The Easiest Way to Capture Travel Memories with the TraveLibro App

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My travel memories are as precious to me as that gold ring is to Gollum! To think of all the Facebook updates, Twitter tweets, Instagram stories and travel blog posts I’ve put out into the world. I love to capture travel memories because they’re an ongoing intricate patchwork quilt, creating the adventurous, ever-curious, solo female traveler you see before you.

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It’s a truly enjoyable and creative process, but life would be so much easier for us travelers if we could capture travel memories in one place right?

There might just be a solution you’d like to try amongst the travel apps out there!

Capture travel memories with the TraveLibro app

The TraveLibro app, available on both Android and iOS, allows you to capture and record your journeys on the go, in real time, in one place. This means both you and everyone following you, can see what you’re up to day by day without jumping between social media channels.

With TraveLibro, you can capture video, photos, status updates and your reviews, on one timeline within the app. This helps you keep all your travel memories in one place, remember exactly what you’ve done and inspire others who are checking out your journey.

Are you more of an armchair traveler who enjoys a good dose of wanderlust? You can follow me and so many other awesome travelers on the TraveLibro app to be inspired.

Are you planning for an upcoming trip? You can get ideas from other peoples’ journeys too. Bingo!

The best TraveLibro features (and not so good ones)

There are some TraveLibro features that I really like.

The good

You can create your journey solo, or create it together with other co-travellers. This way, you can share all your videos, photos, status updates and reviews in one place.

Have an old journey you want to share with friends, family or followers? This can easily be done.

You can follow other travelers for trip inspirations and ideas.

Offline? Smart technology will remember your activity entry and synchronise the minute connectivity improves.

This is a great way to travel safely as a woman. Keep your loved ones up-to-date in real time.

Struggling with WiFi whilst on the road? Consider packing a Solis portable WiFi device! Teacake readers get 10% off with the special code TEACAKETRAVELS.

The not so good

TraveLibro are working hard all the time to make the app better and better. When I first started using it, it crashed a lot. In the last couple of months, this has luckily only happened once.

Also, TraveLibro is a travel app, which means it might not be around forever.

Instagram however, is still going strong! I love making travel posts on Instagram and with so many ready-to-use templates available, it is easier than ever to create a quick post and share your travel moments.

Adobe Express have an awesome free Instagram post maker. Check it out and start getting creative.

Discover my travel journeys on TraveLibro

So far, I have tracked 4 of my travel journeys this year with the TraveLibro app. I’ve documented my adventure holidays in Menorca and Aruba, shared a riveting North Thailand trip from Chiang Mai, and most recently tracked my women empowerment work in India! Here’s a taste of what you can find in each journey on TraveLibro!

Discovering the island of Menorca in Spain

Fancy some sun, sea, sand and beaches which (yes I’m gonna say it) beat Thailand and the Philippines? Spain is hiding an absolute gem, waiting to be discovered! Whether you’re a beach bum, avid hiker, architecture obsessive or just love wine and a dish full of seafood, head to Menorca!

Walking in Menorca

In my Menorca TraveLibro story, you can discover a great Cami de Cavalls walking route, unravel the secret location of a wine bar, and get insider knowledge on where my favourite place is to eat seafood whilst looking out over the Menorcan sunset.

A kickass adventure excursion in Aruba

Over in the Caribbean, the one happy island Aruba, has it going on! Many travelers come here for all-inclusive resort holidays to lounge and relax. Yet there’s an exhilarating adventure side to this island that I was thrilled to uncover! From windsurfing, kayaking and cave exploration to one hell of a hair-raising off-roading trip, Aruba has it all.

Taking a break from my Excursions in Aruba at the Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant
Enjoying the beach next to Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant

In my Aruba TraveLibro story, you can discover all of the adventure activities I tried, the perfect excursion to see a shipwreck and unearth the best spots to go cycling in the desert!

A northern Thailand adventure from Chiang Mai

Since 2010, I’ve been visiting Chiang Mai in Thailand. One of my favourite experiences here was getting a magical sak yant tattoo. This year I decided to venture into the mountains even more on my moped and discover the beauty of the Thai mountains!

Sak Yant Tattoo Chiang Mai

In my Northern Thailand story, you can discover hidden mountain temples, sexy sizzling lady boy shows and a place which looks exactly like The Shire (yes, Thailand likes Hobbits too).

Woman empowerment projects in India

My latest travels have brought me to India with the amazing empowerment tourism company Hands on Journeys. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how passionate I am about girl power and encouraging women to reach their full potential.

Working in the slums of Delhi and Jaipur, I have been helping local Indian women start their own businesses so they can empower their children to go to school and equally at the same time, see their own self worth and strength.

Travel Memories in India

Check out my TraveLibro India story to see the cooking school I helped set up in Jaipur and the textile business I helped set up in Delhi as well as a ton of sightseeing around Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Dharamshala, Amritsar and Rishikesh with India Someday.

Need help planning your trip to India?

India Someday will help you plan and book all your transport, accommodation and activities in India and give you the best local knowledge and expertise. You can get up to 25% off your trip plan below! Don’t forget to mention Teacake!

How do you capture travel memories? There's a new travel app called TraveLibro that you might like to try! You can capture all of your photos, video, status updates and reviews in one place! Capture. Share. Inspire!

How do you capture travel memories?

I’ve been enjoying using the TraveLibro travel app a lot this year and will be popping more journeys on there in the future! How do you capture travel memories? Would you like to give TraveLibro a go? Come on over and share your journeys with me!

Give Teacake a comment!

How do you capture your travel memories?

Have you given the TraveLibro app a go?

Comment below!

Check out my India TraveLibro YouTube Video

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