunda is a holy place; it’s a wonderful lake which for Hindus represents an important pilgrimage site, believed to be the abode of the famous God Shiva.

Essential Tips

Remember this area of Nepal was the one most hit by the 2015 earthquake. However, when I did the trek in late 2016, most of the villages already had places to accommodate tourists, so you won’t have problems finding a place to sleep. But what I do recommend is to start early, especially if you visit during the peak season (October – November). That’s because there only a handful of good places to sleep in, so you will want to take advantage of those.

Do make sure you enjoy the sunset at Lauribina, before reaching Gosaikunda too! It offers a splendid panorama over the Himalayas in your Himalaya trekking.

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Essential Nepal Hiking Gear

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Solar charger



Dry Bag

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What are your other best treks in Nepal?

There are other treks in Nepal too! What are your favourites? Is there a trek you have your eye on that you want to complete? Do you have any tips for trekking in Nepal?

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